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Ethics wk 4

Ethics wk 4. I need support with this Philosophy question so I can learn better.

Module 4:Utilitarianism Part 1
7.1Read this section to give you historical background to utilitarianism
8.1The Classical Version of the Theory
Utilitarianism:We should always act in such a way to promote the greatest balance of pleasure minus pain for all sentient beings affected by our actions.
A point about sentience: A sentient being is one capable of experiencing pain or pleasure.It is very common to portray utilitarianism as telling us to promote the greatest happiness/pleasure for the greatest number of people, as Rachels sometimes does.But that would misrepresent both Bentham and Mill.Consider, then, the following question:
According to Utilitarianism, we should always act in such a way to promote the greatest balance of pleasure minus pain for all and only people.a. True b. False
The answer is b. False.This should become clearer in Module 6 when we consider whether we have obligations to non-human animals.
Rachel summarizes utilitarianism in three propositions.The remainder of the chapter examines, explains, criticizes, and defends them.
By the end of the module, you should be able to state the definition of utilitarianism, explain Rachels three propositions of utilitarianism, and know the main problems with them and the utilitarian responses to them.
8.2Is Pleasure All That Matters?
The view that pleasure is the only thing valuable in itself (pleasure alone is intrinsically valuable) is called “hedonism”
You should read this section and then read the Nozick piece in The Right Thing.
Does Rachels’ discussion in 8.2 and Nozick’s discussion convince you that hedonism cannot be true?
8.3Are Consequences All That Matter?
The three criticisms discussed in this section (justice, rights, and backward-looking reasons) are thought to be the most serious objections to utilitarianism.You should be able to explain how the utilitarian standard is supposed to conflict with important beliefs we have about justice and rights and to explain why it cannot recognize the importance of backward-looking reasons.Later in the chapter we’ll see utilitarian responses to these charges.
Backward-looking reasons
8.4Should We Be Equally Concerned For Everyone?
This objection is raised against proposition c:each person’s happiness counts the same. . .Rachels quotes Mill as saying that this requires we must be “strictly impartial as a disinterested and benevolent spectator”
Is such strict impartiality a good thing or a bad thing morally?
8.5The Defense of Utilitarianism
We are now going to add another level of complexity to the discussion.Don’t lose track of where we are.We are considering the utilitarian standard of morality that says we should always act in such a way to promote the greatest balance of pleasure minus pain for all sentient beings affected by our actions.In 8.2-8.4 we considered objections to the utilitarian standard.In 8.5, Rachels presents important utilitarian responses to three important objections followed by three responses.The defenses are defensive strategies designed to show that the objections to utilitarianism fail.The three responses are offensive strategies designed to present positive considerations in favor of utilitarianism.
First Defense:Denying That the Consequences Would Be Good
Second Defense:The Principle of Utility Is a Guide for Choosing Rules, Not Acts
This point will come up again in Module 5, so you should make sure you understand it.
Third Defense:Common Sense Is Wrong
First Response:All Values Have A Utilitarian Basis
Second Response:Our Gut Reactions Can’t Be Trusted
The Third Response:We Should Focus On All the Consequences
8.6Concluding Thoughts
Utilitarianism has some serious problems, but some have found the defenses satisfactory and the responses compelling.Do you?Choose one and explain your reasons.
Ethics wk 4

NSG 482 University of Phoenix Tarrant County Disaster PPT

NSG 482 University of Phoenix Tarrant County Disaster PPT.

NSG/482 Promoting Healthy Communities: Disaster ResponseEvaluate your community or state disaster response plan. Ensure you:Identify nursing roles and responsibilities during each phase of disaster management. Consider:PlanningPreparednessResponseRecoveryEvaluate your community or state’s plan for preparedness and disaster management:Does it include provisions for each phase of preparedness and disaster planning?Does it clearly account for community needs?Does the plan include evidence of thought beyond the written report?Is there evidence of a record-keeping system for resources, treatment, and identification of victims?Are there redundancies built into the plan if one option fails? Are backup plans in place?Analyze your community or state’s plan for addressing mass casualty situations.Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed and 1 evidence-based reference.Include APA-formatted citations and a references page.Format your assignment as a 7- to 10-slide presentationThe information should be based on information related to Tarrant County (Fort Worth, Tx).At least 50 words per slide.
NSG 482 University of Phoenix Tarrant County Disaster PPT

Harvard University The Clorox Company vs Ecolab Inc Analysis Paper

essay writer Harvard University The Clorox Company vs Ecolab Inc Analysis Paper.

For the assignment, students are required to obtain financial
statement data, calculate ratios, and perform a ratio analysis for The
Clorox Company (CLX) and Ecolab Inc. (ECL). It should be uploaded as a
word document on along with the EXCEL data and ratio calculations file.The
report should be typed (Times New Roman 12, double space), the tables
should be filled using Times New Roman 10. The report should have the
following parts A title page with the title, Term Project and the student name below it. The title page should also include The Clorox Company vs. Ecolab Inc: A Comparative Ratio AnalysisA
short history for each one of the companies (about one page) in your
own words. They should also include a description of their industry and
the economic outlook for the aforementioned. Student sources should be
the companies’ filings, reputable news sources. They should not include
blogs. Plagiarizing will result in a zero grade. The project
should include an in-depth comparative ratio analysis through time and
against the other company. The analysis should be based on the tables
and graphs (at least 2-3 additional pages. When students analyze the
ratios, they must explain to the reader the meaning of each ratio. They
should analyze the trend of each ratio through time for each company and
compare it to the trend of the other company’s corresponding ratio.
Include events in the history of a company or the the economy in general
that might explain why a ratio dropped or increased substantially and
perform this justification for all ratios: best sources, 10-K forms, or
Annual reports to shareholders or other filings by the companies.A summary of the two companies’ performance.The
two tables and the ratio graphs. Students have the option to include
the tables and graphs or portions of the tables within the analysis
section of the text.References (at least 10)- APA style of citation The projects will be graded according to the following weighting scheme 40 percent ratio accuracy40 percent in-depth ratio analysis20 percent language and professional appearance of the document Both
the word file and the excel file should be saved with the same name,
and that name should be your last name followed by the first letter of
your name.
Harvard University The Clorox Company vs Ecolab Inc Analysis Paper

The background of DTDC Worldwide Express

DTDC Worldwide Express is a domestic and international express distribution company in India, established in 1990 to cater to the international courier and cargo business. The company, popularly known by its acronym DTDC, has enjoyed strong growth from its inception. DTDC, India’s largest domestic delivery network company, delivers 10 million parcels a month, 3700 locations in India, 240 international destinations, with over 13000 people and 16 years in business. DTDC offers low prices for large parcels to India, USA, UK or any other destination worldwide. From Leh, Kalimpong, 24 Parganas to Seatle and Tokyo, DTDC offers services arraying from Domestic Express, Domestic Air Cargo, and Domestic Ground Express to International Air Express, International Economy Express and many more services taking shape. DTDC also gives solutions to excess baggage. DTDC is most effective and price friendly courier company. DTDC delivers to the remotest places in India with the help of 4000 business partners spread across the length and breadth of India. The company is managed from its corporate head office at Bangalore. DTDC has national network through its regional Offices, located at Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Nagpur, Cochin and Pune. 1.1 OPERATION OF DTDC FRANCHISE DTDC franchise was incorporated under the name Courier

George Mason University COVID 19 and Reopening of Businesses Paper

George Mason University COVID 19 and Reopening of Businesses Paper.

You are the Legal Councel. What are the Reccomeneded Practices and Guidelines forWorkplaces to open during Covid-19 In the USA . Write an essay of 3 single spaced pages.Mention all the points below while elaborating on each point plus add additional reccomendationsActively Encourage Sick Employees to Stay HomeEducate employees on what they should be doing and Encourage employees to wear face masksHow to act with employees who commute and take public transportation ….Separate Sick EmployeesAdvise Employees Traveling to Take Certain Steps Before TravelingReconfiguring the workplace to allow people to spread outConduct a hazard assessment for covid transmission in the workplacePerform a detailed risk assessment and create a site-specific protection planTrain employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19. This includes how to screen themselves for symptoms and when to stay home.Set up individual control measures and screeningsPut disinfection protocols in placeEstablish physical distancing guidelines, It’s important that employees with COVID-19 know they should stay home. Your sick leave policies will need to support that : Sick leave for emloyees and workers compensation for covid 19Also important to talk about employees who are not sick but have a relative with covid that need to take care ofFurloughsImproving the building ventilating systemAdditional measures : additional reccomendationsThese are the websites for the research , please use them and reference them in APA format
George Mason University COVID 19 and Reopening of Businesses Paper