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Essay/ “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” by Hillary Rodham Clinton (1995)

My professor had some notes to say about my thesis statement, “ The assignment asked for a one or two sentence thesis statement. To me, this reads most as the thesis statement: “The speaker’s main message corresponds to the name of the speech – “woman’s rights are human rights” – and is bolstered and presented through the rhetorical techniques of pathos and repetition.” This is an effective thesis. My main suggestion would be to distinguish between the rhetorical strategy of repetition and the rhetorical appeal of pathos. Pathos isn’t so much a technique as a means of persuasion whereas repetition is a rhetorical technique. Are you saying the rhetorical technique of repetition is a way in which Clinton facilitates an emotional appeal? It sounds more like you are planning on addressing repetition and pathos as two separate things, so make that more clear in the thesis. Skimming your paper, I’d also suggest that you write a bit more on the technique of repetition. It reads like she only does it once which probably wouldn’t constitute enough to incorporate into an analysis.”

Marketing Question

Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes:
After completion of Assignment-1 students will able to understand the
LO 1.1: State the concept of management functions, roles, skills of a manager and the different theories of management.
Please read the case “Fast Fashion – Was Forever 21 Fast Enough?” given on Page number 42, Chapter 1– “The Exceptional Manager” available in your textbook/e-textbook “Management: A Practical Introduction” 10th edition by Angelo Kinicki,

Christian Science

Essay/ “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” by Hillary Rodham Clinton (1995) Christian Science.

1.       Double-space with 12 size Times New Roman font.

2.       Use in-text parenthetical citations for quotes or simply cite the online resource material that you used.

3.       Topic: Christian Science  

4.       Write a 3 page paper on

-the movements founder,

-polity (how it is governed)

-theology (beliefs)

-and whether it is a ‘winner’ or ‘loser’–growing or dying.  





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Mind Mapping tool Exericse

Present your thesis topic using visual “mind mapping” or other tools, such as Prezi, to explain how your research will address the issue or problem that you have identified. Presenting your topic visually will assist you in developing your thesis outline and the direction of your research. Your visual presentation should provide an initial map of your research from beginning to end and what conclusions you hope to draw from your research. Your visual map will also be critical in developing your Thesis Proposal due in Week #3. Please submit a copy of your mind map here. Note: I have attached my Week 1 Weekly Progress Note for reference as to what my thesis proposal topic is about.

How to Mind Map your Thesis (Links to an external site.)
Mind Map Your Dissertation or Publish (Links to an external site.)
Top 13 Free Mind Mapping Software Tools

Digital Divide

Digital Divide.

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What is the digital divide, and how does it influence the relationship between global and local cultures? Focus your essay around a particular example of digital division and its impact upon global/local cultures.

-Focus the essay around a particular element of cyber-culture discourse and/or a particular case study which illuminates the nexus between the internet, globalization, and local cultures.

The essay must be structured around a precise, carefully considered argument developed in response to the chosen question.

-Ensure that your essay does not draw on broad generalizations, anecdotal evidence, or “common sense” assumptions about the internet and its influence on contemporary culture. Aim instead to clearly position your specific argument within the relevant scholarly discourse. In addition to being well-supported by research, theoretical concepts, and/or consideration of a relevant case study (depending on your chosen question and approach), your essay should engage with relevant scholarly debates about the liberating or oppressive potentials of the internet – think of your essay as your original contribution to such debates.

Lastly, need to have an example of a digital division and its impact upon global/local cultures. Perhaps a case study.

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Policy Decision Memo- Prison Overcrowding

Policy Decision Memo- Prison Overcrowding.

Topic Policy Decision Memo- Prison Overcrowding

Paper details

Write this assignment as a memorandum. Subject-Prison Overcrowding. The outline for the policy decision memo is on the next page. References and in-text citations: Provide at least five references from at least three different, balanced sources (such as peer-reviewed journals, books, book chapters, government publications, research reports, etc.); Make sure the in-text citations match the references; Use APA properly for the in-text citations and references. The memo is approximately one to two pages long (single-spaced, excluding the references), and should be typed, edited, and proofed (using Times New Roman point-12 and with one-inch margin on all sides). This assignment should be saved in MS Word.

Outline for the policy decision memo: To: Name and title (of a real decision maker in a relevant organizational position) From: Your name and title Date: RE: The subject should serve as the functional title of your memo. The memorandum should include the following sections: Executive Summary: The executive summary allows decision makers to overview the memo quickly. The executive summary is one paragraph. It contains all vital information and should be clear and concise. Background and Problem Definition: This section brings decision makers up to speed about the problem. This section consists of two paragraphs. The first paragraph provides relevant and precise background information about the problem. The second paragraph starts with a clear, brief statement of the problem, followed by evidence to support the problem statement and a brief discussion of its implications. Alternatives: This section provides decision makers clear, distinct, and specific alternatives (or options) to consider in addressing the problem mentioned in the previous section. Include two to three alternatives and discuss them using two to three criteria. Have one paragraph for one alternative. Recommendation: Based on the analysis in the previous section, you will make a recommendation to the decision maker in this section. Have one paragraph for this section in which you state clearly your recommendation and provide the rationale for the recommendation.

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Govt 2305.Final project.

Current event paper/PowerPoint= 150pts – Each student will write a two-page minimum current event paperworth 100 points and create a PowerPoint worth 50points (7 ppt slide minimum). Please write three questionsabout your current event (please insert questions on the work cited page when submitting your paper and on thelast slide of the power-point). Your three questions should cover your paper topic. After reading your paper,what should your reader know? The paper and power-point are due during week 6 (Please see the courseorganizer/ accessibility sheet located within the “Start Here Tab” for the due date.)Paper Instructions: Please select any national or local political event (The topic covered must be connected toThe United States Federal government in some way); explain who, what, when, where, how, and why. Includehow one could alter the outcome of this event if handle differently, or why you believe the outcome was thebest solution given. Explain your policy or event thoroughly, provide relevant examples. The event cannot bemore than four years old, i.e. 2018. (The paper must be typed, double-spaced with 12-pt font and at leasttwo full pages. Please include a work cited page separately. Please create an error free PowerPointpresentation over your current event (you must insert pictures, written explanations and at least onevideo link). This is an online course, your PowerPoint will take the place of an in-class presentation. Imaginethat you are giving a presentation to the class. Insert key points, ideas, and relevant examples in yourPowerPoint presentation over the topic selected. You will submit both documents under the current event linklocated in the “Lessons” module. Please submit the paper and PowerPoint in Canvas under the (Lessonmodule) please click current event submission link. Here I will check for plagiarism. No more than ten words inall quotes, I will only accept papers with 15% or less (I will not count off if you have more than 15% because ofyour work cited page)! Please use safe assignment to see what percent of your paper includes quotes. (To seethe percentage, please submit your paper. The percentage will appear shortly afterwards. You can submit yourpaper multiple times before the deadline. Please feel free to edit your paper if needed.)
Paper Introduction:
Introduction Sentence: In Texas today, gun control has dominated conversations between the two major parties.
Introduce your topic
Explain its importance
Body Paragraphs: Explain topic/ policy
Explain policy/ event- Ex. Gun control laws in Texas or U.S/ college campuses/ teacher involvement
When was it introduced/ when did it occur
Why was it needed/ why did this occur
Who benefits/ who was affected
Other relevant events/policies
Who will pay for this?
Your thoughts on the topic
What you believe should occur
Summarize your findings/ Explain how it affects Texas/US
Work cited page: List your sources: (No wiki)
The paper has a two-page minimum requirement

Mediation Quarrels

Mediation Quarrels.

Mediation Quarrels 

Suppose that you are the HR manager for a company. The judge in a current law suit by a former employee has ordered mandatory pre-suit mediation. Your boss is unfamiliar with mediation and she asks you to advise her as to several issues regarding the upcoming mediation. Draft a memo thoroughly discussing, at minimum, the following questions: 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mediation? Is it likely to be successful? Is it likely to make the parties more or less hostile toward one another? How do the costs in terms of time and money compare with litigation? 2. If your boss has no interest in mediation, does she really have to be there? Can she send her attorney instead? If so, are there any conflicts of interest with respect to attorney advocate representation of which she should be aware? 3. Must the company actually participate in the mediation? Can your boss (or her attorney) just sit there and refuse to speak? 4. If your boss (or her attorney) does decide to engage in dialogue during the mediation, what are the risks concerning information that might be disclosed? If the mediation fails, can the former employee use such information at trial?

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HRM Strategic Plan: Workforce Planning and Retention Strategies

HRM Strategic Plan: Workforce Planning and Retention Strategies.

HRM Strategic Plan: Workforce Planning and Retention Strategies

Objective: To understand the role that Human Resources strategic planning has in contributing to the success of a hotel. In addition, to promote essential teamwork and collaboration skills that will prepare you for a diverse and fast-paced hospitality industry work environment. Project Description: Each team will create a strategic plan for a fictional mid-sized resort, with one 3 meal restaurant and a fine dining restaurant, located in South Florida. You will create a recruiting, selecting, training, and retaining strategic plan for a randomly chosen pre-assigned position in the resort that is in alignment with the resort’s mission and core values. Your strategic plan must include the following elements: 1. Build your hotel Select a name, identify the number of rooms, service level (Full-Service Vs. Limited-Service) and specific location. MUST explain how these factors shape your overall workforce recruiting strategy. Create a hotel’s mission, vision, and at least 5 core values. Must explain how these will impact your workforce planning strategy. 2. Talent Acquisition Job Analysis Explain how job analysis benefits the employees, and how does it benefit the organization What knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) needed for the position? Create a job description and a list duties, responsibilities, education and experience. Must be presented in a job description template Recruiting and Selections What recruiting, and selection techniques do you propose? What are the legal considerations when recruiting and selecting a candidate for this position? Create 5 interview questions (situational, behavioral or both) that will help you select the ideal candidate. Explain why you think these questions will give you the necessary insight to select your candidate. 3. Training and Development An onboarding checklist – Explain in detail and describe the impact in the success of the position. What Internal and External Trainings are vital in the success of this position? Explain why. How long will the initial training period be? 4. Benefits and Compensation What is the hourly rate or salary do you propose and how does this rate compare with the average salary in FL? What financial and budget considerations you need to make? Any indirect compensation? What legally required benefits, and traditional discretionary benefits does the resort offer (health insurance, PTO, employee meal disconts, etc.) What non- traditional and/ or life-work balance would you propose? How do your benefits and compensation differentiate you from your competitors? 5. Retention Strategies What performance appraisal do you recommend?

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Black youth culture: Critically examine the impact of political and social conditions on the emergence of ‘black youth culture’.

Black youth culture: Critically examine the impact of political and social conditions on the emergence of ‘black youth culture’..

Question: Critically examine the impact of political and social conditions on the emergence of ‘black youth culture’. Illustrate your answer with examples. It is 3000 words essay. 




On top of that, you have to provide an annotated bibliography, which is after each reference you have to provide 3 to 4 sentences why this journal article or book was important for me to include in my essay, what is the main point of the article. If it’s a book just specify what chapters were influential for me, how these chapters relate to ‘black youth culture’.  

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Geology 1305 Teamwork Project

Geology 1305 Teamwork Project.


Please follow rubric on 2 pg and Instructions on this page



 Rubric: the details for the grading rubric can be found on the rubric page below. There are 4 main areas that will be graded: Content, References, Comprehensiveness/Clarity, and Overall Presentation. Each individual will be responsible for each of these items for their presentation.


Group 7: Volcano = Mount Vesuvius, Italy


2. Eruption characteristics/Surrounding population

            a. Eruption History

                        1. Recent – Include pictures

                        2. Ancient

b. How many people are potentially threatened by an eruption of this volcano.

c. Eruption death toll- include graph

            1. Recent

            2. Ancient

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