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Evaluation of Walmart Evaluation Essay

Table of Contents Cost Leadership Differentiation Strategy Acquisition Strategy Product Quality Concerns Labor Practices Business Ethics Market Share Advertising Strategies Evaluation of the Analysis Recommendation Conclusion Works Cited Cost Leadership Walmart’s main business strategy focuses on building and maintaining cost leadership in the market. The company’s slogan reads, “Everyday low price”. This highlights its main focus on cost leadership. The strategy entails offering the same market products offered by rival firms at lower costs, but without compromising the quality. Walmart manages to achieve this objective by relying on a highly efficient supply chain management that only avails products to the consumers at the right time when they need them. This eliminates additional costs that come from holding stock within the company’s premises (Schermerhorn 223). Walmart uses a sophisticated technology to interconnect its operations with those of the suppliers. In essence, information about stock levels within the company is relayed in real time. The sophisticated IT system relays the information to the suppliers immediately every time consumers purchase a commodity from the retailer. This makes it possible for the suppliers to monitor the stock-levels at any given time. Thus, restocking occurs at the opportune time just when the clients need the products and in the exact quantity. The ‘in-time’ logistics in the company has been the main reason behind its cost leadership in the market. The retailer also sells products in smaller quantities to allow its customers to pay less (Schermerhorn 223). Walmart acquires goods packed in large quantities, but it repacks them in much smaller quantities for sale at reduced prices. This sustains its “Everyday low prices” slogan. The true meaning of the slogan would not be achieved if the firm decided to sell the commodities in the large packaged quantities that it acquires from the supplier. Differentiation Strategy Walmart pursues a differentiation strategy whose main objective is to offer products and services that are unique in the market. Although the firm is not involved in manufacturing, Walmart stocks products that are specifically packaged in branded material. The company has invested heavily in repackaging materials to enable it achieve the differentiation mission. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, Walmart offers unique warranties that other rival retailers in the market do not offer (Daft 253). This creates a unique feeling among the consumers, making them believe that the experience is only available in Walmart and not from any other retailer. Acquisition Strategy Walmart has focused its efforts on market acquisition as a way of expanding its market presence. The firm considers acquiring other already existing retailer firms in foreign markets and maintaining their original names to cope with the globalization phenomenon and increasing market competition among rival retailers. This is the case in most conservative markets where a foreign trade name may not augur well with the company. Walmart also considers acquiring and merging with other businesses outside the retail industry as a way of expanding its portfolio. This also helps in spreading the company’s risks evenly (Daft 255). Walmart, for instance, acquired Kosmix, which is a social mobile platform. Walmart operates under the ASDA trade name in the United Kingdom after the latter was acquired in 1999 by Walmart. Product Quality Concerns Walmart has instituted a mechanism that focuses on maintaining high product quality. All Walmart stores around the world are required to fulfill the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This GFSSI procedure calls on all food suppliers to be subjected to the factory audit checks as a way of ensuring that the products meet the desired quality. The retailer has worked together with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) since 2009 as a means of developing measurement, as well as reporting systems. The target is to enhance product sustainability and eliminate problems attached to product quality. In this arrangement, TSC performs research on metrics and the reporting systems. The research, in turn, helps Walmart to engage suppliers while clearly understanding the products sold. We will write a custom Essay on Evaluation of Walmart specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In recent times, however, there have been rising concerns over poor quality of products sold by Walmart. For instance, the fresh foods sold by the firm have been found to suffer from poor quality. This problem is mainly linked to another challenge being faced by the firm, the challenge of staffing and related issues (Weiss 472). Walmart’s fresh foods have only managed a low market share in comparison to other market players. This could be an indicator of the worsening product quality concerns. Labor Practices Walmart has been involved in accusations with labor union bodies, religious organizations, and community groups over its labor practices and policy. The retailer was taken to court over what its accusers termed as discrimination of its staff along race and gender. Three women employees filed a sex discrimination complaint against the retailer in 2012, accusing Walmart of failing to promote them because they are women. The accusations leveled against the company also mention the fact that female employees generally earn less compared to their male counterparts (Daft 122). Workers in the firm have also accused their employer of failing to observe acceptable labor practices, resulting in poor conditions of work in the various stores owned by the retailer. Business Ethics Walmart considers ethics as the strongest aspect of its success in business. The organizational structure has an established global ethics office whose main mandate is to promote its culture of integrity (Walmart para 1). The office also develops and helps in upholding the policies that relate to ethical behavior concerning all the stakeholders. Ethics education is offered on a routine basis to the employees. In this case, all workers undergoing training in the firm are subjected to consistent integrity lessons. Walmart supports a special award related to business ethics, the Integrity in Action Award, to further emphasize on the need to enhance business ethics (Walmart para 1). The award is offered in recognition of individuals or associates of the firm who demonstrate a greater level of integrity through their consistent actions. Such recognized associates must also have inspired others to do the right thing while dealing with Walmart in one way or the other. Not sure if you can write a paper on Evaluation of Walmart by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The retailer practices integrity itself when selecting winners for the award by allowing the associates to conduct their own voluntary nominations. The resultant global votes determine the perfect recipient of the award. Walmart also takes consideration of each of the countries where the firm has a presence (Walmart para 3). Market Share The retailer has the biggest market share compared to its competitors in the USA, which is Walmart’s traditional market. Walmart’s heavy presence throughout the country and its business model that makes it stock virtually all kinds of commodities have been critical in sustaining market share leadership. On the global front, Walmart serves up to 94 million customers every week through its 5,651 established stores in 26 countries. However, a paltry 5.5% market share was registered in the year 2011 in China where the company is still in its early stages of development. The failure by Walmart to register a strong market share in China is attributable to the conservative nature of the Chinese. Market share growth in India has also been hampered in recent years following decisions by authorities in the country to shift foreign direct investment. The North-American market of Canada has equally posed great challenges to Walmart. The Dollarama Inc. is emerging as the fiercest competitor in the mass retail market in the rich Canadian market. Walmart trails Dollarama with the second best market share of 26%. This percentage of market share is 16 points less the share of Dollarama, which stands at 42% market dominance. Target Corp. is the third with a market share of 23% (Bloomberg News, 2012, para 1). However, Walmart’s subsidiary ASDA in the UK maintains an 18% market share, which is the second biggest in the country. Tesco still maintains the largest market share in the UK retail industry, standing at 30.2% overall (“Walmart: Update on International Markets” para 5). The African market equally has a strong Walmart presence of more than 300 stores that spread across 12 countries in the continent. Massmart, which is Walmart’s subsidiary in the region with a 51% stake ownership, has the fastest growing market rate, especially in the sub-Saharan region (“Walmart: Update on International Markets” para 6). The pie chart below depicts Walmart’s market share situation in the traditional US market. Source: Catala para 3 The chart shows that Walmart has a commanding share of more than half the market size. The second strongest competitor, Costco Wholesale Corp., does not even command a third of the market size. Advertising Strategies Walmart is adopting the use of technology in its advertising. In this strategy, the company focuses on developing a mobile app to reach its targeted markets. Shoppers using the app are able to see additional content, such as product information and the recipe. The company’s target is to reach a larger number of existing and potential buyers by exploiting the growing popularity of mobile devices as a result of the advancement in the ICT platform. The mobile app is a more interactive way of advertising because it allows the user to obtain more details about products and services. Walmart has adopted the use of popular social media platforms to create market awareness to further utilize the power of technology in its advertising. For instance, the firm has a Facebook page where a large community of customers and potential buyers meet virtually and discuss issues about their retailer. This increases market awareness because of the strong word of mouth power as customers share their experiences amongst each other. The company also uses the opportunity to communicate directly with individual customers while seeking to address some of the unique issues that affect them, thus learning more about the tastes and preferences of their customers. The company’s use of the social media platform in advertising also helps it to maintain its operating costs at a lower level, thus building on its competitive edge more. Evaluation of the Analysis Walmart has a greater potential of expanding in Asia and should be considered as Tech-Shield’s best choice as far as investing is concerned. Its cost leadership focus and strategy will attract more buyers in the region, resulting in higher profits. Most Asian economies are still considered as developing and have a weaker buying power compared to North America and Europe. Walmart will utilize its low price policy to attract more buyers with inferior disposable income and make the firm to benefit from the resultant economies of scale. Tech-Shield will receive a bigger dividend rate coming from the huge profits amassed. This will be positive for the growth of the company. The low price policy pursued by Walmart has seen the company introduce a new business modality of selling products in smaller quantities. This will further attract customers towards the firm because most of them will find buying products from Walmart to be a more affordable practice. The more customers will appreciate the retailer, the more it will have its chances of making huge profits and increase the potential for Tech-Shield to get better returns. The differentiation strategy by Walmart equally increases the potential of the company to make better profits. Walmart stands a better chance to attract more customers and make higher sales than its rivals because of the increased market competition within the retail industry. Buyers increasingly feel that whatever commodity or service they purchase from Walmart is unique, thus they get attached more to the firm. The attachment increases their level of satisfaction and enhances their loyalty towards the firm. Walmart is poised to maintain high profitability for longer periods given such a positive business environment. The company can, therefore, sustain to pay attractive returns to all its shareholders for long. The acquisition strategy that is pursued by Walmart is another significant consideration that should influence Tech-Shield’s decision to invest in Walmart. Walmart is sure of expanding in the market in many other countries in the world through the acquisition approach. The experience that the company has gathered over the years through its subsequent acquisition of different retailers to gain access into new foreign markets eliminates the possibility of making over ambitious plans to a great assistance. Such successful acquisitions in high potential markets will translate to a larger market for both firms. Walmart will register bigger profit margins because of the expanded market. This will enable Tech-Shield to earn higher returns as one of the shareholders. Walmart’s future prospect is still promising, although its global market share has been threatened in some regional markets. The retailer still enjoys a strong lead in the highly lucrative US market. The US market contributes a significant profit portion to Walmart’s overall corporate profit. Walmart has maintained a strong market share position in other significant European markets, such as the UK. This portrays the company’s strong market position going forward. Going with this trend, it is appropriate to conclude that no other global retailer brand will find it easy to topple Walmart as the global leader in terms of the overall market share. Walmart’s extensive global expansion is unrivaled. This goes further to highlight Walmart’s potential of sustained industry leadership in as far as the overall market share is concerned. To this extent, a decision by Tech-Shield to invest in the company is the most strategic because of definite greater market revenue, which transforms to higher returns. Recommendation I suggest that Tech-Shield should invest in Walmart. Walmart has a positive business profile that reassures a higher return on the part of Tech-Shield. There is no present threat to Walmart’s growing global market, strong market leadership in the highly valuable US market, and the sustainable cost leadership strategy that it has implemented. This implies that the strong market leadership position that Walmart enjoys is set to prevail for long. In turn, a move by Tech-Shield to invest in Walmart will see it earn good returns for a long period. This will eventually improve Tech-Shield’s capital base. Conclusion Walmart offers the best investment alternative for Tech-Shield. The company’s cost leadership strategy gives a greater market growth assurance. The firm is capable of maintaining its operating costs at a low level compared to many of its industry rivals. This is a significant aspect in as far as building a competitive edge in the market is concerned. This will continue attracting more buyers for the company and maintaining the already existing customers. It also gives the company the confidence that profitability will remain high. The strong business ethics that focuses on maintaining integrity amongst the entire firm’s associates also gives hope for a greater business fortune for the firm. Integrity is a critical aspect that attracts customers and enables them to build strong loyalty towards the firm. Walmart will evidently reap maximum profits as it strives to enhance integrity. This will, in turn, trickle down to Tech-Shield as a shareholder. However, it is critical to note that Walmart also faces potential distractions that could derail its future ambitions in case no efforts are made to rectify them. As a shareholder in the firm, Tech-Shield should push for a renewed commitment on the part of Walmart to address the concerns of poor labor practices. Workers are significant players towards the greater performance of a firm, thus Walmart should ensure that it focuses on improving the plight of the workers before concentrating on the external customers. The firm should equally put additional measures in place to ensure quality concerns raised over its products are addressed fully. Works Cited “Walmart: Update on International Markets.” Guru Focus. 2012. Web. Catala, Raymond. Walmart Market Share Analysis, n.d. Web. Daft, Richard. New Era of Management, Mason, OH: Cengage, 2008. Print. Schermerhorn, John. Management, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2010. Print. Walmart. Home. 2013. Web. Weiss, Joseph. Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach, Mason, OH: Cengage, 2008. Print.
California State University Northridge Different Capital Punishment Discussion.

I’m working on a communications writing question and need an explanation to help me study.

PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES. PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES.PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES.DIRECTIONS: You can receive up to 2.5 points per argument brief. In an argument brief, students are expected to include the following:Choose a popular debate/argument that is happening nowadaysBanned: abortion, any topic already discussed in the Case Study Project, or a topic we debated on in class.Provide a description of the general debate (the who, what, when, where, why)Identify the resolution (fact, value, or policy)Identify and cite at least one of the strongest arguments made on both sidesConsidering the arguments provided, which side are you on and why?MAXIMUM SUBMISSIONS: (5) FIVERequirements:Minimum 300-600 wordsIndicate where you got the arguments from. At least 2 sources.Clearly organized with the following headings:DESCRIPTION:RESOLUTION:ARGUMENTS (PRO SIDE):ARGUMENTS (CON SIDE):YOUR POSITION:PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES.PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES.PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES.PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES.PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES.PLEASE DO IT 5 TIMES WITH 5 DIFFERENT DEBATES.
California State University Northridge Different Capital Punishment Discussion

ECE 660 TUAGC Action Research & Inquiry in Education Literature Evaluation Worksheet

ECE 660 TUAGC Action Research & Inquiry in Education Literature Evaluation Worksheet.

Dear ECE 660,
I found out that in past experiences of teaching this course that majority of students miss large parts of this assignment.
There are two sections for this assignment:
CRAAP summaries
Literature review
Both of these need to be turned in. Both sections need to include all 4 of your articles. I have attached on document that combines both of these needed testing tools.
Be sure to ask questions if you don’t understand something, it is easier to grade assignments that are complete and have followed the directions.
Have a great day!
Action Research Literature Evaluation
Last week we focused on developing your area of focus based on an existing problem or challenge in early childhood education that you would like to change or improve. This week you will gain deeper insight into your area of focus by reviewing and evaluating literature related to your area of focus. You started this process in this week’s discussion, and will continue the same process for this assignment. You may use the article you reviewed in the discussion this week as one of the four resources required for review and evaluation.
For this assignment, you will utilize appropriate databases and digital tools to identify academic sources relevant to your action research area of focus, and then evaluate each source for research timeliness, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose. Additionally, you will identify, evaluate, review, and summarize four relevant scholarly, peer-reviewed articles to inform your own action research proposal. The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand what others in the field have done to improve the same or similar challenges that you are interested in improving. Week 2 Literature Evaluation Assignment Template is available for developing your Week Two assignment. For this assignment, please use a minimum of four scholarly, peer-reviewed, full text journal articles. Articles must be current, meaning each article must have been published in the past five years.
You may use the Ashford Library or appropriate digital research tools (i.e., Google Scholar (Links to an external site.)) to locate scholarly sources for this assignment. Remember, not all sources and articles in the Ashford Library are scholarly, so please be sure to refer to the Instructor Guidance for this week and the MAECEL Source Guide for further tips and information on locating scholarly, peer reviewed journals.
You may also be interested in using an online bibliographic management program such as RefWorks (Links to an external site.), NoodleTools (Links to an external site.), or Diigo (Links to an external site.) to collect, manage, annotate, share, and cite your sources. Please be sure to carefully review the Instructor Guidance, the course Anchor Paper, and course readings for this week to inform the development of this assignment.
*Reminder to Students: Remember to save all copies of your work throughout the course as you will use each assignment as part of the Final Action Research Proposal. For many of the discussions and assignments, you are building on your work each week, so it is appropriate to use content from your discussions in your weekly assignments, generally expanding and extending concepts and sections as you progress from week to week. You will have the opportunity to make revisions to each section of your proposal based on instructor and peer feedback prior to your final version in the Final Action Research Proposal, so be sure to revisit the feedback you have received from your instructor and classmates each week to continuously refine your proposal throughout the course.

Content Expectations
Part 1: Article Summary Tables: For each of the four articles, complete one table using the Week Two assignment template to evaluate the source using the CRAAP test, and then provide a summary in the areas indicated in the table. Each section must be complete and add relevant information related to the article.

CRAAP Test: Using the CRAAP test, evaluate each of the four required sources for timeliness, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose. Provide the overall score and a narrative with a summary of your evaluation.
Title, Author, Year: For each article, provide an accurate title, author, and year of publication.
Purpose of the Study: For each article, clearly explain the purpose of the study.
Subject/Participants: For each article, discuss the subjects or participants involved in the study.
Variables: For each article, identify the independent and dependent variables in the study.
Quantitative and/or Qualitative Instruments: For each article, examine the instruments used to collect data, including any pertinent information on the validity and reliability of the instruments.
Interventions: For each article, summarize the interventions used in the study to improve a situation or existing challenge that the research addressed.
Outcomes/Results: For each article,explain what kind of evidence used to support his/her claims.
Implications: For each article, examine the implications and conclusions of the study.
Relevance to Proposed Study: For each article, appraise how the study relates to the challenge or situation you are interested in improving in your own action research proposal.

Part 2: Literature Evaluation Table: Complete the summary table after completing each of the article summary tables for each article. The purpose of this table is for you to synthesize information from the articles you reviewed to determine how each one will inform your own action research proposal, specifically focusing in the interventions and qualitative and quantitative instruments. The content from this assignment will be used to support the development of the Week Three Assignment in ECE 660.

Research and Resource Expectations
Writing and Formatting Expectations

Title Page: Must include a separate title page with the following:

Title of paper
Student’s name
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted

Academic Voice: Academic Voice is used (avoids casual language, limited use of “I” or first person, it is declarative).
Purpose and Organization: Demonstrates logical progression of ideas.
Syntax and Mechanics: Writing displays meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
APA Formatting: Papers are formatted properly and all sources are cited and referenced in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.).

Suggested Assignment Length

This assignment should be approximately five to six double-spaced pages in length (not including title and reference pages).

Next Steps

Review and Submit the Assignment: Review your assignment with the Grading Rubric to ensure you have achieved the distinguished levels of performance for each criterion. Submit the assignment for evaluation no later than Day 7.

ECE 660 TUAGC Action Research & Inquiry in Education Literature Evaluation Worksheet

Customer Satisfaction Services Provided At Oldtown White Coffee Marketing Essay

help me with my homework OLDTOWN White Coffee started their very first outlet in 1958, Ipoh to current 154th store as dated April, 2010, with the aim to provide quality white coffee to Malaysian households and the food services industry. It is a place where people can spend their leisure time with their family members and friends to have a break, relax, and engaging in chitchats and even work! They are not just dedicated serving coffee, but also a desirable coffee shop experience. They also offer delicious foods, including a wide variety of rice, noodles, toast and many more at reasonable prices. In today’s highly competitive food and beverage industry, Anderson, Fornell, and Lehmann (1994 cited in Lewin, 2008, p. 1) claimed that the degree of customer satisfaction from the services provided at any businesses has a certain level of impact on the organization’s current and future performance. Oliver (1997) as quoted in Wu and Rong (2009) described “satisfaction as a judgment that a product or service feature, or the product or service itself, provides pleasurable consumption related fulfillment”. Other researchers would describe satisfaction as “a general psychological phenomenon, describing the emotional state resulting from an evaluation of the perceived discrepancy between prior expectations and the actual performance of the product” (Tse and Wilton, 1988 as quoted in Yang and Zhu, 2006). Meanwhile, Beisel (1993 cited in Paulins, 2005) explains service as an activity that supplements or facilitates store sales, e.g. free parking, delivery, internet access, etc. In discussing the correlation between customer satisfaction and business success, Turnbull, Ford, and Cunningham (1996 cited in Kujala, Ahola, 2005, p. 1) argue that “organizations, which are more efficient in providing value for customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction, are more likely to survive in a competitive situation”. Correspondingly, this implies the importance of organizations to maintain and improve their customer satisfaction consistently to survive in the market. In the financial perspective, “as profit and growth are stimulated primarily by customer loyalty… customer satisfaction and repeat patronage are important indicators of restaurant performance” (Oliver, 1997 as cited in Chow et al., 2007). On the other hand, an article of Reuland et al. (1985) as summarized in Liu and Jang (2008) mentioned that there are three important elements in a restaurant industry that determining the satisfaction level of customers: material product (food/product quality); the behavior and attitude of the employees (service quality); and the environment (atmospherics). Customers do not just care about the food quality, but also the service encounters during their dining experience. Liu and Jang (2008) emphasizes that “the service quality was more important than food quality in explaining dining satisfaction”. Likewise, the service quality which acts as an intangible aspect of meal experience tends to be a major factor that determines the place to eat. In the end, customers who are more satisfied with the services provided are more likely to return for the favors they received. Nevertheless, the aim of this research is most focus on examining the associations between customer satisfaction and services by conducting a survey at one of OLDTOWN White Coffee branches located at Taman Midah, Cheras. Most notably, this survey allows the company will have a good understanding on the customer expectation and a guideline to improve their current service management as well as their organizational strategy to stay competitive in a global market. Research Objectives The objective of this research paper is to investigate customer satisfaction towards services provided at OLDTOWN White Coffee located at Taman Midah, Cheras. To find out whether customers are satisfied with the current service provided, including environment, interior design, price, cleanliness of the place and other tangible and intangible services. A few research questions had been raised, which are the followings:- To explore the satisfaction level of passenger towards OLDTOWN White Coffee services at Taman Midah, Cheras. To identify if customer service expectations are met. To find out any other services that the company can offer to build customer loyalty. To find out how the company can be better adapted to customers’ needs. To revise the organizational strategy based on the customer feedbacks obtained through questionnaires during the research process. Research Methodology In order to conduct a thorough and effective investigation, the data will be collected from the customers and managers of OLDTOWN White Coffee (Taman Midah, Cheras). The author will be using both qualitative and quantitative methods of research to examine and evaluate the satisfaction level of customers. According to Chan (2001), the use of multiple researches can lead to identification of potential problems and solutions. A well-designed questionnaire survey will be distributed to one-hundred and twenty (120) respondents selected at OLDTOWN White Coffee located at Taman Midah, Cheras, both open-ended (20 respondents) and close-ended questions (remaining 100 respondents) with the purpose to gather qualitative and quantitative data. The questionnaire will be consisting three parts. The first contains respondents’ demographic information, including gender, age, ethnicity, income, etc. The second part was designed to identify customers’ satisfaction with the current service provided, e.g. service quality, atmosphere, convenience, delivery speed etc. The third part requests respondents to rate their overall evaluation of the dining experience and intention to return. The above questionnaire design idea was obtained from Kim, Ng, Kim (2009). Thirty (30) close-ended questions will be developed for this study and measured on a 5-point Likert-scale type (1 = strong disagree and 5 = strongly agree). It has been proven by Braunsberger and Gates (2009) that Likert-scale type is very useful in survey research in a way that “customers generally enjoy being asked for their feedback by means of a simple “tick the box” exercise”. Likewise, the time consumption for a respondent to complete a survey is expected to take about 15 minutes. All the data information collected will be analyzed using SPSS program. On the other hand, open-ended questions consist ten (10) questions requesting customer feedbacks, opinions, and improvement suggestions. Each questionnaire is expected to take slightly longer time than close-ended as respondents would need to spend more time contemplating their response in words. Lastly, a qualitative interview will be conducted by the researcher with the manager-in-charged to explore three compulsory items:- The objective of the company. Strategies adopted to keep the business alive. Personal perceptions towards the company. All information provided in this research paper is mainly for academic purpose and shall be treated as confidential. Time Plan

Thematic Analysis Of Faerie Queene Literature Essay

The earthly human society continues to be faced by various impediments to its existence and continuity. Some of these varied issues include; the reality a bout truth and faith, the unending evils, the confusion of love and the persistence search for purity. It is because of these squabbles that Edmunds Spencer’s ‘Faerie Queene’ was written. The book focuses largely on the central theme of holiness and how it can be achieved in the society. Holiness would mean being pure, clean and godly. However it can not exist without evil. According to Wauchope, holiness could be compared to light and evil compared to darkness. Holiness therefore the main drive and urge for any person who wishes to attain the highest faculties in life, truth, faith and love. The work of any writer cannot be clear and complete unless various characters are employed in order to bring out the intended message. As such Spencer has notable characters that have different purpose. Book 1, Cont I, introduces Redcrosse who is the Knight of Holiness that works collaboratively with Una, a beautiful lady who is out to represent truth and faith of a true Christian. It is matter to be noted that for any person who aims to be a true Christian full of holiness, he must have true faith. The religious battles that exist in the world today can be traced back to the christs’era. Most of our time is faced by lack of virtue of holiness, persistent evil that threatens the human race specifically occurring as a result of superiority struggles among the major religions of the time. The world known religion catholic is being condemned for not presenting truth to its followers and uses various images that are meant to deceive. The strength of Knight and the lady Una is as a result of boldness, courage and sheer determination to achieve victory by fervently fighting evil and false religion (‘Faerie Queene II,147-48) . The Roman Empire worked continuously hard to ensure that the whole world remains bound by one religion but however, because of increased awareness and freedom, the England people led a determined rebellion and broke away from Roman Catholic to form a true religion of Protestants and Anglicans. This fierce break-up aggravated evil in the society, where most people were killed for defending their faith. Most Martyrs like Stephen were forced to die because of trying light to bring to the world. The true position for any Christian should be to aim at fighting for righteousness and work towards ensuring that evil does ensue too soon. Every society that tries to advance in holiness still has to face the hurdles of vice. The two elements are parts of the same coin that operate at the extreme ends. Hamilton highlights in his book, that evil will take the slightest opportunity to engulf holiness. Una who is representing truth happens to meet Duessa, who on contrary represents false images that are used to deceive and confuse the faith of Una. She is torn between the devil and deep sea losing when she encounters Duessa.That being a strong religion, Catholic Church still focuses on use of images which carry false meaning. These images could be source of idolatry, which caused the rebellion of the Protestants. Indeed any individual with divine faith and holiness cannot accept to throw away his noble pursuit because victory does not come easily. Fighting evil in the society requires one to stay on course even when it seems tough. This would require surrounding yourself with life performers who have achieved the highest ladder in the fields of faith, character and honour. When Knight Meets Una, a strong bond is developed that help them to remain focused in their mission to achieve holiness and eradicate evil. Therefore when cooperation exists among the members of the society, then notable vices like rape, idolatry and innocent killings cannot continue to escalate further. This is not an individual effort but an integral one which requires positive mindset that Redcrosse is urged to have. ‘Resolved in minde all suddenly to win’ (Faerie Queene, I.210). Human beings still remain to be the weakest creature that is easily lured into evil. Many a time most people have found themselves on the crossroads, more on the wrong side than on the right side of it, because they were tempted by other people; who because of weaker power for self defence of individual values and virtues had to give into it. Wauchope infer a case where Archimago tries to separate Redcrosse from Una through lust and deception, which he falls into. Once separated he becomes extremely weak making it easy for Duessa to deceive him even more. It is good to note that whenever truth is separated from holiness, confusion ensue as people are lost in faith. Thus in our present times it is essential that we keep good companies and associations that can help us grow in faith ,develop the power to defend our believes, not being easily led astray from truth and fall into the paths of evil by the already fallen. This will help enrich the soul, mind and body which in turn will help to perpetuate holiness in all kind and spheres of life. Evil in our society can only be eliminated only and only if we take collective initiative to set rules that will help lighten our lives than darkening it. Only when truth is adhered to that we can forge a way out to develop standards of morals that every member is expected to follow. There is a great overall evil that threatens mankind, the very basic evil of sin. This is the dragon that Redcrosse defeats at the end of Book 1 of Faerie Queene. This enemy can be dealt with, through reformation in various social institutions like marriage, learning institutions, governing bodies and churches. The Norton Anthology also focuses on best reason as to why we should reform our social, economic and political systems so as to have an all round society. If we restructure our religion, faith and love we will have a true meaning of holiness. Holiness is not complete without love. True love does not lie in being beautiful or gorgeous, but it thrives where there is truth and light in faith. Most young men tend to associate beauty with love, but in really sense, it is not an indicative virtue of love. Courtly love dictates that the excitement and splendour constantly travel with valiant warriors who croon romantic declarations of passions to women and eventually accumulate great respect through epic triumphs in the battles over many years. The Redcrosse knight bridges the gap between mere men and these gallant celebrities and reverses the process of virtue. The virtues of love entail being sincere in heartily devotions and commitment to one another, not in reputation but in character and true integrity. This is the ingredient of love. Jennipher Sinclair, points out that being in love does not necessarily mean sexual and emotional feelings but involves learning how best we should live a virtuous life full of respect, purity and holiness. Respect will involve observing the code of humanity of preserving life and not forming stereotypes that are prejudicial and discriminative in nature. These acts are highly shown by persistent struggle that exist between the Roman Catholics and the Anglican Protestants. When human beings begin to use religion as an instrument to hate rather than love each other, then no major developments can be realised specifically in the areas of holiness. As Nelson Mandela points out that, ‘No one is born hating the other and if a person can learn to hate, then he can be taught to love’. Love is the union of all earthly races because all human beings have blood that is red symbolising that we are all equal. The Faerie Queene was intended to teach the young men and women to focus on building a society that is clean and pure in its operations. Being the weakest and most lured into temptations of every soot, they ought to observe good codes of conduct. Young men should posse spotless character and should rise to highest circles of leadership and command. We are also a forewarned about love and appearance because love is not in the beauty, as such, believing in the beauty would deceive and the originality of true love. Only truth and faith can indicate real virtue and meaning of love and struggle hate.Consequentlty we are also encouraged to remain firm in our believes and of life, because modern expectation cannot always be met and fulfilled, and respect through trials other than physical tests, in the long run, holiness prevail over evil and light blinds the dark.

Metaphysics Philosophy of Science Manifest & Scientific Image Discussion

Metaphysics Philosophy of Science Manifest & Scientific Image Discussion.

a substantive response to any one of the open-answer questions provided below and incorpurate leacture slides(1) What are abstract objects? Are there any?(2) What are the relative merits of nominalism, fictionalism, and Platonism about abstract objects?(3) What’s the best account of properties: universals or tropes?(4) Can the B-series capture everything there is about the nature of time? If not, what does it leave out?(5) What’s the counterfactual theory of causation, and how compelling is it?(6) What is the relationship between parts and the whole?(7) Could there be no composite objects?(8) What is the a priori /a posteriori distinction?(9) What is an indispensability argument? What problems do such arguments face?(10) What are the theoretical virtues, and how might we appeal to them to evaluate competing metaphysical theories?(11) What is the distinction between the manifest image and the scientific image?(12) What is logical empiricism in the philosophy of science, and what problems does it face?(13) What is meant by the idea that observation is theory-laden?(14) What is the deductive-nomological model of scientific explanation?(15) What is falsificationism, and how is supposed to demarcate genuine science from pseudo-science?(16) What is scientific realism, and how does it account for scientific progress?(17) What is scientific instrumentalism, and how does it differ from scientific realism?(18) What is the underdetermination of theory by data thesis, and what implications might it have for scientific realism?(19) What is the no miracles argument for scientific realism? How plausible is it?(20) What is the incommensurability thesis, and what challenge does it pose for scientific realism?
Metaphysics Philosophy of Science Manifest & Scientific Image Discussion

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