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Answer 2 questions in 450 words each. Please give complete answers that draw upon relevant parts of the texts from the course. (I provided the texts so be sure to use them. You are not allowed to use outside source) Be sure to consult the course readings when formulating your answer. For each question, reference specific things from the text that support your answer, and take care to answer each part of the question. Feel free to consult your discussion posts, but you are writing original answers here; make sure the answers don’t repeat discussion posts! A great answer will draw conclusions that demonstrate comprehension of the texts as well as original insight, clarity, and accuracy, both in the writing (spelling and grammar), and interpretation. Remember to work independently. When you are finishing up check: Did you answer 2 questions in 450 words each? Did you answer each part of each question? Did you draw upon the readings, and reference the relevant sections of the text? Did you demonstrate original insight? Did you proofread and correct grammar and spelling?
Question 1: Discuss some of the ways that people use quantifiers like “all.” What are three examples of mistakes with understanding “all”? How can diagrams help us to visualize relationships like “All S are P.” Describe two types of diagrams that help with understanding quantification. How does familiarity help, in some cases, and hinder, in other cases, our understanding of “all”?
Question 2: What are some forms of logical proof? Give three examples of proofs and explain why they are convincing. What are the law of the excluded middle and the principle of non-contradiction? What is proof by contradiction. How is consistency important in proof? Why might it be easier to disprove than to prove things? Explain.
Please do not write a whole essay for this assignment. Separate your answer for part 1 and part 2.

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