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Essay topic: Sustainability in business- How can we better look for opportunities? This final essay assignment is designed to

Essay topic: Sustainability in business- How can we better look for opportunities?

This final essay assignment is designed to make you think about what we have covered in this course; to give you the opportunity to choose an aspect or aspects of the course that are of particular interest to you, and for you to use these as a basis for framing the title of your end-of-course essay.


Review the business topics that have been covered in this course. Choose one or a combination of those topics or a subject or subjects related to them and use this as the basis of your essay title.

Your essay title should pose a question or involve some form of analysis or explanatory process rather than simply giving an overview or summary of a subject.

Use around 1,000 – 1,500 words


1. Choice of subject including forming the essay title in line with this guidance – 0.5 point.

2. General style, presentation and flow, 1.5 points.

3. Explain how the topic or topics you have chosen are relevant to conducting a business in the 21st Century. Include examples of a practical nature such as how aspects of the topic or topics might affect how a business arranges its affairs or causes it to modify its course of business. (2 points)

4. Demonstrate reasoning behind any points you are seeking to make and give appropriate background facts, evidence or other substantiation. Your reasoning should be of use to a third-party reader who may be trying to gain an understanding of your chosen topic(s) while contemplating becoming involved in a business. (2.5 points)

5. Show how the topic(s) chosen may inter-relate with at least two other aspects/topics we have covered in this course with regard to establishing and carrying on a business.(2 points)

6. Provide a conclusion to your analysis or assessment or an answer to any question you posed in your title. (1.5 points)

EXAMPLES OF ESSAY TOPICS (If you have difficulty in forming your own topic you may use one of these but this may reduce your marks gained for Section (i).below. Using a reasonable variation of any of these example essay themes will not affect your marks under Section (i) below):

(a) ‘Understanding Some of the Main Factors to Consider when Establishing a New Business with Emphasis upon their Practical Implications ’.

(b) ‘A Business in Trouble – Considerations of resorting to Raising Finance, a Sale or Bankruptcy.’

(c) ‘ The Economic Cycle – Appropriate Considerations in Managing a Business’.