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Essay Describing An Individual From A Biopsychosocial Perspective

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp This essay will focus on an individual the writer has been involved in caring for during a community practice placement. It will give a brief and relevant history about the patient. It will describe the term ‘biopsychosocial’ and how it is related to holistic care with specific reference to Dementia. For the purpose of discussion, the essay will focus on an individual with early onset dementia and will discuss biopsychosocial factors affecting this client group and the prognosis of the condition. In line with Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC, 2008) confidentiality will be observed throughout this work. However for the facilitation of discussion, the client will assume the name Gonzo. It has been highlighted by Campbell and Rohrbaugh (2006) that the term biopsychosocial refers to the relationship amongst biological, psychological and social aspects of an individual. It is imperative to look at the patient as a whole when caring for patients as it entails embracing the spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs during assessments and treatment as they are necessary to all human beings as indicated by Clarke and Walsh (2009). Gonzo is a 64 year old male patient who was diagnosed in year 2000 with Alzheimer’s type Dementia (Young Onset) according to World Health Organisation (WHO, 2007). However his wife also reported that he had been presenting some of the symptoms about four years prior to his diagnosis and it is also around the time he had a cardiovascular accident on his right side which slightly affected movement of his right eye and speech. He had reported to his wife that his parents gave him away at a very young age thus leaving him growing up in an orphanage until the age of thirteen. He did very well at school and prior to him being diagnosed with this condition he had been running his own business. He had stated to his wife that he does not wish to end up in an institution. His wife finds it difficult to cope and feels he now needs a respite so she can have a break. Through reading his notes I found that due to the progression of his condition his wife started managing the finances of the business but he felt like she was taking over. Already he had started avoiding his friends and relatives. Furthermore he had held his wife tightly in an angry manner leaving her bruised which is something he had never done previously. At the moment he attends a day centre where he used to play table tennis when he first attended but now he cannot even raise the bat. However dementia is a condition due to disease of the brain cells usually of a long lasting or progressive nature. The brain changes by decreasing and shrinking showing that some of the nerves connection established early in life and die later in life (Norman I and Ryrie I, 2009). There are many types of dementia and manifestation of dementia can only be taken into account by the relationship between neurological impairment, physical health and social resources (Woods and Clare, 2008). Stroke is known to step up the risk of dementia and to advance the onset of degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s disease (Bridges J, 2005). Neurotransmitters’ activity in turn affects how the individual processes information in turn may affect behaviour as indicated by his physical aggression towards his wife. Health psychology deals with the physical health in association with the psychological health. When cognition has been affected it means the physical wellbeing will also suffer in the sense that people would end up not attending to their activities of daily living and eventually basic activities (Gross and Kinnison, 2007). It has been indicated that the declining of cognition maybe a precursor to people with dementia as they will come to experience changes in their cognition, language, behaviour and personality limiting their daily functioning (Warren M, 2008). Hence all the changes Gonzo has been exposed to make feelings of anxiety and frustrations worse. Woods (2007) indicated that people with early onset dementia are encouraged to face familiar immediate environment and building up of memory and maintaining cognitive functioning. Moving to a nursing home for respite would make it difficult for Gonzo to have social interaction with friends as some of them might have difficulties to visit mainly because of distance. Furthermore (Bercedis, 2008) stated that relocation and life events can lead to deterioration for people with dementia as this is associated with depressive or disturbed behavioral. However Mittelman et al, 2006, indicated that living at home has some positive advantages for the person with dementia yet a nursing home placement has been reported to create a more confused state. Although this would have a big impact on this client group their caregivers are also exposed to some stressful situations as they would be experiencing a loss. According to Perren et al (2006) states that where there is a loss or threat of resources stress occurs and may improve when there is a resource profit. Providing day care services for example a day centre would not only be including the patient but also taking some of the burden from the caregiver. Furthermore the psychiatric needs of patients with dementia not only do they affect the individual with the condition. They also affect the health and well being of their caregivers as well as all those in the household for they would be vulnerable to suffering from psychological burden because they would be providing constant care (Boustani et al, 2007). It is felt that there are several factors that affect people with different types of dementia. Woods and Clare (2007) highlighted that the sense of self is known to be threatened by the disintegration as a result from symptoms and loss of functioning, loss of social networks and reduced personal interactions. These early stages have been described to be very painful by Gonzo as he is aware of the painful changes (Balfour, 2006). For instance Gonzo has already started avoiding his friends and feels his wife is already taking control of his life. Woods and Clare (2007) went on to state that care and support can be drained from a psychosocial knowledge of the dementia process which entails. Whereas this would be including the holistic care that would meet all the needs of an individual. For example Gonzo had already expressed that he would not want to end his life in an institution but he had been lacking some of those social interactions other spending more time with his wife. Furthermore his wife would need a respite of which this would have been contradictory to his beliefs. According to Woods and Clare (2007) the progression of dementia has major impact on relationships and a sense of loss regarding the future as people would no longer be able to do things together like they used to in the past. However Jacoby stated that the risk of dementia progression increases as people get older with increasing social isolation and minimum contact with friends and relatives. The writer feels this would have an impact on Gonzo as he still has slight insight of his illness because of the connotations linked to the most developed stage of this condition. The stigma attached to the term dementia leaves patients with this diagnosis being seen as no longer having any psychological needs leading on to patients using behaviour to communicate unmet needs. Sociology is the understanding of the world we live and aspects of human behaviour (Haralambos et al, 2000). According to Dilts (2001), in life there is ample evidence which suggests that the loss of confidentiality, public’s view and knowledge, perception, isolation and discrimination from social interaction has harmful effects to humans. According to Clark
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Topic 1: Accounting for debt is important in businesses. Understanding the accounting for current and long-term liabilities is important in understanding the solvency of a business. In this Discussion, you will look at how businesses finance operations through debt.
Rayborn Company obtains $20,000 in cash by signing a 9%, 6-month, $20,000 note payable to First Bank on July 1. Rayborn’s fiscal year ends on September 30. What information should be reported for the note payable in the annual financial statements? What disclosure is required? Why is this important?
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University of California International Student Challenges Annotate Bibliography Paper

University of California International Student Challenges Annotate Bibliography Paper.

For your Annotated Bibliography Entry assignment, you will write a summary section (descriptive summary) AND a critique section (evaluative summary) for one of the articles on Canvas intended for the upcoming Investigative Essay assignment.(The choice of the article for summarizing, assessing, and evaluating in this Annotated Bibliography Entry will depend on your personal preferences and on the connections of its content with the topic of your upcoming investigative essay.)You should include or consider the following:A header in MLA format.A full reference to the original article in MLA style.In your summary (150-200 words), you should present the purpose of the research and its topic, the main points of the article, and conclude with a description of the key finding(s) or conclusion(s). Make sure that all major ideas from your article are mentioned in the article. All other usual summary guidelines (see, for instance, Summary 1 Assignment Sheet for our class) apply to the summary section of the annotated bibliography entry too.For the critique section (100-150 words), make sure that you pick the most important points mentioned in the bullet points in the video “Annotated Bibliography – Evaluation” (Annotated Bibliography – Evaluation (Links to an external site.)) and write critical sentences about what you found. For the general assessment, you may decide to mention some details about the potential audience of the article and about the credibility of its authors, the reliability of the research and the findings presented in the article, whether the topic of the research seems to be relevant and up-to-date, if it’s published in an authoritative source, etc. In the personal evaluation, you are welcome to discuss how the source can be important to your upcoming investigative essay, what position the author of the article takes towards its subject, if you agree or disagree with the author’s argument, how it relates and compares to the other sources, and/or what gaps it might leave in the research.Make sure to explain the reasons for your general assessments and personal evaluations of the article which you plan to include in your annotated bibliography entry.In your annotated bibliography, you can put your descriptive and evaluative summaries separately; in such a case, they will follow one after the other (like in the example provided in the Annotated Bibliography Entry 2 Assignment Sheet after the evaluation rubric there). You can also start with some general assessment of the original article, and then to proceed to the summary and to some other, more specific general assessments and personal evaluations of the source (like in most of the examples in our related class handouts).Be precise with your language and give details when needed.
University of California International Student Challenges Annotate Bibliography Paper

Cuyamaca College Median Quartile Percentile Discussion Board

custom writing service Cuyamaca College Median Quartile Percentile Discussion Board.

1. Answering the 3 question correctly* Only question 1 has three parts. I need to see the work for each answer ( The steps and formulas )look for how the answers they should be formatted at the proffesor set at the discussion. ________________________________________________________________________ Discussion Board 2 – Median Quartile Percentile (Location) & Chebyshev’s & Z-Values
1. Using the following numbers:
15 17 22 27 29 34 37 45 49 51 53 56 59
Find the Median, 1st Quartile and the 65th percentile (No Rounding – Exact answer).
* When computing quartiles and percentages, use the exact method from the notes. This will be true for the exam as well, not all calculators use the exact method. *
2. The average amount of time an airplane spends in the air during the day is 8.7 hours with a standard deviation of 2.3 hours. What is the minimum proportion(percentage) of airplanes that will spend between 4.79 hours and 12.61 hours in the air on any given day? (round your final answer to 4 decimal places and express as a percentage – ex. .6123 expressed as 61.23%)
3. The average amount of time it takes to board an airplane is 26.3 minutes with a standard deviation of 5.2 minutes. If you have a z-score of -1.3, what time does this represent? (round your final answer to the nearest hundredth – ex. 31.05 minutes)
This Discussion Board is Due Monday, February 1st by 11PM.
When you answer the question put the answers in this order and label like this:
1A. Median:
1B. 1st Quartile:
1C. 65th Percentile:
Value of Discussion Board = 5, 1 point for each question.
Remember to attach the PDF of your work to your Answer/Response to this Discussion Board.
You do not need to respond to any posts – But you should look at some of your classmate’s answers and their solutions. Be careful and double check your answers before submitting, I will grade the first submission only.
Any outside help such as but not limited to Chegg is expressly forbidden as is group work.
Cuyamaca College Median Quartile Percentile Discussion Board

Dear writer The evidence synthesis is missing C, Could you please add observable measures? Please see the table you

Dear writer The evidence synthesis is missing C, Could you please add observable measures? Please see the table you completed before, and correct it as indicated by the instructor by adding Observable Measures to the table. I Will highly appreciate your urgent attention.

Purdue Global University College Composition II Presentation Draft

Purdue Global University College Composition II Presentation Draft.

Discussion Overview
In your initial post for this discussion, you will provide your first draft of your digital media presentation. This presentation will be based on the argument for change you wrote about in Unit 8. You can create a video or slide presentation to highlight your main message. Then, you will provide classmates with thorough, detailed peer responses according to the guidelines below. To earn full participation credit and demonstrate mastery of Professional Competency 1.1 on teamwork, which is assessed with this unit’s discussion, you will need to go beyond the minimum expectations by responding to feedback on your post and providing feedback to more than two classmates. 
Purdue Global University College Composition II Presentation Draft