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ERAU The Difference Between Someone Who Manages & Someone Who Leads Discussion

ERAU The Difference Between Someone Who Manages & Someone Who Leads Discussion.

Explain the difference between someone who “manages” and someone who “leads.” Think of someone who you consider to be an effective leader. Now, explain why you consider him or her to be effective.Deliberate over the importance of charisma in transformational leadership. Do you believe that people who are not overly charismatic can still be transformational leaders? Explain your point of view. Then, explain the action steps leaders can and should take to ensure that their transformational leadership is ethical.Controlling is defined as monitoring performance, comparing it with goals, and taking corrective action as needed. Describe the reasons why control is a difficult managerial function. What are the challenges involved with controlling? cite a minimum of three (3) references from different sources.should be a minimum of two (2), double-spaced, full pages of analysis with proper reference citation per current APA guidelines.
ERAU The Difference Between Someone Who Manages & Someone Who Leads Discussion

The inherent problem I have with Rorty in this article is the fact that the concept of a socially defined truth clashes with the changing nature of society and the potential for people to agree on something being the truth when it is false. First and foremost, what you have to understand is that what is defined as socially acceptable under the concept of generally accepted truth tends to change based on the society present at the time. For instance, when examining ancient Greek society, it was considered generally acceptable for an older male at the time to have a social contract with a far younger male (i.e., sex for money and influence). In this instance, the fact that it was considered appropriate social behavior as compared to the present (i.e., pedophilia) shows that what is considered as “truthful” tends to change. This shift was noted during the 1920s till early 1990s wherein western society generally frowned upon the concept of men sleeping with other men. It was only recently that the concept became a more mainstream and socially acceptable type of behavior. As such, one must ask what version is the truth. Is the ancient Greek truth of grown men lying with young boys correct, is it the social notion from the 1900s that men sleeping with men is unacceptable, or is it the present-day iteration wherein being gay is entering mainstream acceptability? In essence, Rorty’s thesis on the concept of truth is far more subjective and up for interpretation rather than something objective and thus irrefutable. It should also be noted that there have been numerous instances throughout history that something that was defined as “truth” was proven to be false through science. For instance, it was the generally accepted “truth” during Ancient Greek society that weather patterns and natural occurrences were done through the actions of Gods and Goddesses. This was accepted as truth by most of Greek society at the time and, as such, this manifested itself through various rituals and sacrifices meant to appease the Gods. However, based on the development of science over the years, we now know that weather and natural occurrences are a direct result of the normal, natural environment at work that is inherently influenced by the climate, position of the Earth relative to the Sun as well as tectonic activity in the Earth’s crust. Taking this into consideration, it can thus be stated that the generally accepted societal “truth” that was a cornerstone of the ancient Greek belief system was, in fact, a false assumption. However, how can something be completely false if it is generally accepted as truth by a society? This aspect shows that for Rorty, the premise behind what is considered as “truth” is entirely independent of what can be stated as absolute fact. It is based on this that I completely disagree with the thesis put forth by Rorty given its subjective correlation of truth. I believe that the concept of truth should be something that is based on an objective opinion that has been properly vetted by scientific inquiry. While it may be true that there are many aspects that were previously considered as truth due to a lack of scientific and the belief of a society, the fact remains that promoting the establishment of such a way of thinking is an adverse progression for social development. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More

Module 4,5,6.7 labs and home 6 and 7 homework

Module 4,5,6.7 labs and home 6 and 7 homework.

Hello there, I would appreciate to have a good tutor to help me do my homework. The homework consists of module,4,5,6.7 labs and 6 and 7 homework. For module 4,5,6 labs and module 6 are due on Sunday 30th Mountain Standard time but module 7 time can be extended. Textbook is required for this course (signals and systems I). NO PLAGIARISM is allowed. Tutor would get access into my school account portal also will click on each module that says homework and lab. For the textbook I will provide copies of the chapters needed.Thank you N:B Below are the attached files of the labs
Module 4,5,6.7 labs and home 6 and 7 homework

Should Nurses and Healthcare Workers Carry Liability Insurance?

essay help online free Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp There are so many conflicting opinions on whether or not health care workers, especially nurses, should protect their licenses with professional liability insurance. While there is no right or wrong answer, there are more pros than cons to be covered by personal malpractice insurance. A few pro’s of having personal malpractice/liability insurance are: patients are more aware of their legal rights, nurses can be sued individually or be named in a lawsuit, an alleged claim can be filed based on perception wrongdoing; with or without injury, policies usually include coverage of libel, slander, patient confidentiality, and HIPAA issues, affordable low cost plans to purchase, legal representation on behalf of the nurse not the facility in which they’re employed, litigation costs are expensive, lawsuits can take years to settle and either party may appeal the decision to a higher court increasing legal fees, and providing care outside employment. A con to not having insurance is the inability to afford the premium due to personal financial situation (NSO, 2018). The Nurses Service Organization (NSO) is the nation’s largest administrator of professional liability insurance coverage to individual nursing professionals. A report created by CNA and NSO shed light on closed claims from 2010-2014 with compensation of greater than $90 million involving nurses with less than 6 years of experience (Frank

High Quality Classroom Assessments

High Quality Classroom Assessments. I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

For this assignment you will be asked to discuss the components of a high quality classroom assessment. Using information from Chapter 3, identify the key characteristics of a high quality assessment, including, fairness, validity, and alignment and include support from the readings. In addition, you should include a statement about how you can ensure that you create/utilize high quality assessments in your own classroom(NY ELA Gr. 7).

Assignment Guidelines:
This 3-4 page written assignment/reflection should include a title page and references (which don’t count as part of the total page expectations). Your paper should be double spaced, 12 point font, and in APA format.
High Quality Classroom Assessments

Stanley Lynch Investment Group Case Study

Table of Contents Summary of the Case The Underlying Issue Analysis of the Case Using Management Principles and Theories Recommendations to Resolve the Issue Reference List Summary of the Case Stanley Lynch Investment Group has been using an advanced information technology system to support its investment funds. However, the system does not link its departments. Each department is also supposed to set up its computer system for storage of information. Documentation is a major problem because the individuals tend to have different versions and storage methods. The departments do not share information effectively. The CIO does not understand the major challenges associated with the firm’s information storage system. The leaders also fail to consult and interact with different employees in order to improve the firm’s performance. The current situation has affected the productivity of different employees. The firm does not measure the performance of its employees. Members of a specific group are usually unable to interact with other teams. The firm has also failed to embrace the opportunities associated with modern information systems (Bateman