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Ethics and Healthcare Reform

Link: Thursday Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Do you believe there is a failure or success of capitalism in healthcare?Support your position by citing minimum of two professional or peer-reviewed literature references.

: business

: business.

A detail statement of the problem that you would like to investigate.

Research aim, objectives and research questions: What are the potential research objectives and

questions that can address the problem?

Justification and potential output of the research project: Why is your chosen project important both

theoretically and practically? What are the potential outputs and outcomes of your research?

Conceptual framework: An analysis of the literature relevant to the research topic that will give you

the conceptual basis for conducting this research.

Methodology: Based on the conceptual framework, research aim(s) and objectives, you need to

provide a detail description of the data collection methods and tools, data sources and the

methods/tools that you will use to analyse the data.

Organisation of the study, project budget and schedule: Write the names of the chapters/sections of

your research report, and briefly discuss what you will write in those chapters/sections followed by a

brief description of budget for conducting this study and project schedule i.e., Gantt Chart.

This is an individual research task. You are required to demonstrate your understanding of the

relevant body of works to a real­life business research. We expect you to read and reflect on at least

twenty recent refereed journal articles on your topic supported by any other evidence or information

that can help refine the problem of your research, formulate conceptual framework and the methods

of data collection and analysis. You can write 3000 words maximum for this assignment. The cover

page and the list of references are not counted in the word limit

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Ethics and Healthcare Reform PLATO AND PHILOSOPHY.

 Assignment Overview What is justice? This meta-ethical question, asking about a moral concept, is the centerpiece of Plato’s most famous dialogue, The Republic. Unlike many of Plato’s short dialogues, this is a long book. We cannot even begin to attack it properly. However, we can carve out a nice piece that will help us to not only understand more about justice, but also about the nature of the Socratic style of argument. Socrates had a particular type of question and answer method for getting at Truth, which came to be known, not surprisingly, as the Socratic method. Teachers today, particularly in the United States, pride themselves on using the Socratic method. However, simply asking questions is not enough. Many think that if they don’t lecture, if they don’t just tell students what is what, and they ask questions, they are using the Socratic method. Not so. There is much more to it than that. Getting a better understanding of the Socratic method, the method that all philosophers use, and the one thing that binds all philosophers together, will be our task in this Case. Case Assignment In The Republic, we will be looking at the passage where Thrasymachus argues that Justice is whatever is in the interest of the stronger, in section 336b. • At what point do you think Socrates really starts to take control of the argument? Assignment Expectations Don’t give me a play-by-play statement, but rather try to find the point where the tide turns in Socrates’s favor. This is a judgment call. There is no right answer. I am not going to say, “No, the argument turned two Listen

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