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I Person Fatima I Relationship I loan I How they describe I Parent collecting his children after school II see a smartly dressed black woman In her I I early thirties. I Icier;s II see a brilliant research chemist.

I Sandra I Work colleague I Younger sister II see an older sister who is kind, always I I I helps me and someone who makes me laugh. I I Kate I Player in local hockey team I Salina II see a positive good spirited team mate and I la good friend. I Church member I I see someone who Is devoted, attends regularly and who supports church actively I I In the community.Based on this example. We can see that a person may be described in many ways. These include: ; Physical ; Emotional ; Likes / dislikes ; Values / beliefs. The way other people see you will influence the way they think about you and treat you.

This can have a significant Impact on your quality of life. There Is also the possibility that If many people ‘see you a certain way, you will start to see yourself that way. There is also the possibility that other people will pick up on just one of How you select specific qualities to describe / define yourselfThe way other people describe you is important. However, it is also important to understand how you describe yourself. It is helpful to fully appreciate the characteristics and qualities that you use to define yourself. When describing yourself, you may use the following categories – physical, emotions, likes and values. You may also use other factors such as: ; Personal interests ; Religious or cultural preference ; Geographic.

There are many things that a person can focus on when defining themselves. As a person selects certain characteristics, he / she is describing their own identity.They are making a statement about who they are. At times, the situation that a person finds themselves in will influence this description. So, an adult with his children may well focus on his identity as a parent. However, when the same person is stood in front of a classroom full of children, he may focus on his identity as a teacher and when with his parents his identity of being a son becomes more important. Shared identities Any one person may have many defining characteristics and qualities.

It is highly likely that they will have the same characteristics as one or more other people.

Developing Diversity Consciousness

Developing Diversity Consciousness.


Go to the following website and research Racism Around the Globe: (opens in a new window). Select an article in which you can identify one instance of racism around the world Summarize the situation in no less than 250 words. Discuss what is being done to combat it. To receive the highest grade possible, I need to see clear and complete evidence that: 1) Your responses are professional and polished, meaning a solid demonstration of critical thinking skills, 2) Your responses use proper grammar, mechanics, spelling, and formatting, 3) You successfully synthesize or effectively interpret/analyze the research obtained from your selected sources. 

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