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ESL 2A GCCCD Love And Family Relationships Psychology of Success Discussion

ESL 2A GCCCD Love And Family Relationships Psychology of Success Discussion.

1] Review the lecture on the Perfect Paragraph and then use the outline below to create body paragraph #1. Remember that your paragraph is a minimum of 10 sentences. Each of
the sentences is outlined below. Each sentence must be a complete
sentence with a subject, verb and complete thought with a period at the
end.Put your paragraph into correct paragraph format. If you don’t know
what that is, go to modules and click on writing samples, and I have a
sample called paragraph format to help you.Body paragraph #1 is about how a growth mindset can improve for love and family relationships in 3 ways.Context is the information you give before the quote that helps the
quote make sense. The minimum context is the author states or Dweck
tells us, something like that.
ESL 2A GCCCD Love And Family Relationships Psychology of Success Discussion

Organizational Overview Introduction Established in the year 1856, the Burberry Group PLC is a leading multinational corporation within the United Kingdom. The company has a series of products ranging from fragrances, sunglasses, fashion apparel, cosmetics, and cloth distribution. The company has had a very healthy financial performance in the last ten years. In fact, despite the global recession of the year 2008, the company has never made any loss for the last decade. This analytical paper presents the mission and strategy from a financial perspective to establish the sustainability of these strategies. The treatise presents a Balanced Scorecard and a resulting strategic plan for the company. Vision The company has a vision of enhancing “consumer resonance and operate more effectively through exacting use of brand assets and coordinated action across the global organization” (Burberry Group Plc, 2017, par. 8). The vision has internalized the aspects of quality services, affordable products, and long culture of reliability. Strategy The business strategy of the Burberry Group functions within the parameters of brand momentum, market innovation, and product excellence. Under the brand momentum, the company has created an effective system for maintaining purity and product strength to position the Burberry brand as a market leader. As a result, the elements of beauty, digitalization, brand recognition, and direct market interaction have become part of the company’s business culture. As indicated in the 2013/2014 financial report, the Burberry Group “finished the year as the most followed luxury brand on Facebook, with nearly 15 million fans. Total lifetime YouTube video views reached nearly 24 million and the brand’s combined Twitter following was over two million. Burberry was also the leading luxury lifestyle brand on Instagram” (Burberry Group Plc, 2017, par. 11). Balanced Scorecard and Plan The Proposed Balanced Scorecard Irrespective of a line of business, all companies need a strategic Balanced Scorecard. Reflectively, a Balanced Scorecard is a strategic component of management since it tracks and measures the performance of different business strategies against set goals and targets (Pearce

History homework help

History homework help. Learning Approaches, Theory, and PracticeBecoming a professional in the field of early childhood education requires you to become familiar with the various developmental theories as well as research that studies the effectiveness of various learning approaches. Throughout the last two weeks, you have learned about these different theories and approaches to learning. After engaging in discussions with your classmates, you now have ideas about which theories and approaches you would like to use in your work with children. Using the steps below, you will sort through these theories and approaches to shape who you are as a teacher and what you believe about how children learn best. This assignment will also help you prepare for your final assignment.Prior to beginning work on this assignment, access the APA Template (available in the online classroom) for assistance with the writing process, formatting, documentation, and citations in your written work.Step 1: Reflect back on your initial response in the ?Aspects of Theories? discussion from Week Two and the ?Learning Approaches? discussion from this week. Using the theories and approaches that were discussed, fill in the table below by ranking each according to how you connected with them (?most connected? at the top and ?least connected? at the bottom. Be sure to delete the example row provided).Step 2: Using the table as a guide, research your top two theories and top two learning approaches. You will create a word document or a PowerPoint presentation that contains your responses to the points below as they are applied to each of your top two theories and top two learning approaches.Summarize the underlying principles or ideas for each of your two theories and for each of your top two approaches.Explain why your top two theories and your top two approaches are important to understand and how each will benefit your work with children.Discuss how your top two theories and your top two approaches will help you to be an effective teacher.Summarize the similarities you see between the theory and model of those you ranked first. For example, if Piaget?s theory of cognitive development was your top theory and the Reggio Emilia approach was your top learning approach, share how these two ideas support one another. Step 3: Submit your assignment to your instructor as a Word document or as a PowerPoint that contains your table from Step 1 and your responses to the questions from Step 2. Whichever option you choose, you will also need to follow APA format and include title and reference pages. In addition, the information in your assignment needs to be supported by the textbook and at least one additional scholarly source. Be sure to cite your sources in the Word document or PowerPoint and list them on the reference page/slides. If you need assistance with making sure that your paper or references are properly formatted in APA, please utilize the APA Guidance link that is located within the Learning Resources tab on the left hand side of the course or visit the Ashford Writing Center.History homework help

Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Essay

term paper help Introduction The author of the article “Truth and Reconciliation in Canada’s Last Chance to Get it Right” is John Ralston Saul. The article was published on 15th June 2015 in “The Globe and Mail” magazine. The article seeks to inform the reader about the strained and disrespectful relationship existing between non-aboriginal and aboriginal peoples in the country. The author indicates clearly that the country’s citizens must change their behaviors and support the needs of indigenous cultural groups. Summary The author acknowledges that the government and the people of Canada have done very little to support the welfare of different indigenous cultures. It is the right time for the nation to acknowledge the harm that has been inflicted on indigenous groups and present new measures to empower them. Appropriate reconciliation processes must be informed by “respectful relationships, restoring trust, reparations, and concrete actions leading to societal change” (Saul, 2015, para. 17). Analysis The author’s main argument is that the rights and needs of indigenous groups in Canada have been ignored over the decades. The article presents adequate facts to support the intended argument. For instance, the author attacks the national education system since it has disoriented every form of indigenous civilization (Niezen, 2013). The resources available for supporting indigenous programs and practices are inadequate. The author indicates clearly that the criminal justice system in the country is inadequate for different indigenous cultures. Aboriginal women face discrimination in society. They are also murdered and victimized in their societies. Unfortunately, the recommendations presented by the Erasmus Royal Commission have been ignored completely by the government. These developments have affected the welfare and social mobility of many aboriginal citizens. According to the article, appropriate strategies are needed to support these cultures and promote peace. However, justice should be taken seriously before focusing on harmony. The target audience for this article is every person in Canada. The author intends to inform every government official about the importance of tackling this challenge. This is agreeable because the government can implement appropriate programs to tackle the outlined gaps. The ineffective systems, inadequate funding practices, and the inability to implement various recommendations reveal the government’s failure to support these cultures (Saul, 2015). The author argues that every Canadian citizen should take the best stand. This is the reason why the article focuses on “the instruction of the ethical, purposeful voting citizen” (Saul, 2015, para. 20). People should learn to embrace one another, share resources and power, and respect their cultural differences. They should uphold these best practices to empower ingenious groups to pursue their potential. Existing barriers should be addressed to empower every indigenous group. The author uses several rhetorical devices to emphasize, persuade, or convey meaning to the reader. To begin with, the author has used metanoia to correct specific statements. For example, the author writes that the story of Canada is that of people working hard to live in harmony and peace. The author goes further to explain how it is impossible to have harmony and peace without justice (Saul, 2015). The use of the device informs the reader about the importance of reconciliation if justice for all is to become a reality. The second device is known as amplification. The author writes: “There are good and bad things in our society, successes, and failures” (Saul, 2015, para. 1). The phrase “we have been warned repeatedly (Saul, 2015, para. 3)” is used twice. The tool makes it easier for the reader to acknowledge the nature of this predicament. The most interesting thing about this article is that it initiates a debate that has been ignored for years. The author uses adequate facts to explain why the 55 indigenous cultures have not been supported. It is also evident that the survival of 45 of such groups is under threat. The systems and legal frameworks implemented in the nation fail to address the needs of these groups. The author’s point of view, therefore, is to embrace this debate and implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report (Gasparelli et al., 2016). The move will create room for reconciliation and ensure the government addresses this form of cultural genocide. The article is about the nation’s last chance to address the inequalities facing every indigenous community. Conclusion The main points identified in the article include the need to appreciate diversity, design better social systems, empower aboriginal groups, and promote reconciliation. Justice should be the guiding principle to make the country a better place for all. Reconciliation and justice should be implemented as the last options for addressing the issues facing indigenous groups. Finally, Canadian citizens and the government should reflect and implement fair programs across the board. This strategy will provide equal opportunities to every group and eventually make the country a better place for every cultural group. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More References Gasparelli, K., Crowley, H., Fricke, M., McKenzie, B., Oosman, S.,

HU Jordan Low Income Family & Basketball Player Partner Profile Example Essay

HU Jordan Low Income Family & Basketball Player Partner Profile Example Essay.

i did an interview with my partner and now i need an essay, i will provide a transcript of the interview … NO CITATION NO SOURCES NO NOTHING. Here is an example of how in want it: MAKE SURE TO PUT INDIRECT QOUTES PLEASEEEEEEEIt should be 2-3 pages double space.FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND THE RUBRICS PLEASEProject #1 Essay RubricThe author wrote an essay that meets the assignment criteria in terms of subject matter and genre. It is on topic and is appropriate for the assignment./20The author incorporated multiple quotes in an effort to capture the interviewee’s voice and create depth in their profile./15The essay is carefully proofread and edited./15The essay met the length requirement./10The author crafted a compelling and appropriate title for the essay./10Total/100
HU Jordan Low Income Family & Basketball Player Partner Profile Example Essay

FIN 405 Strayer University General Introduction of the Net Present Value Response

FIN 405 Strayer University General Introduction of the Net Present Value Response.

How is the NPV rule related to the goal of maximizing shareholder wealth, and under what conditions would you expect the NPV and IRR rules to return the same accept or reject decision?Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.Below is the classmates post to respond to-” The NPV (Net Present Value) rule is a theory that states that individuals who are financial managers and investors must only put money into opportunities that will provide a positive net present value. Net present value is the difference between present value of cash inflow and present value of cash outflow for a particular period of time. When it comes to maximizing shareholder wealth the NPV rule is directly related. By only investing in projects that provide a positive NPV the shareholders are taking less risk and their wealth is being maximized. If the IRR is deemed acceptable and the NPV is acceptable then the decision to go ahead with the project will reached. If the IRR is not reached and the NPV is not reached then the project will be rejected.”
FIN 405 Strayer University General Introduction of the Net Present Value Response