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essay How have droughts affected areas in japan?”

i used  a lot of the  stuff from the sources provided  below,  however, i just  reworded directly  from the source, and it will get caught for plagiarism, so please do some research, and use my research as well, and write a essay about how droughts affect japan and how we about water sustainability and how to fix stuff?Issue/Claim:- The potential water resources have “decreased drastically during the past 40 years” (Kawamura

Music writing

The reports should be 350-400 words minimum and should include:
Please submit the report properly by clicking on the external tool button at the end of the page. Please do not submit .pdf or Apple (.pages) files.
Please do not attach your submission file in the Comment box. Please submit the report properly by clicking on the external tool button at the end of the page
You should write and submit a personal and unique description of the shown videos. Refrain from copying or paraphrasing your sources. By doing so, it will reflect in the Originality report inside of
You should describe your personal experience as you watch the videos.
Check the due date for this assignment. i wanted to introduce you to it, but consider doing it once you feel comfortable with the main elements of music. Kindly submit on time to avoid point deductions.
Please read the instructions below. You should complete every step in order to receive credit for this activity.
Hello dear class! Below is a link to a couple of videos which will make for one (1) Concert Attendance requirement. You can click on the link below or copy it and paste it in your browser. (Links to an external site.)
In these two videos, I want to present to you one of my most favorite and passionate conductors: Teodor Currentzis.
You will get an inside look into the mind of this conductor and how music within the orchestra is envisioned by him. Certainly, Teodor is a very eccentric and a truly unique individual, but I want you to understand how he is able to shape the artistic and architectural value of a piece by a having a precise vision on how to perform it. This is not a concert and indeed there is not much music in these two videos but you should see a great amount of preparation both musically and philosophically.
Your task is to comment on how your perception of music changed after you have watched both videos. The second video starts with a summary of the first one and on the 3:52 minute mark begins the second part.
Your report should include not less than 350-400 words and should reflect your new understanding of this vibrant and fresh interpretation of classical music. You are invited to view other videos in which Currentzis conducts full works of music to complement your report. This should be a discovery report and it would be lovely if you could reach a deeper meaning of music through the presentation of this video. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about this project. Once you finish Concert Attendance 1, then proceed to the next video-project (Second Concert Attendance ) which I hope you will enjoy as much as this one. I would love for you to indulge in watching these videos.

construct a concept map on the organization of skeletal muscles.

essay How have droughts affected areas in japan?” construct a concept map on the organization of skeletal muscles..

Using all of the terms listed below, construct a concept map on the organization of skeletal muscles.  The list below is unranked. 

Concept map general guidelines

Put each concept in a separate box.

Connect associated boxes with lines and include arrowheads on each connection to indicate the sequence order and/or causal relationship between the concepts.

If needed, insert a linking word or words over each connection to clearly indicate the relationship between the concepts in the two connected boxes.

Give your concept map a title.


List of Terms:

1.  Skeletal muscle (organ)

2.  Connective tissue (epimysium, perimysium, endomysium)

3.  Muscle fascicle

4.  Muscle fiber (cell)

5.  Blood vessels

6.  Nerves

7.  Sarcolemma (plasma membrane)

8.  T-tubules

9.  Sarcoplasm (cytoplasm)

10.  Multiple nuclei

11.  Sarcoplasmic reticulum (smooth endoplasmic reticulum)

12.  Myofibrils

13.  Mitochondria

14.  Glugogen granules

15.  Actin

16.  Myosin

17.  Tropomyosin

18.  Troponin

19.  Thin filaments

20.  Thick filaments

21.  Sarcomere

22.  Titin

23.  nebulin

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Essay for applaiyng to indpendet study class.

Essay for applaiyng to indpendet study class..

 This is a simple writing of adding an independent study class in department of communication. 1) The reason that encouraged student to apply for inpndelnt study in iced of communction and the impact on his life. 2) The expected research field of the inpndelnt study and its desired objectives

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“Practical Advancement of Multipollutant Scientific and Risk Assessment Approaches for Ambient Air Pollution.”

“Practical Advancement of Multipollutant Scientific and Risk Assessment Approaches for Ambient Air Pollution.”.

Risk Assessment Article Review Read the article “Practical Advancement of Multipollutant Scientific and Risk Assessment Approaches for Ambient Air Pollution,” and respond to the questions below. Johns, D. O., Stanek, L. W., Walker, K., Benromdhane, S., Hubbell, B., Ross, M., . . . Greenbaum, D. S. (2012). Practical advancement of multipollutant scientific and risk assessment approaches for ambient air pollution. Environmental Health Perspectives, 120(9), 1238–1242. Retrieved from After reading the article, write an article review that answers the following questions: ◾What is the authors’ main point? ◾Who is the authors’ intended audience? ◾How will a multipollutant approach provide a better assessment of the health impacts of air pollution? ◾What are the problems associated with evaluating the human health effects of multipollutant exposures? ◾What aspects of the article are related to hazard identification, dose-response assessment, and exposure assessment? Provide a two-sentence quote from the article and a three to four sentence explanation in your own words about how your quote shows how the article addressed that specific step of the risk assessment and its relationship to pollution regulation. Your article review must be at least two pages in length. All sources used, including the article, must be referenced in APA style. Title and reference pages do not count towards minimum page requirement

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