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Ethnic Studies Question

Prompt: Our course in the first half of the semester covered four (4) different lens/theories/perspectives/frameworks/paradigm to understand inequality along social categorical lines. The theories provided us ideas of how society is organized/structured around lineages of power. For example, if one is looking at American society from a “racial lens” one could see how advantages are awarded to communities across “racial lines” and how race structures social relationships (power dynamics) in the U.S. by race.
Essay Question: Using one of the following frameworks–“racial theory” or “ethnicity paradigm,” answer the following question: What does it mean to be an “American?”

Answering the question and attempting the exam.Argument is clear, logical, coherent, and free of grammatical errors, and NOT a summary of the readings or the modules (10 pts.)
Provides a definition of race or ethnicity (10 pts.)
Draws from personal experiences (10 pts.)
Identifies a minimum of three (3) points for what it means to be an American (30 pts.)
Minimum of eight (8) paragraphs [5 sentences/paragraph]Minimum of four (4) Citations/Evidence drawn from modules 1-7. Your minimum of four (4) citations must include three (3) content/readings and one (1) from films/documentary. Use MLA or APA citation style OR cite the module number. Outside sources are accepted but do not count towards this requirement.