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Evaluation, Deliverables and Follow Up of Proposal Intervention

My task in the team is to write:(1)  EVALUATION OF THE PROPOSED INTERVENTION(2) DELIVERABLES AND (3) FOLLOW UP OF THE PROPOSED INTERVENTION  (4) THE CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES.I have attached the case study and the proposal that my group has written. So please read through them and help me write the Evaluation, Deliverables, Follow Up and Clients Responsibilities. Just those 4 things.

SOC101 Chapter 2

I need help in sociology.
SIH Chapter 2: Have you ever seen a person’s culture affect their healthcare or their health outcome? Remember that culture can include elements of religion, ethnicity, even the lack or abundance of education. Has your culture ever affected your healthcare? Consider treatment options and follow–up and adherence as well.
Chapter 2 – Subcultures: Are you a member of any subcultures? Which one(s)? Why do you think your group is a subculture? What is your group’s relationship to the mainstream culture?
Chapter 2 – Sapir–Whorf Hypothesis: Give two examples of how the Safir–Whorf Hypothesis impacts our perceptions of the world. Feel free to do independent research on this topic, making sure you cite your source.
Each question should have its answer.
Please answered before 5 P.M. if you can.
Here is the CHAPTER 2 document:
file:///C:/Users/lenovo/OneDrive – Cabarrus College/Documents/Down To Earth Sociology 14Th Edition Introductory Reading Fourteenth Edition Chapter 2.pdf

Writing Question

Evaluation, Deliverables and Follow Up of Proposal Intervention I need someone to help me write a short, quick essay on the topic “Effects Of HIV AIDS In The Society.”
The paper should strictly adhere to the APA formatting guidelines.
The paper should also be free of plagiarism and must be around one full page in length.



 Description Student will pick a developmental issue of interest from the course text and conduct a literature review providing research for that topic. Findings will be presented in the form of a research paper. The body of the paper will be 3-4 pages in length (not including the cover, abstract, or reference page) and must follow APA guidelines. This paper is required to have 4 scholarly resources (peer reviewed journals, resource books, no more than one internet site – preferably a .org) in addition to the course text for a minimum of 5 resources. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If in doubt, quote it! The development issue that I have chosen is ADHD IN CHILDREN. Please circle paper option #1 or #2 Content Information Detailed discussion of the topic and its importance to the study of human development and the field of education Evidence of Critical thought and reflection on the topic Organization and Quality of the writing of the paper The body of the paper is the appropriate length (Body 3-4 pages) At least 4 scholarly resources + text with maximum of only 1 internet resource (5 total sources) Margins, spelling, grammar, paragraph construction, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.) APA (Correct APA Referencing Format, title page, headings, etc.) Total Possible Points

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Mechanical engineering Maintenance Strategies (Asset and maintenance management)

Mechanical engineering Maintenance Strategies (Asset and maintenance management).


Mechanical engineering Maintenance Strategies (Asset and maintenance management)

Weighting: 55% Length: 4000 words (plus or minus 10%) Objectives This assessment is based upon the course learning modules 1 – 11 of the study guide. In answering the questions students will relate the course learning’s and theoretical processes to their own organisation or facility. Assignment Submission The assignment should be written in a report format and include: • An executive summary, introduction, body and conclusion. • Headings and sub headings where appropriate in the body of the discussion using appropriate numbers and font size. • Tables, Graphs, Charts and Screen shots should be used where appropriate to support your discussion. • Accurately reference the work of 3rd parties, words, Figures/Tables etc. in accordance with the CQUniversity’s Harvard referencing guide. • References should be added at the end of the assignment and documented

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Communications Question

Throughout the interpersonal communication module of this class we have discussed why relationships are form, how they progress and regress depending on our maintenance behaviors, and various ways we navigate conflict within our relationships. This information helps us understand communicative behavior that can help us sustain healthy relationships. There are many times in our lives that we seek relationship advice from our friends or family, or we may even be asked to provide advice!
Objective: This assignment will help us highlight the importance of relational theories/concepts we’ve discussed and apply their principles to real-life scenarios
Instructions: For this assignment you will choose one relationship problem to analyze from the list of prompts and give advice based on course content. Your advice must be based on theories/concepts from the class rather than just your personal opinion.
In a ~500 words (two pages, double-spaced) respond to ONE of the relationship problems attached with advice for the communicative behavior of the partners. You must include two citations and one may be from your textbook.
Your advice should meets the following criteria:
Use complete sentences
Use proper spelling and grammar.
Base your advice on evidence and target it towards the communication between relational partners.
You may use second person point-of-view, but the content and writing should still be professional and credible.
Include a minimum of two citations in-text and include a references page in APA format.

Minority Health Care

Minority Health Care.

Needs to be in ASA format: The Hispanic population of the United States has seen a sharp increase in the last few decades. Discuss one sociological implication related to minority health care in the United States. The examples are Hispanic. You may research any racial/ethnic population in the U.S. Here is some information to get you started: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. You can cite/reference the links above, but you do need to research 2 **sociology** journals on the topic for your primary post.

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Annotation and Textual Analysis Practice

Annotation and Textual Analysis Practice.

 Instructions Please use the language level for the paragraph that looks like a freshman English student Discussion on the article “The American Debate” write a paragraph Use the Highlights and Notes tool to highlight and annotate as you read. please select text, you are required to highlight or add notes. Read the article more than once! Once you have annotated the article please attach and send the article and the annotations with the paragraph separately Think: Think about the answers to the following questions: What is the article’s thesis or purpose? Who is the intended audience? What is the article’s tone? Is the writing formal or informal? Is it emotional or logical? Humorous or serious? Are there any words or language choices that stand out to you? Does the writer use descriptive or figurative language? Write: Write a paragraph describing the writer’s choices and discussing your impression of the article. Which of your observations do you think are most important to the article’s purpose and effectiveness? Use at least one quotation from the text to support your ideas. Be sure to use a correctly formatted in-text citation, using MLA Style, for that quotation and then create a Works Cited entry to correspond to that citation. Please attach the article with your annotations The article Full Text: Today we celebrate one Independence Day, though, with so many versions of America, it’s hard to know how to reconcile them all. All across the country, we differ, sometimes gently, often sharply, on what rights obtain, what liberty allows, what freedom permits. That tension is characteristically American. Even on our best days — and the Fourth of July is one of them — we seem more pluribus than unum, though your neighbor’s idea of who belongs to our pluribus may be radically different from yours. Given the nature of our founding and the documents that created this country, we seem destined to quarrel endlessly about who we are and who we’re supposed to be. This sounds like a flaw, but, in fact, it’s a peculiarly American virtue. Our history may read like a narrative, but it’s really a debate, sometimes bloody, usually peaceful, but always unresolved. We remain divided on nearly all the major elements of our constitution: the role of religion, the balance between federal and state authority, the risks and consequences of unlimited opportunity, the boundary between self-reliance and shared responsibility. On the Fourth of July in an election year, we find ourselves clamoring for a clear description of something politicians rarely talk about clearly. What should America look like? Who should we be to each other? There is too often a starkness to the American language of opportunity, as if you deserve what you get if you don’t get what you want, as if we were a loose confederation of individuals instead of a people. It is fine to sit back and watch the fireworks in the night. But the Fourth of July isn’t a day off from something. It’s a holiday for rethinking who we are. Source Citation (MLA 8th Edition) “The American Debate.” New York Times, 4 July 2012, p. A22(L). Global Issues in Context, Accessed 4 July 2019.

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Persuasive Outline: Part 1

This assignment is actually three-fold:
Make sure you read and follow through on these directions which will assist you in building your persuasive speech outline–
1. Open the Guideline to Creating Persuasive Speech.docx
and print it out. Study it carefully. Keep it next to you and refer to it throughout the outline development process. We are going to be creating a formal, full-sentence outline which is required for the persuasive speech..
2. Open Working Outline- Thesis and Main Points.docx
for insight into what you need to complete for this week. Right now you’re tending only to the highlighted areas of the working outline. (The following student example of the value “creativity” shows you where you are to place this week’s assigned materials within the outline): LF OUTLINE 1 .docx.
3. Now, open and use the following template: Persuasive Outline Form – Blueprint.docx
to complete your assignment for the week. Again, the only required sections for this week are the Thesis and Main Points, but make sure you place these materials inside the Introduction, the Body of the Speech, AND the Conclusion. (Remember to click on “Enable Editing” when you’re ready to add your materials to the template.)Doing this will set you up for the next activity, building the Body of the Speech.
Once you’ve completed this assignment, you’ll need to upload your file to the assignment link. (There is no Discussion/Response this week.)
Finally, there is no rubric for this assignment. Assessment will be based on your successful completion of the Thesis