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The demand for private security was especially high at the war production plants, with each claiming to be involved in classified government affairs. The public police system failed the test because there was rampant crime and it became clear that the police were unable to meet all security needs of the keen public. This lead to the demand for privatized security services that offered loyalty of the security provider who could be trusted to be vigilant and effective at all times. Thousands of men were trained to into law enforcement officers by the military.The FBI, immigration and other federal agents were spreading out so as to deal with the cases of crime, espionage and sabotage. The war lead to great loss and destruction of property and it was necessary to contract the services of private security to assist in the building and reconstruction process.

Progress could only be noted if the civilians felt secure. This large pool of military agents, plant security officers and intelligence officers was available after the war and they were ready to offer their wartime gained skills for more use in the ready and receptive civilians.The war saw the rise of the preventive philosophy approach to matters of security. The Burdeau v. McDowell, 254 U. S 465 Supreme Court case of 1921 dealing with the application of constitutional prohibitions for private security was the most classic case of its kind of all time. It dealt with the investigation of company executive’s involvement in fraudulent activities.

J. C McDowell filed a petition in a US district court requesting for the order to have correspondence of a special assistant to the Attorney General of the US, Joseph a.Burdeau. The petition alleged that in the summer of 1920 some private documents were illegally taken from the office of McDowell, after a break in. Some company executives did the actual search while the police manned the premises. The illegally obtained documents were then handed over to Burdeau. He later indicted McDowell based on the documents which had been submitted as evidence.

Had the police conducted the actual search and retrieved the documents instead of the company executives, they would have violated the Fourth Amendment.The court noted that the intention of the fourth Amendment was to put certain restraints on sovereign authority, especially government officials. The court ruled that I did not see any unconstitutional conduct as the documents in question has no reason or motivation to do so (Pastor 72). This case therefore, according to the Fourth Amendment, clarifies that individuals are protected against unlawful seizures or searches against government action. It was therefore clarified that evidence legally or otherwise obtained by private parties was not forbidden for submission as evidence.The probability, criticality, vulnerability matrix is used to address the issues that confront security mangers. Probability is a mathematical approach used to determine the likelihood of the occurrence of an event (Robert and Gion 1998).

Subjective data based data should be used in establishing probability. In application to security, procedural and historical considerations must be made to establish the policies that exist on security and the vulnerability of the security system.Therefore, probability will be used to determine the potential of the criminals to invade the existing security system and the vulnerability of the system (Robert and Gion 1998). The criticality principle defines the impact of loss in terms of dollars and it entails the direct and indirect costs. If a company executive uses the cost benefit analysis approach to justify the investment in security, it is likely that the cost of security will be greater than the benefit of protection against potential risk. Most company executive fail to take into consideration the overall costs involved in a security breach.Using the criticality principle, other costs such as replacement, including the temporary replacement costs, must be accounted for.

Downtime is the cost of the inability to function as a result of the loss. Insurance costs are also likely to go higher if the loses are on the rise. The loss of the position of the company in the marketplace is very difficult to regain once it has been lost. This is due to the failure to deliver the demanded product to the consumers, who is likely to look for an alternative.These are some of the important factors that highlight the importance of security in the reduction of costs that are incurred as a result of loss. It is possible to merit and quantify security risks using data obtained from the criticality and probability principles and the creation of a vulnerability matrix (Robert and Gion 1998). The issue of insecurity is very sensitive and is close to the hearts of all Americans.

This has prompted more and more individuals to seek the services of alarm companies and this includes use of alarms coupled with monitoring systems.A monitoring system is especially designed to not only prevent possible theft but also notify the police department in the event that a break in is already underway. A good monitoring system has several features such as hidden control panels, security keypads, sensitive motion detectors, magnetic devices, sirens, glass break sensors and a central monitoring company. A home alarm monitoring system is important because it detects any alarm breached and notifies the alarm monitoring company, who in turn inform the home owner and the nearest police department, through a standard telephone line or broadband or through 2-way voice systems.

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