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An in depth look at the foreign policies of the European Union.

This paper is a discussion about the foreign policies of the European Union. The author goes into detail about the types of relations amongst the nations in the union, the type of stance the union has and the different principles that it upholds.
“The emergence of global and regional crises and other similar challenges, including developments in the territories of the European Union have increased the demand on the EU to focus on its foreign policies and give them more significance. The European Union as a single economic block has considerable impact on the world markets and is of significant importance to other non EU states. The main reason for the increase in demand for a more focused foreign policy is the rise in expectation from other countries. To address this need the Treaty of Amsterdam was signed hence providing new strategies to bring further improve the effectiveness of the EU foreign policy. This treaty was implemented on the 1st may 1999. the plan to improve the external policies of the EU does include Common Foreign and Security policy. The actual implementation of the common foreign and security policy was implemented in 1993 through a statute called the Maastricht treaty. This accord addressed the issue of a common foreign and security policy using the frame work of a single institution.”

Write your final StrengthsQuest

Write your final StrengthsQuest reflection paper in response to the following five (5) areas:
State Your Personal Mission or Vision: This statement is usually no more than one or two sentences. It captures the essence of both who you are and what you want to do. If you are not sure, then discuss what could possibly be your personal mission/vision at this time and what you plan to do to discover your career calling.
My Strengths: What are your five (5) SQ themes? How might you transform these SQ themes to strengths?
Research a Career: Investigate the information about the careers or career you are considering or have selected. It is extremely important to learn as much as possible about the career or careers you are considering before you make a final decision. Study the industry, profession, and labor market. The Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is an excellent source for the US marketplace. Include the following in this section from your research:
Skills and abilities required
Education required; licensing required
Tasks required and/or any physical demands
Work environment (will you work with a team or work alone, etc.?)
Salary range (what is a typical starting salary and what is the highest salary depending on experience?)
National job outlook (will there be a demand for the career you are considering when you graduate? If not, what options do you have? What are other related careers that you may consider, if they seem to be in demand?)
Are there any professional associations you can contact for membership or newsletters about the profession to keep you informed?
You can gather supporting information needed for this section through the Rockford University Career Center, various online resources, or by conducting an informational interview. If you choose an informational interview, it should be with a professional in the field that you are considering. Lastly, in the paper, comment on where you obtained your information from.
Preparation for My Career: What will you do to obtain related work experience in preparation for this career, such as an internship, part-time job, volunteer work, informational interview, and/or job shadowing? What skills will you need to develop that employers are seeking? You may want to visit Career Services at Rockford University for assistance.
Conclusion: Sum up the previous sections in a compelling way that lets the reader know that you understand yourself and what it might take to be successful in your chosen field.
Remember we have already been thinking about this in class. The task is now to write cohesively about that career, you, and your strengths.My name is Thamer. My major is Nursing.
The five StrengthsQuest
1. Communication
2. Responsibility
3. Positivity
4. Includer
5. Woo