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Enzymes Kinetics

Format: Times New Roman or Arial Font, 12 point, “1” spacing, default word margins.
Length: 11/2 – 2 pages long.
Style: Completely written in Third person (avoid “I”, “we”, “our”…) and past tense.
Word choice: use scientific jargon, be concise, and avoid repetition
 Incorrect example: “The samples of DNA were in a tube. The samples were then placed
into a gel made of agarose. The gel was then run for 45 minutes. The samples were then seen
using a UV box”.
 Correct example: “The DNA was run on an agarose gel for 45 minutes, and visualized using
a UV light source”.

The experiment report is based on the standard style of a scientific journal article.
Each section must be clearly labeled.
Abstract: A single paragraph summary of the entire report.
 Must state the study’s purpose, a general approach, and the results/conclusion.
There should be no literature citations in an Abstract.
 Limit Abstract to a maximum of 250 words.
 This section should always be written last.

Introduction: 1-2 paragraphs introducing background information and the study’s goal.
 Include background information needed for a reader to understand the study.
 State the goal