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Essex County College Relationship Between Culture and Religion Questions

Essex County College Relationship Between Culture and Religion Questions.

In this Final Assignment, students will assume that YOU are the Chief Compliance Officer of a healthcare organization. You and your team were assigned the task of reviewing the proposed project for legal issues. You will prepare a comprehensive report to the Board of Directors addressing and analyzing the legal issues that will/may arise in implementing your project.
You should have 7-8 legal issues to discuss in your report. The project should deals directly with health care law and its impact on the health care delivery system from a variety of perspectives. The goal here is to apply the concepts of health care law to add another dimension to your project’s ability to contribute to high quality, effective, efficient, and accessible health care delivery. View your project through the lens of legal and regulatory considerations.
Remember the advice provided for the project.

Explain how the elements of healthcare law affect your project: what might need to change? What analyses might you need to do to provide a comprehensive view of the legal and regulatory aspects of your project? Include those analyses in your assignment.
Cite references and sources as appropriate. The narrative format should flow appropriately for the project.
Include an analysis of the viability of your project from a legal perspective.

The Summary Should Include of the appropriate law involved:

Federal statute,
Related federal regulation,
Interpretation of the regulation (government source or professional/academic expert analysis),
Identify and compare relevant state laws,
Court case or government advisory opinion, and
Ethical concern, ethical standard implicated and how/why.

Last important advice: Raise future questions or concerns. Recommend resources. Include a project bibliography.
Your final project should address the following legal questions.
1. What Confidentiality and HIPAA (security and privacy) issues are involved? What other patient’s rights are affected?
2. How can your project protect itself against litigation and other complaints? What prevention strategies should be employed?
3. What laws and entities govern your project? Are the laws statutes, court decisions or regulations? Are the laws federal or state or administrative laws? Is your project answerable to agencies that are federal or state or local or military? Remember to include references that make finding the laws easy for the reader.
Essex County College Relationship Between Culture and Religion Questions

Prominent Faults

Prominent Faults.

Research Assignment: Prominent FaultsFor this assignment, conduct some research on ONE of the prominent faults listed below. Submit a written report, a podcast, or a slideshow to describe the following about the fault you select:What type of fault it isA description of how rock bodies are moving at the fault planeThe tectonic setting most likely associated with your fault (convergent, divergent, transform)The type of stress rocks at a fault are under (tensional, compressional, etc.)Any major populated areas near your fault and whether or not earthquakes are likely to occur at the faultFaults to choose from: Wasatch Fault (Utah, U.S.A.) Alpine Fault (New Zealand) Keystone Fault (Nevada, U.S.A.)For more information on how this assignment will be graded, review the Research Assignment: Prominent Faults Rubric.
Prominent Faults

The Chronicle Gazette Term Paper

i need help writing an essay Introduction Over the years as technology has improved so has the various means and methods of communication. For example, the earliest form of communication utilized by what can be described as a “modern” society were letters that often took weeks or even months to reach their destination. This was followed by the development of the telegraph, which vastly improved the time in which messages were sent yet came at an equally vast cost. It was only through the development of the modern-day telephone and telephone networks that communication between individuals located hundreds if not thousands of miles away became more convenient and more popular. At the present, the internet has become one of the dominant means of communicating ideas wherein access to the latest styles, trends and events are quite literally at a person’s fingertips. There are millions of websites and blogs, billions of articles and trillions of data snippets all devoted to providing information to an average internet user. While such a development has greatly enhanced the means by which people obtain information this has as a result adversely impacted the hardcopy information industry. With more and more content being freely available online most individuals choose the convenience of the internet over the costs and inconvenience involved in having to buy a physical copy of information they can easily get through online digitized content. The reduction in the amount of subscribers to the Chronicle Gazette is a manifestation of this trend at work and is indicative of the fact that hardcopy versions of written content are increasingly being overlooked in favor of their much cheaper and far more accessible digital versions. For example, The advantage of eBooks over actual hardcopy books is the fact that supplies will never run out, they can be gained almost instantaneously, they are cheaper as compared to regular books and with the iPad’s large screen reading them has never been easier. It must be noted that the use of eBooks has as of late been gaining rapid popularity with various book publishers opting to place a large percentage of their current lineup of books in eBook formats. This has resulted in a sudden surge in eBook readers being available in the market today, such as’s Kindle eBook reader. While it may be true that the iPad and other eBook readers also have a far higher price tag as compared to buying a normal book at a department store, the fact is that such readers can hold hundreds if not thousands of eBooks within their hard drives with the user eventually making up the difference in the amount paid for such books through their far cheaper digital versions. Variations of this particular application of technology can be seen through the use of the New York Times of digitized version of its newspaper, which can be subscribed to by literally anybody can be accessed from anywhere around the world that has a working internet connection. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More When combining the trend in the digitization of books, magazines and newspapers as well as the increasingly prevalent use of the internet as a primary source of information and communication, it comes as no surprise that the subscriptions of the Chronicle Gazette are going down. Such a situation is not isolated to the case of the Chronicle Gazette alone but is actually endemic within the newspaper publishing industry as a whole with many local newspapers closing down due to lack of subscribers. Based on what has been presented in this so it can be seen that with advances in technology comes the potential for advances in communication as well. Unfortunately such advances could adversely impact industries that have entrenched themselves so much into a particular way of operations that they are unable to deal with these subsequent changes in their business environment and wind up closing down. As such, this paper will examine the various processes, operational strategies and possible methods of restructuring that will be necessary in order to resolve the current problems of the Chronicle Gazette. It is expected that by the end of this report and effective strategy plan could be developed that would result in the reinvigoration of the company’s aging business model. Recommended Operational Strategy Developing New Business – Innovation and Application Thamhain (2005) indicates that research and development into new ways of producing and utilizing technology is one of the practices most often seen in technology-intensive enterprises (Thamhain, 2005). This is due to the fact that technology has as of late been under a constantly accelerating level development and as a result has enabled new players to enter into markets whereas in the past distinct barriers to proper entry would have been present (Thamhain, 2005). As such failure to sufficiently innovate along with new technological trends and products can be thought of as a failure on the part of the managerial practices at a company since being able to anticipate trends and use them to either reach greater market penetration or keep the company relevant to consumers is a necessity in today’s technology-intensive market economy. One way of seeing this particular concept in action is to examine the case of Netflix and Blockbuster in order to see an example of the effect of proper/ improper managerial practices in dealing with new trends and how it impacts the consumer market share of a company. From the early to late 1990s Blockbuster was a dominant force in the video rental industry with 3,645 stores across the U.S. and a market share of 90% of the industry it was in. We will write a custom Term Paper on The Chronicle Gazette specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Unfortunately, while the Blockbuster business model was successful for several years the fact remains that aside from adding video game rentals to its product lineup the company never truly innovated its business model especially when taking into consideration the growing move towards widespread internet usage within domestic households within the U.S. which were the primary consumer segment of Blockbuster. By the mid 2000s a new company, Netflix, entered into video rental scene wherein through the use of an online website for video rentals and a mailing system where consumers could have DVDs delivered to their doorstep and deposit the envelopes that came with the DVDs in order to return the rented videos back to the company resulted in a widespread shift from Blockbuster to Netflix patronage especially when taking into consideration the cheaper prices Netflix offered due to lower operating costs. The Netflix business model was faster, more efficient, utilized fewer resources and was more convenient for consumers. In other words the management practices implemented by Netflix is in accordance with what Thamhain (2005) states as technology-intensive enterprises utilizing performance initiatives that place an emphasis on doing things faster, better and with fewer resources. Looking at the case of Blockbuster, it can be seen that not only did they not even attempt to change their business model, but they never even thought to take into account the entry of new players into the market that may affect their dominant position. As stated earlier due to the rapid rate of technological development the entry of new companies into a variety of markets is easier than ever before. By not taking such factors into consideration Blockbuster lost its dominant position over a period of six years as evidenced by its plummeting stock value, lower consumer patronage and the fact that it had to close thousands of stores due to operating costs and the fact that few consumers were even going to them. It is based on this that it can be seen that the development of new business approaches based on current trends in technology as well as innovating current business practices to take into account new consumer trends that have developed as a result of technological innovation as well is an important practice that technology-intensive enterprises should do in order to continue to stay relevant otherwise they may fall into the same predicament as Blockbuster. It is based on this that the Chronicle Gazette needs to be able to sufficiently innovate its business model in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape that a technology-oriented enterprise finds itself in. It is in this regard that the company needs to perform the following actions: Reevaluate its current business model. Recreate its current product to match the demands of modern-day consumers. Focus on new technology-oriented trends in publishing. Develop a means of distribution that utilizes new innovative technological products. Create information systems in order to keep pace with the rapid development of news and information that is present on the internet today. Reevaluating the Current Business Model When examining the case of the Chronicle Gazette based on the information that has been presented so far it can be seen that its current business model does not keep pace with changes in its consumer environment. As of late, with the current proliferation of online internet usage and the current predilection of users in preferring to consume digitized content instead of printed material, this shows that the current business model of the Chronicle Gazette will not be able to survive in the next few years. Not sure if you can write a paper on The Chronicle Gazette by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Taking into consideration the fact that consumers prefer digital content, the Chronicle Gazette can thus shift its focus from exclusively providing printed newspapers to providing copies digitized copies of its newspapers to a global audience through subscription-based services that can be implemented through the Apple App Store or through Shifting to New Consumer Markets One of the main issues that the Chronicle Gazette has sufficiently failed to address is to expand into new consumer markets. With the advent of the internet and the popularity of digitized content this has enabled publishing companies to reach consumers as far away as Europe and Asia without having to spend significant amounts of money in either arranging for overnight shipping of newspapers or hiring a locally based firm to print and distribute the needed materials. This was seen in the case of the New York Times, which publishes an online digitized version of its newspaper to a global audience via a monthly subscription fee (Flavián

MGT 526 University of Phoenix Technological Changes Discussions Responses

MGT 526 University of Phoenix Technological Changes Discussions Responses.

Respond to peers in 175 words or moreResponse 1:There are both advantages and disadvantage in technological change. It really depends on the type of industry. For instance, traditional landline companies had experienced negative impacts from advancing IT. When the internet dominants the market with their network by providing better and more efficient products. Consequently, they are able to partner with bigger companies like Apple and phone carriers, this put the traditional landline phone service companies out of the market (George & Jones, 2020). For the company that I’m currently working for, technological change for the most part has influenced our company positively. We are able to adapt into more efficient applications and software. Our firm is able to use information technology (IT) to organize and sustain our data base. We use Saleforce as our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. We use Skedulo as our management insight, where employees can view and manage their work schedule and other communication. We use an application called Workday for our timecards. This application allow employees and managers to track payroll. These are just a few main applications we use on our daily-basis from the sales department.Reference:George, J, M. & Jones, G, R. (2020). Contemporary Management. Mc Graw-Hills Education.….Response 2:Hello Class,I am focused on the multi dwelling unit space or residential apartments. Some of the demographic impacts that we have considered especial during the current pandemic is keeping America connected as well as how do we provide services to our low-income families. According to Pew Research Center “Roughly three-in-ten adults with household incomes below $30,000 a year (29%) don’t own a smartphone. More than four-in-ten don’t have home broadband services (44%) or a traditional computer “. This has become a very large issue as many schools have moved to remote learning or some variation of that. Knowing this some of the advantages of working for Xfinity is we have a low-income product that we have been able to leverage for these affected demographics. furthermore, we have increased speeds knowing that many of these students need 25mbps of speed to stream video service in a class setting. I also believe that without technology many more people would have lost jobs and the ability to bring an income in for there family. According to “technology on work, both in manufacturing and in communication, has exponentially increased the rate of production and speed at which business occurs.Reference Anderson, M. (2019). Digital divide persists even as lower-income Americans make gains in tech adoption. Does Technology Affect the Work Environment Today?(2019).
MGT 526 University of Phoenix Technological Changes Discussions Responses

BUSI 3004 WU Wk 3 Relationships in Marketing & Financial Plans Discussion

BUSI 3004 WU Wk 3 Relationships in Marketing & Financial Plans Discussion.

Discussion – Week 3 Business Planning It is important that entrepreneurs investigate all the components of the business plan as they begin planning for a new venture. This requires studying the relationship among the marketing, operational, and financial plans and how they will be affected by this new product or service. Based on your reading for this week: What is the relationship among the marketing, operational, and financial plans? How can you ensure that they are accurately aligned? With these thoughts in mind: No less than 200 words: Write a 3 – 4 paragraph that explains the relationship among the marketing, operational, and financial plans emphasizing their accurate alignment. Please read and view this week’s Learning Resources before you complete the Discussion. Reading Course Text: Hisrich, R.D., Peters, M.P., & Shepherd, D.A. (2020). Entrepreneurship (11th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin. Chapter 8, “The Marketing Plan” In this chapter, you will be introduced to the concept of developing a marketing plan. You will investigate the necessity of conducting research through industry and competitive analysis to effectively market the product being produced. You will follow the steps to preparing the marketing plan and generate ideas for creatively marketing a product. Focus on the definitions provided throughout the chapter. Review and think about the examples and anecdotes provided in the chapter that illustrate the major ideas being conveyed. Think about clever marketing strategies that have caught your attention in the past. What makes them stand out in your mind, and how could you generate this creativity for another venture?Chapter 9, “The Organizational Plan” In this chapter, you will learn about the importance of a strong management team when developing a new venture. Although the idea for a new venture may be held by one individual, preparing a team to launch the venture is necessary to its success. You will learn how the informal organizational plan is as important as the formal one. Finally, you will see how a board of directors or advisors can lend an objective eye and support a management team. Focus on the definitions provided throughout the chapter. Review and think about the examples and anecdotes provided in the chapter that illustrate the major ideas being conveyed. Consider your past experiences in working or playing with a team. Generally, are you more successful when working as a part of a team or individually? Chapter 10, “The Financial Plan” In this chapter, you will examine the importance of creating budgets and generating accurate cash flow, and the sources and uses of fund statements. Balanced budgets can either make or break an organization. You will learn how positive profits can lead to negative cash flow as you investigate solutions to this type of situation. When studying the financial viability of an organization, you must look at the break-even point to decide cost values for the product. Lastly, you will look at software packages that can ease the stress of creating the necessary financial documents. Focus on the definitions provided throughout the chapter. Review and think about the examples and anecdotes provided in the chapter that illustrate the major ideas being conveyed. Consider your own financial budget or need for one. How does this budget drive your spending and saving habits?
BUSI 3004 WU Wk 3 Relationships in Marketing & Financial Plans Discussion