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Evidence of Climate Change Essay

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence of climate change is sea-level rise. According to Nerem et al., the global sea level rose about eight inches during the last century (2022). The primary reason for the matter is the melting of ice sheets, which adds water to the ocean. Additionally, according to the law of thermal expansion, the global temperature rise has also made water increase in volume. Even though sea-level rise may seem hard to detect, in some places, this phenomenon can be easily observed. The Republic of Maldives is already starting to feel the effects of global sea-level rise now. The country is the flattest on Earth, with no ground above 9.9 feet above sea level (Union of Concerned Scientists). The environmental stress on the country can be felt through the scarcity of fresh water and the periodic flooding of the coastal area. If the situation continues to deteriorate at the present level, Maldives will lose 77% of its land by 2100 (Union of Concerned Scientists). As for short-term projections, the country is expected to face considerable economic challenges, as five airports and much housing are situated on the coastline. Therefore, the government of the Republic of Maldives, as well as international organizations, should find ways to mitigate the effects of climate change. There are many ways to address the problem of climate change that can be effective in the long run. However, the situation is to be considered an emergency, and immediate action is required. According to Amadeo, burning fossil fuel contributes to 82% of the US greenhouse gas emissions. As major contributors to climate change are industries with high greenhouse gas emissions, such measures should be directed at these companies. In my opinion, a tax on carbon emissions is the most effective way to tackle the problem. The advantages of the carbon tax are numerous and explicit. The tax will increase the cost of carbon fuels, which will make companies look for alternatives. Second, with the increased price of gasoline and electricity, people will become more energy-efficient. Third, according to Amadeo, the carbon tax can boost economic growth similar to the way it happened in Sweden 25 years ago. Even though additional methods will be required, an introduction of the carbon tax is a solid first step towards mitigating the effects of climate change. Works Cited Amadeo, Kimberly. “Carbon Tax, Its Purpose, and How It Works.” The Balance. 2019, Web. Nerem, R. S., et al. “Climate-Change–Driven Accelerated Sea-Level Rise Detected in the Altimeter Era.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 115, no. 9, 2018, pp. 2022-2025. Web. Union of Concerned Scientists. “Republic of Maldives.” Climate Hot Map, Web. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More
Walden University American Criminal Justice System Discussion.

In no more than 500 words:Place your name and assignment number on your answer. Answers should be complete, thorough and free from grammar and spelling errors.List and describe three benefits that taking an international perspective can have for scholars, practitioners, and policy makers interested in the American criminal justice system.Describe and distinguish among the three approaches to studying criminal justice systems by taking an international perspective.Explain the difference in studying crime as a social phenomenon and in studying crime as social behavior.Using the appropriate terms, describe and explain the three-stage process of money laundering.
Walden University American Criminal Justice System Discussion

Module 05 Stock Market Project – Securities Selection.

During this project you will be buying and selling securities in a simulation of the actual stock market.You will begin with $1,000,000 and you are required to invest it all by Wednesday.A minimum of one purchase must be a bond and one purchase must be of a mutual fund.You may buy and sell as many times as you like, but at minimum you must make 5 trades that meet or exceed 20% of your entire $1,000,000 investment (which is $200,000).You must make your initial investments by Wednesday and complete your 5 trades by Sunday.For this assignment, your grade will be based on you selecting at least 5 securities that meet the criteria above and making at least the minimum number of trades stipulated above. Your instructor has established a group you are to join when you register for free by clicking the link below.SmartStocksusername:armybori19password:Jennifer
Module 05 Stock Market Project – Securities Selection

I remember the night I migrated to America.The night that changed my entire life and that changed the perspective of which I see things.Remember the time when we got call from immigration office that we have just 2 days to come to America. It was mixed feelings when I got to know about that news.I was feeling happy as we are going to The America,the world power and sad because had to leave my school,friends,family and more importantly my country.Two day passed somehow and then the night came when I entered the plane.I was scared as I was going in a country full of strangers.But kept faith and there was a time I entered the land of America.It was different.People were different and so that the cultures as well.I was happy to see that change but sad because it was nothing like my country.Knew nobody and everything seemed so different and unfamiliar.had no friends and my loved ones.This incident helped me think that most of us take our friends and family and most importantly our country fore-granted.What I learned was that we should appreciate everything we have before it’s no longer ourrs to appreciate

Forensic Psychology Research – Summarize it

Forensic Psychology Research – Summarize it.

Interact with the Forensic Psychology learning object located in the left navigation bar for this week and ensure you have finished the reading and reviewed any relevant Instructor Guidance prior to completing this discussion. Doing so will introduce you to topics in the field of forensic psychology that may provide some direction for your Library search and  assist you in finding relevant research around those topics. Visit the Ashford University Library. Find a research study related to forensic psychology. For assistance in finding research, please visit the Psychology Research Guide page in the Ashford University Library. Summarize the study in your initial post. In addition:  Clearly identify the topic, the research questions, and why the study is of interest to you. Summarize the results of the research.  Was the hypothesis supported or not? Were the research questions answered?Identify ethical considerations the researchers had to consider.Explain how this research impacts real-world forensic psychology. In other words, what is the practical application as you see it? Your initial post must be a minimum of 200 words and you must utilize at least one scholarly source (e.g., the course textbook, a peer-reviewed article from the Ashford University Library, or a professional web source) that is cited according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. For further assistance in researching scholarly sources, please access the tutorials on the Ashford University Library website.
Forensic Psychology Research – Summarize it

The Effect of Social Media on Saudi University Students Proposal

custom essay The current paper presents the proposal draft for the research of the effect of social media on Saudi university students’ attitudes towards English as a foreign language. As students of the intensive English learning course display various stages of schooling, dissimilar devotions of education, and diverse ranks of preceding preparation, the research should observe different aspects, which establish the consequence of these variables on scholar approach. It is widely debated that language education is observed as the foundation of the human way of life. Learning the language, even the foreign, provides a person with an opportunity to define their feelings, expectations, and imaginings. In the framework of learning a foreign language, numerous influences impact the learning course, for example, inspiration, attitudes, apprehension, education attainments, abilities, intellect, age, temperaments, etc. The material of beginner’s attitude is recognized as one of the most significant issues that have an effect on learning a foreign language. The research aims to respond to the following questions: What are the attitudes of Saudi university students towards taking an English course in the framework of their social, mental and emotive features? Is there any statistically substantial impact of the social media towards Saudi university students’ attitudes towards learning English language? Is there any statistically substantial alteration in Saudi university students’ attitudes towards learning English language and the impact of the social media by the area of study? Is there any statistically substantial alteration in Saudi university students’ attitudes towards learning English language and the impact of the social media by the period of education? In order to gather the essential information, a five-point Likert scope approach questionnaire and the interviews with the students of the university in Saudi Arabia will be applied. The scope approach elaborates thirty-two matters. ‘Language Attitude Scale’, which is a Likert sort measure of five points, is directed to every student to conclude whether there was any connection concerning their attitude and achievement and the impact of social media on the attitudes towards learning English. The group of participants will consist of 100 students, 52 individuals of which are (52%) men and 48 individuals (48%) women, unsystematically selected from diverse universities in the part of Saudi Arabia that is reachable according to my area of living. There are 32 scholars (32%) of the first year, 38 scholars (38%) in the second year, and the part of the third year scholars is 30 (30%). The chosen participants represented three different areas of schoolwork: Basic Sciences (BS), Life Sciences (LS), and Social Sciences (SS). There were 34 scholars of the Basic Sciences (34%), 34 scholars of the Life Sciences (34%), and 32 scholars of the Social Sciences (32%). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As the majority of the universities in Saudi Arabia implement the separate education for males and females, diverse universities will be selected to characterize both sexes’ attitudes towards taking an English course and the social media effect on the attitudes of both genders. The design of this research is combined; it is qualitative and quantitative. To be more precise, the analysis is eloquent and inferential in addition. Therefore, a modified questionnaire will be implemented as an assessing instrument. The participants will be asked to provide the responses to every question of the survey in an honest manner, providing their own insights about their attitudes towards taking an English course as a foreign language in their universities in the framework of the demonstrative, intellectual and interactive features of attitude along with their demographic summary, for example, their sexual characteristics, period and area of education. The assessing instrument is represented by an attitude questionnaire that aims its attention on the attitudes towards taking the English course as a foreign language and the social media effect on it. In addition, the attitude questionnaire focuses on exploring the alterations in the applicants’ attitudes by their demographic facts. The questions are partially adjusted from the similar survey examination conducted in a research by Boonrangsri. Other questions were possessed from Attitude and Incentive Examination Battery planned by Gardner thirty years ago. Additionally, there will be several matters founded on the academics’ practices in schooling English as a foreign language. In general, there will be 40 questions regarding learning attitudes in the framework of demonstrative, intellectual and interactive features of mentality and the social media effect on the attitudes. The items will be conducted according to a five-point Likert scope measure from point 1: Intensely Disagree to point 5: Intensely Agree. The received material will be evaluated by the SPSS Program targeting to response to the investigation items quantitatively. In order to give a response to the first study inquiry, evocative indicators will be directed to define the occurrence, the mean, the alteration and the average aberration of the received material. We will write a custom Proposal on The Effect of Social Media on Saudi University Students specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Moreover, the liberated sample T-test will be directed to reply to the second study inquiry. Furthermore, the One-way ANOVA examination assessment will be the other kind of numerical investigation to inspect the third and fourth study inquiries. The study will examine the Saudi university students’ attitudes toward taking an English course as a foreign language and the impact of social media on it in relations to the interactive, cerebral, and demonstrative characteristics of attitude. Moreover, the study will discover whether there is some important alteration in the scholar attitudes toward the learning of the foreign language founded on their demographic summaries, such as sexual category, area, and period of studying.

University of Phoenix Forecast Development Research

University of Phoenix Forecast Development Research.

I’m working on a business project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Choose 3 quantitative elements that you would like to research in relation to the organization that you selected for your business plan. These elements may be related to products, services, target market, consumer preferences, competition, personnel, resources, supply chain, financing, advertising, or other areas of interest. However, at least one of these elements should be related to a product or service that your organization is planning to offer.Develop forecasts by implementing the following approach:Collect data, including old demand forecast (subjective data) and the actual demand outcomes.Establish the forecasting method (from readings). Decide on the balance between subjective and objective data and look for trends and seasonality.Forecast future demand using a forecasting method.Make decisions based on step 3.Measure the forecast error where applicable. Look for biases and improve the process.Write a 525- to 700-word paper evaluating the findings from the supported data points above, and explain the impact of these findings on operational decision making. Insert charts and supporting data from Excel and other tools in your paper.Cite references to support your assignment.Format your citations according to APA guidelines.
University of Phoenix Forecast Development Research


ASSIGNMENT-1 mgt. Can you help me understand this Management question?

Assignment Workload:

This Assignment consists of a Mini Case.
Assignment is to be submitted by each student individually.

Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes:
After completion of Assignment-1 students will able to understand the
LO 1. Identify and explain the concept of management, functions, roles and skills of a manager (Lo1.1)
LO 2. Recognize the functions of planning, organizing and controlling and how they interrelate (Lo2.1)

Assignment Regulation:

All students are encouraged to use their own words.
Student must apply “Times New Roman Font” with double space within their reports.
The attached cover-page has to be used, duly filled. Submissions without the cover page will NOT be accepted
A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it.
Assignment -1 should be submitted on or before the end of Week-06.
If the assignment shows more than 25% plagiarism, the students would be graded zero.