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Evaluate a Scholarly Behavior Change Plan

Evaluate a Scholarly Behavior Change Plan.

Critique a behavior program used to maintain behavior changesFor this Assignment, select a scholarly peer reviewed research article where behavior analytic methods were used to maintain a behavior change over time.For this paper, provide the following details:A brief description of the training and generalization environmentsA clear description of the target behavior(s)The subject(s) used and any important ethical, social, or cultural considerationsThe method(s) of behavior change that were used described in behavior analytic termsHow the researchers planned for the maintenance of the behavior change over time when designing their planWhether or not the intervention was effective in maintaining the behavior changeWeaknesses in the plan with maintenance of behavior changes as your focusAt least three suggestions for improvements using behavior analytic terms, based on your readings and discussions this weekProper references to the text and other scholarly sources of information as needed, with a minimum of at least three sources provided.APA style throughout, including a title page, in-text citations, and a full reference page.Minimum page length of 3-5 pages.
Evaluate a Scholarly Behavior Change Plan

Integrated Case One questions are on the financial environment and management of Health Care Organizations. To put this in context, you are required to answer the following questions. All your answers/responses should be provided in a one-word document. Your Health Care Organization (URHealth) CEO is excited that you are enrolled in a Health Care Accounting Course. He believes that that course would equip you with the Accounting Fundamentals for Health Care Management, knowing that that competency will benefit URHealth in the foundational understanding of its accounting and financial reporting. Coincidentally, you would be accompanying the CEO to a luncheon where he will present, among others, the financial health of URHealth to donors and other attendees. The CEO who has no accounting knowledge whatsoever asks for your opinion on the following. He wants you to explain to him the difference between managerial and financial accounting. He told you that he heard from a commentator saying that “health care managers should only be concerned about the organization’s long-term financial health and prospects.” However, he confided in you that he found that statement confusing and so wanted some clarifications from you. Do you agree with that statement? Explain. Understanding that revenue is central to URHealth financial viability, he asks you if health care providers record as revenue what they charge customers. Briefly explain. You were surprised that the CEO believes that all third-party payers are private insurance companies. He saw the astonishment on your face and wonders why. If he was wrong, he wants you to explain to him why he was wrong. Finally, he remembers that someone from the audience could ask general questions about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Therefore, he wants you to discuss at least two significant details of the ACT. Present your responses to the questions in a memo format to the CEO. Your CFO informed you that that CEO will reward you graciously with 100 points towards your promotion and that those points will be allocated to each of the five areas of expectations above as follows: 15 points 40 points 15 points. 10 points. 20 points. To appropriately guide you so that you can take full advantage of the point incentives/reward system, the CFO advised you to follow the company’s document titled “Paper Writing Rubric,” as the HR Director would use that document to score your memo. In addition to the Paper Writing Rubric, you are aware that the Organization always encourages you to feel free to contact other relevant materials that you may deem fit. You must cite and provide references for all materials used as appropriate. I will provide the integrated analysis rubric and the book. Please follow the instructions and cited any sources. In addition to that Rubric, you are aware that the Organization always encourages you to feel free to contact other relevant materials that you may deem fit. You must cite and provide references for all materials used as appropriate. Please make sure to proofread carefully. Grammar and spelling errors will impact the grading.

2-3 paragraph is enough

2-3 paragraph is enough.

INITIAL POST (15 PTS): DUE TUES, Answer the following questions (please put your response in the textbox without attaching a separate word document) (max length: 6 paragraphs for entire post)1. Envisioning Change. Consider challenges/opportunities that you, your friends, families, or companies/non-profit organizations across the world have experienced in the last month. What are 2 ways you think teams will be changing in the next 3 months? Provide illustrative examples to make your point clear.What is the most innovative idea you have seen/heard so far? (Provide a weblink (videoclip or article) so we can learn more).2. Challenges & Thoughts to Consider.Describe a challenge working on teams in this changing virtual world that you have heard about and/or experienced that is on your mind.What are 2 specific questions that you are genuinely interested in hearing from the class about to address this challenge? (list these as bullets to make it easier to read and answer)****TIP: The TWO most insightful, well-written initial posts, with clear illustrative examples, will be selected by me to shape questions for the next DB and these 2 students will receive 3 EC points each.**See Bb for grading policy for late work****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************TWO RESPONSE POSTS: 1. Summarize. Virtual teams require communicating so other person feels heard/seen.Summarize the student’s main ideas in 2-3 sentences.Use their name (e.g., Tom, thank you for …..). 22. High-quality insight.Answer questions the students posed.Provide high-quality insight responding to his/her questions that will be valuable to him/her and a great use of his/her time to read it.0 points if the response is not high-quality or insightful.NOTE: If student has already received 2 responses, please find another student to respond to if there are already 2 responses there. Please help me in making sure everyone has responses.****TIP: The TWO most insightful, well-written high-quality response posts, with clear illustrative examples, will receive 3 EC points each. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS?Question: Dr. Lebron, what is a high-quality response?Great question! Well, a high-quality response provides new information that is worth anyone’s time to read it. Provides something new for us to learnand comes from the unique way you think and experience the world. It is authentically and respectfully you.For example, a high-quality response is sharing what you agree with or may disagree with and why. Further, you explore ideas the student presented by thinking through other examples/ reasons for the opposite view as well as the view you hold; thus, looking at both sides of the arguments/suggestions. This technique is how effective leaders in a “virtual” environment have to build trust that leads to high-performance. You show that you have taken the time and respect to listen to and respond to the ideas and risks the student too. You present illustrative examples to make your point clear- remember with innovation, these are “new ideas” other people may not have yet experienced, and can better understand through the technique of providing examples (based on your experience and/or that you have read).Question… But Dr. Lebron, what about what a response that is “not high quality” response post?Hmmmm.. Well let me think a high-quality response is not the following.Tobi’s initial post: I like bread.Student’s response post: I like bread too. Yeah… bread is outside the scope of the class but thank you for sharing your views on bread.:)
2-3 paragraph is enough

MGT 312 SEU Jadawel Household Products in Saudi Arabia Case Study

cheap assignment writing service MGT 312 SEU Jadawel Household Products in Saudi Arabia Case Study.

Course Learning Outcomes-Covered Demonstrate a solid understanding of decision making process for complex issues pertaining to business environment both internally and externally. (1.2)Apply and analyze various concepts of problem solving in diverse contexts and business situations. (1.5 & 2.2)Identify and analyze different perspectives on understanding problems for different situations. (3.1)Utilize different decision making tools to enhance problem solving and decision making approaches. (4.3) Critical Thinking Case studies: “Jadawel” a major retailer of household products in Saudi Arabia, had experienced steady growth during the past ten years since inception i.e. 2009. Mr. Badar, Marketing manager of the company has left the company in 2019. Mr. Hesham al Harby, who was working with Mr. Badr since 2009, now became marketing manager. The company has been experiencing steadily declining sales in an increasingly competitive and growing market from last one year.Even after increase in sales force, sales were not meeting expectations, and had not been for some time. In fact, sales had begun to decline in a market that still appeared to be growing with more competitors chipping away at a market the company once owned. Rashid, a sales executive who joined the company in December 2019, said that he could not get proper training form the company. In a feedback of Customer, Jadawel’s product price is costly and lack of seasonal offers. Mr. Khaled Al-ghassini, CEO has hired you to help him in increasing the company’s annual growth rate and ultimately its profitability. “Jadawel” has 25 retail stores located mostly in shopping malls in almost all the big cities in Saudi Arabia. Total revenue from the 25 stores has declined, despite major back-end cost savings. Assignment Question(s):(Marks 05) Identify the problem. [and other sub problems]What could be the causes of problem?Gather information: What information should you gather that would be helpful to know before making a decision?Consider the various choices of solution?Make the decision.What should you do?Evaluate the decision.Why do you think this is the best decision possible? Main problem:……………………………………..Other problems: Cause of the problem- 5 Why TechniqueWhy-1Why-2Why-3Why-4Why-5Develop a Cause and Effect Diagram Notes: Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
MGT 312 SEU Jadawel Household Products in Saudi Arabia Case Study

Enzymatic Functioning in Bromelain from Pineapple Juice

Enzymatic Functioning in Bromelain from Pineapple Juice. William Nguyen Introduction An enzyme is a biological catalyst that accelerates specific chemical reactions. It converts substrates into specific products. Most enzymes are proteins and hence have a three-dimensional structure of folded polypeptide chains. Enzymes have an optimal temperature and pH range in which they function most effectively. If changes occur that remove the enzyme out of this range it may not function effectively. This principle forms the basis of this experimental design where the increasing temperature results in the denaturing of the enzymes found in bromelain and thus lowering its catalytic effectiveness. Bromelain is a protein extract present in the fruit, leaves and stems of pineapple plants (Ananas comosus). Although it is present in all parts of the pineapple plant, the stem is the most bromelain rich part that also makes it the most common commercial source of bromelain (Rowan, ButtleEnzymatic Functioning in Bromelain from Pineapple Juice

Healthcare Research

Healthcare Research. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

Week 3 Assignment: Literature Review

This week, you will complete a literature review for your theoretical research study.

Choose one quantitative and one qualitative research study relevant to your final project.
Write a 1- to 2-page review of each article (2–4 pages total.)
In the introduction of the literature review, state and explain your research question.
In the body of the literature review, answer the following questions:

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the studies?
What are the threats to validity in the study (internal and/or external)?

In the discussion section of your literature review, determine which study type (quantitative or qualitative) works best for your final project and the research question you have chosen, based on the two articles you reviewed.

Resource: Writing a Literature Review
Your literature review must follow APA formatting and citation.

Your textbook may be used as a reference. The APA format for your text is as follows:

Jacobsen, K.H. (2017). Introduction to health research methods (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time) Points: 50
Healthcare Research