Essential time management tips for students

Time is very precious when doing a task or work. Every work has deadlines and we are responsible to finish the work within assigned time limit. Generally all kinds of people postpone their works to at end of deadline. But at last stage of deadline they do their work with more stress and anxiety. If you start a work or task, you should have a right plan to do the task without time losing. Everybody blame their self if they can’t finish the work. If the time gone, we can’t generate it again because it gone and it become past. So time and timing is very essential when doing a task. Here discussing about the anxieties of students based on time. Most of the students don’t complete their task on time. Everybody knows academic marks or grade are based on their works or tasks. Generally students are saying, assigned task is tough and it needs more time. But you didn’t understand one important thing, teachers are finalizing deadline after studies and calculations. They know every student’s skills and capabilities based on the works, so that you can’t blame your teacher based on deadline problems. Here the problem is your approach and problem and time handling methods. If you spend your time with proper ways you can easily attain the deadline. Know some tips to handle and save your time. If you get knowledge about time management system, you can do any work within time limit. Learn how to plan and make time management system for your all activities. This way you will get more time to focus difficult problems.

List your all activities
Initially you have to write down your all activities in a day. Through listing process, you can analysis daily activities. Listing is not an easy task. A to Z activities must include in your list. Start with morning session (wake up time).

Make a plan or time management system
Second stage is making of time management system. Give more importance for studies and homework. You must have a vision before developing plan. Every student is very backward in at least one subject. So we should give more preference to those kinds of task. Also consider your skill and knowledge level when developing the plan. You can select a calendar for your time management system. We can’t do all task and we can’t study all subject in a single day. So you should divide the time in a week base for your subject, task, and extracurricular activities. If you are considering week system for planning, you can equally divide the time without any confusion. Also it will more effectible to do your task quickly.

Avoid disturbing elements in your study room
Concentration is very important when doing an activity or work. Our mobile phones, television, music instruments, and playing equipments are disturbing elements in your study room. Mostly students are using mobile phone they get free time. Please imagine, if you are studying a subject very seriously at that time a call or message come your concentration will break and don’t get a continuity and attention to start again. So you must avoid these disturbing factors in your rooms.

Be honest yourself and dedication
You must show interest to follow your time table. Many students don’t follow the time table after creation. You must respect yourself. If you are show lazy on works, you can’t get more time to finish the task and at last you will be fall into more stress. So you must be honest yourself. Don’t lose your self-confidence when doing an error. If you have passion on it, you can do all tasks without any stress. The mental strength is very important when approaching and doing a task.

Time table for extracurricular activities and exercise
Don’t mix up with your study time table with this time table. Normally all are keeping the time for exercise and other activities at morning or evening time. The exercise is help to mental and physical strength. When you are spending time for it, these all will help to reduce your stress and depression mind. So follow the above tips for use your time for effectively.