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Evidence Based Practice Paper On Myocardial Infarction

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Also known as a heart attack, myocardial infarction (MI) is a dramatic and life changing event. The victim does not know how to resume a normal life post MI, so the nurse plays a pivotal role as an educator regarding the resumption of a normal lifestyle. However, much controversy exists in the literature as to best practice guidelines, and when the appropriate time frame is for teaching. This paper will explore the best practice guidelines and time frame for post-MI education, exercise, proper diet, and resumption of sexual activity. Education is a vital component of care for patients after myocardial infarction. By informing patients about the disease process of MI, it helps to reduce anxiety and aid recovery, as the underlying cause of MI is related to lifestyle. Nurses need to provide education on lifestyle change with regards to minimizing the reoccurrence of MI. A change in diet is one of the most important aspects of nursing teaching for post MI patients. A heart healthy diet is recommended to reduce LDL and blood pressure. Heart healthy diet guidelines include limiting total calories from fat less than 30%, limiting total calories from saturated fats to 8-10 % and limiting cholesterol to intake to less that 300mg per day. According Grundy (2003) in a diet and re infraction trial carried on 2033 men who had suffered from MI. They were divided into two groups. Half were advised to reduce fat intake, increase dietary fiber, increase fatty fish intake. The other half received no dietary advice. The prescribed diet was reported to provide about 500-800mg/d of every long chain N-3 fatty acids. Patients who received the prescribed amount of fatty fish had a 29% reduction in all cause mortality over the period of study. Much of the benefit was attributed to diet’s higher content of N-3 fatty acids. Nurses need to educate patients based on patients’ unique concerns, thus, standard protocol regarding post-MI teaching need to be tailored to each individual patient. Every patient has various experiences and a wide range of emotions, and needs the appropriate methods pertaining to teaching the client when he/she is ready to listen. Bores
It is no doubt that Japan’s deflation in the last two decades was a quite significant case which can be used to study on the world economy. Japan has struggled against deflation for 20years since the exploded of real estate price bubble in 1991. Many problems of deflation caused by the “bubble economy”, so it is worth to look at the process of it . As shown in figure 1, the land prices bubble was created during the period of 1986 – 1990. The reason of increasing in real estate price is that banks in Japan extended mortgage lending at very low interest rate in order to keep their profit when more and more companies showing preference to raise capital by issuing bonds other than borrowing from banks during the period of 1975 – mid 1980s. Under this situation, fast increased bank loans contributed a large percentage to high growth rates of GDP. The CPI inflation was also relatively high during that period, (Figure 2) Figure 1. Growth in residential land prices ( Vattipalli, 2004 ) As the result of extreme high real estate prices, Bank of Japan started to pursue a regulation that restricts banks on the growth of their real estate loans. After that, banks had to slow the rate of their real estate growth, so that many house owners cannot get enough cash borrowed from banks to repay the interest of their estate loans when their rental incomes cannot cover the loans interests. Under this cirmantance, many of those house owners prefer selling the houses to holding them with high cost. Both reduction in the growth rate of real estate and “distress sales” of those real estate created the sharp reduction in the real estate prices. At the same time, stock price also began to fall from 1990. The growth rate of GDP moved down from the peak since that year although the land prices still kept rising and BOJ also continuously raised the discount rate at that time. But after 1990, as the GDP growth fell off more sharply, the inflation began to decrease. Figure 2 Rate of inflation in Japan Sources: Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office; Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications. In Japan, the high growth rate of GDP, CPI and the high ratio of capital to output accumulated by 1990 was high, it lead to high expectations of the output for the following several years was much higher than what happened in reality. (figure 3) Figure 3. US
Energy and Poverty Solutions – Non-traditional Cookstoves Report (Assessment). More than 2.7 billion people in the world depend on charcoal, dung, and wood as major cooking fuels. These types of cooking fuels are associated with emission of pollutants and low fuel efficiency. However, there has been a paradigm shift from traditional cookstove to a non-traditional cookstove in rural areas. Based on a survey conducted in Bangladesh, the findings indicate that there is a low demand in the adoption of non-traditional cookstoves (Mobarak, Dwivedi, Bailis, HildemannEnergy and Poverty Solutions – Non-traditional Cookstoves Report (Assessment)
CHM Recrystallization Lab Report.

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Write a one-paragraph note (max. 150 words, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced) summarizing the main learning and practical objectives of this lab in your own words.The objectives section in the handout is meant as a guide, as we do not cover all of items listed in this lab. If possible, give specific examples from the experiment instead of making general statements.Do NOT copy the procedure. In addition to the paragraph, include bullet points to cover the following:- Identify unknown 1 and briefly explain how you reached your conclusion- Identify unknown 2 and briefly explain how you reached your conclusion- Any safety violations observed in the videos (recall the safety handout)
CHM Recrystallization Lab Report

George Mason University Deals with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Discussion

George Mason University Deals with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Discussion.

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Topic: deals with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Talking about how fast it grew and the potential of taking over banksFor this exploratory essay, your assignment is to do the initial research and writing that willanswer the following questions:• What you already know about the subject and what questions you have;• What the background to your topic is;• What key issues and debates are involved with your topic;• What positions have been taken on your topic; in other words, who the major “players”(individuals, interest groups, hierarchies, networks) are in the area you are investigatingand what they have contributed to the debate;• What the social consequences are of how information on this topic is created, packaged,and/or presented (how it is represented in scholarship, popular culture, mass media,politics, etc.). What impact has information technology had on the understanding of thistopic in our society?Your purpose in this essay is to establish an initial “knowledge base” on your topic. As oneresearch-paper teacher puts it, “Sometimes you will want to read many sources to find outwhat a number of people have to say about a particular subject in order to discover your ownposition.” As Ballenger puts it about the exploratory essay, “if your motive is to discover whatyou think, then it’s too early to make any bold statements. . . . Inquiry-based investigationsdepend on your willingness to suspend judgment long enough to discover what you think.”Since your task is to explore the subject’s possibilities with your readers, you should keep inmind the need to leave them with a clear sense of the issues that deserve consideration anddifferent perspectives on them, but not necessarily with your own answers. DO NOT ARGUE ATHESIS ABOUT YOUR OWN POSITION ON THE ISSUES. That will come later, in your argument.Your thesis for this paper should be focused on explaining what you discovered about the topic:the issues and the different positions that are taken on them and how those perspectives aredisseminated in society.The Details• You will submit your topic and guiding research question(s) in the week of March 2nd.• Your essay should be approximately 1750-2100 words (around 7 double-spaced pages,12-point font) long.• You must refer to at least six scholarly sources in your essay and document them in a“Works Cited” list. You should also include some sources that show how this topic hasbeen spread in society (old and new media). All sources should be documented in MLAstyle.Points and Due DateThis essay is worth 250 points of the 1000 total points for the term.• A preliminary draft is due by the end of the day on March 29, with a final draft due onApril 3, after feedback from your peer support group and subsequent revision. Thepreliminary draft will be shared with peers and instructor on Google Docs, while thefinal draft will be submitted via the D2L assignments folder labeled “Final Draft ofExploratory Essay.Please look at the attached documents
George Mason University Deals with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Discussion

chemistry question7

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Measurements grouped closely together are usually accurate.TrueFalse
chemistry question7

EST2703 Statistics

EST2703 Statistics. Need help with my Statistics question – I’m studying for my class.

A friend tells you he only needs a 25% on the final exam to pass his statistics class, and since the exams are always multiple choice with four possible answers he can randomly guess at the answers and still get 25%. Use what you have learned about the binomial distribution to answer the following questions.
What do you think about your friend’s idea?
What do you think his chances of getting at least 25% on the exam are?
Do the number of questions on the exam make a difference? If it does, should your friend hope for a 20 question exam or a 100 question exam.
( create a table of Binary probabilities with p = 0.25 and n = number of questions on the exam. Also, don’t confuse the probability of getting exactly 25% of the questions correct and getting at least 25% of the questions correct)

EST2703 Statistics

OL 663 SNHU Our Iceberg Is Melting Change Efforts Management Presentation

OL 663 SNHU Our Iceberg Is Melting Change Efforts Management Presentation.

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Hey buddy, I am back. I need this paper written. All information is provided in the uploads. Please let me know if anymore information is needed. Thanks and glad to be back working with you. I have ordered the textbook and wont receive it till May 13, 2021 but if you have the information until I get the book please use it. This is the information Our Iceberg Is Melting, Pages 1-81 and 128-130 (Stop at the section titled “Good News, Bad News”)
OL 663 SNHU Our Iceberg Is Melting Change Efforts Management Presentation