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In this essay I will be discussing how discipline affects the public services. I will be looking in depth of how and why discipline is used and what happens if its discipline is not carried out. I will be using real life example to further my understanding of discipline. The value of the impact of discipline in a range of public services would involve the use of authority, to control the services, train the officers, used to follow orders or there as a threat and make sure powers are not to be abused.

An example of training the officers would be when “Fire service training manual (1994) ‘The Fire Service Training Manual, together with the Manual of Firemanship, provides the foundation necessary for members of the service to learn, or teach, the essential core of knowledge and techniques. The knowledge must be reinforced and techniques regularly rehearsed to develop the skill and expertise necessary for fire fighters to demonstrate and maintain professional competence. ” http://www. furthereducationlessontrader. co. uk/discipline. htm.

03/10/12 this shows that the fire fighters are trained in order to the principles of the fire services so they can perform to the best standards possible. All services will train recruits so they are read to accomplish and contribute their input in the team to make it proficient The value for discipline regarding effectiveness and efficiency of the services would create many different advantages. It ensures that the hierarchical structure is respected and maintained. Everyone listens to their higher ranked officer. Every public service has a visibly defined roles and responsibilities which are to be followed under all circumstances.

With discipline being followed properly it will guarantee that the public services officers are all working effectively and efficiently. Serving the public is the main priority of each and every service is to serve the public. The ambulance services are there to ensure the health and safety of public citizens. The police force is set up to protects and secure everyone from crime. The fire service is set up to protect life and property. The army, navy, royal marines are all out to protect the United Kingdom. All these services are designed to protect the citizen of the United Kingdom.

For example when the 7/7 bombing happened in London all the services got together to protect the public. They all worked well effectively and efficiently together to solve this crisis. Discipline effects the public services massively; there are aspects such as inspiration. Many young people look up to the public services officers as they aim to one day become like them. They find the jobs they do appealing, in sense of it exploratory; deal with all kinds of different situation and provides job satisfaction. Discipline also trains an individual to work well in a group. It involves having respect, reciprocated trust and loyalty.

However so young people find the servicers appealing as they feel its hands on and always on the frontline or dealing with dangerous situation. There needs to be an acknowledgement of your personal duty towards the services. You will have a duty towards your services, the public and colleagues. Following the rules and obeying your commanding officer in order to get the job done. In the public services all officer are trained to follow order and instruction from there higher ranked officers. Following order can save you from dangerous situation and reduces the risks of injury.

A public services officer have taken an oath to abide by the law so therefore one of these would be protecting the public this can only be done when following order from your higher ranked officers. When orders are followed correctly the job is done to the best of standards possible rewards are given. Rewards are there to inspire individual to strive more and remain doing the tremendous work. Reward are given to these individual such as promotion, medals and recognition in the local newspaper or media, be appreciated, praise and seeing other happy gives the person job satisfaction.

Receiving these rewards the individual feels honour and a sense of achievement and would like to do better and give more to their community. If people don’t follow the rules then the services and personnel become open to the consequences of a lack of discipline in their roles. If there is a lack of discipline in the public service that would affect the whole team performance, the community and the public not just the individual. Due to the fact lack of services the public wouldn’t feel safe in their community. The whole team would get a bad name not just that specific person.

Taking bribe is a huge crime and if anyone is caught they would get dismissal or suspended this would lead to the public not trusting the service and lead to corrupting. However is any member of the uniformed public services is caught they will be punished. Punishment are put into place notify the individual if they step out of line there will be consequences such as dismissal, suspension, step down or a warning, all this is to ensure that the job is carried out effectively and efficiently. This will reflects on the social order in the communities.

If the officers carry out their jobs well the behaviour in our society will be better and people. The social etiquettes have placed certain type of rules like indecent exposed will lead to arrest and police getting involved. The anarchy is a great example of loss of social order. When this occurs there are no rules no discipline in society. An example of this is would be the riots in 2011. These riots caused a lot of controversy with the society. In conclusion I believe discipline plays a huge role within the uniformed public service whether that be emergency or non-emergency.

Discipline is taught rather than forced. I feel that the public services have good discipline as they do their jobs effectively and efficiently, however there are cases here a there were discipline is poor in the public service like the riots in 2011 were Mark Duggan was shot and lead to a massive outbreak of the riot across the United Kingdom. Furthermore I believe this shouldn. t undermine the great job our public services to on a daily basis, the struggles and tribulation that they face.

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