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Entrepreneurship Question

Learning Outcome:
Demonstrate strong analytical skills and tools to formulate an effective Bootstrap Marketing Plan on which a small business can build a competitive edge in the marketplace.
Illustrate the ability to think independently and systematically on developing a viable business model
Outline the solid understanding of the potential of entrepreneur in today’s competitive business world.
Developing an E-Commerce Business Plan
The purpose of the assignment is to provide you the experience of creating a unique E-Commerce solution. You are forming an e-Commerce company to take advantage of the opportunities in the e-marketplace and will author a Business Plan for that venture.
Your choice of firm may include any industry, business, or service. Your report can involve the sale of products or services. This report provides extreme latitude for creativity and demonstration of your mastery of course objectives, in addition to relevant topics studied through secondary available source through published reports, journals and magazine’s.
Guidelines: Your Business Plan should follow this basic outline, plus include any content unique to your choice of product or service. Your plan should demonstrate your understanding of concepts of e-commerce covered by course readings, lectures, and peer reviewed journals. Your business plan should discuss all strategies needed for the creation of an e-commerce site.
I. Executive Summary (100-200 Words) II. Business Description (250-300 Words) a. Products / Services Offered b. Mission Statement c. Industry d. Business Goals and Objectives e. Business Models – Revenue and Payment Models III. Marketing (250-300 Words) a. Market Analysis / Market Forecast b. Target Markets c. Marketing Strategy IV. Competitor Analysis (250-300 Words) a. Competition b. Strengths and Weaknesses c. Competitive Advantage V. Conclusion (250-300 Words) VI. References