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La Seconde France “ The tasty group Not only a bakery. But a French universe that welcomes you. Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Section I: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION A. Business Concept B. Industry Analyse C. Business Name D. Why will this concept work? SECTION II: MARKETING PLAN A. Geographic market B. Customer Profile C. Market Penetration D. Promotion SECTION III: MANAGEMENT PLAN A. Human Resources SECTION IV: FINANCIAL PLAN A. Initial Capitalization B. Cash Flow Projection EXECUTIVE SUMMARY « La Seconde France » is a start-up business by the Tasty Group that will serve gourmet French bakeries.

Our successful recipe of producing superb pastries, bread, and savouries has been based on time proven traditional French baking methods using the finest natural ingredients. We have decided to situate a storefront in Parnell, Auckland, populated by approximately 8,000 Inhabitants. Parnell is one of the most popular and wealthiest suburbs in Auckland (the 3rd one). This decision to make a French bakery in New Zealand is based on statistics research. French culture is really appreciated by New-Zealanders so we thought it was a great opportunity to create a business like that. We expect to start our activity on the 1st of July 2013.

We expect an annual growth of 40% for cafe sales and 70 % for bakery sales, so a global annual growth of 53% for this forth year. The commercial margin rate of coffee that we hope to reach is 67%, and 45% for the bakeries. SECTION I: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION A. Industry Trend •3. 5% of New-Zealanders speak French •54,000 people indicated French as their first language > 1. 4% of NZ population •French is the 1st foreign language learned in NZ: 56,000 students are learning it (+20% from 2004 to 2010) •French cuisine belongs to UNESCO (world-patrimony) The trend in the bakery, pastry and cafe is very upscale.

We can see that people need to eat more quickly in an enjoyable place. B. Business Concept We’re trying to create a unique concept: a French bakery-pastry cafe, where people can either take baking goods home, or take a seat and enjoy a “French patisserie” over a cup of coffee, while learning about the French culture. With this concept we’re also trying to recreate a French universe, “a home away from home” for the French people living overseas. The boutique •Cosy salon atmosphere. •French music known around the World will be played (ex: Edith Piaf, Charles Azenavour, Gainsbourg, etc.) •The boutique will be decorated in a baroque French style. C. Business Name We decided to call our bakery-pastry-cafe “La Seconde France”. This name means “The Second France” in French. We wanted a French name that was easy to understand for an English speaking person. Besides we wanted to remind the concept of “a home away from home”, throughout this name. D. Why will this concept work? •Authentic French patisserie, and bakery (croissant, baguette, macarons…) made with the finest raw materials. •Customers will be able to see the pastry chef bake. •Imported French products (ex: confiture, biscuits, fromage…) will be sold.

French magazines and newspaper will be available. •The menu will be in French. •You will be able to learn more about the French Culture: –French lessons will be available on demand –Maps and history of France will be shown on the wall •Each month, a new region speciality will be available (ex: the “kouign-amann” from Bretagne etc. ) •French suffering from homesickness will be able to feel at home in our boutique. SECTION II: MARKETING PLAN A. Geographic market Market place: Auckland (New-Zealand) richest and most popular suburbs. > 1st implantation: in the suburb of Parnell. Why Parnell?

Because it’s one of New Zealand’s oldest suburb famed for it’s cafe, restaurant and charming boutique, where you’re sure to find something unique. B. Customer profile Our targets are: –The French away from home –Anyone who enjoys the French culture According to the Maslow hierarchy, customers will come to our boutique because of their need to belong to a French community. C. Market penetration We really think our market penetration is only limited by the size of the cafe. D. Promotion Communication schedule S-2S-1J-7J-6J-5J-4J-3J-2J-1JJ+1J+2J+3 Radio Ads in cultural magazine (food).

Internet buzz Food tasting in strategic places We put NZ$2000 in our communication budget. E. Growth potential There is a lot of growth potential for this market (ex in Auckland: Belgian chain cafe, etc. ). In fact if the concept work, we will import it in other popular Auckland suburbs (ex: Browns Bay, etc. ), then franchise it and go International. SECTION III: MANAGEMENT PLAN A. Human Resources Recruitment policy: ?Bilingual staff ?Good hospitality background ?Chef “Meilleur ouvrier de France” ?Dress code: French uniform ? SECTION IV: FINANCIAL PLAN > Excel file

Instructions Respond to each of these questions. Your response to each question should be at least one paragraph. You just

Instructions Respond to each of these questions. Your response to each question should be at least one paragraph. You just cite your book just as any other resource, using APA format. Be sure to include your own opinions, interpretations, and conclusions. 1. How did Ford’s approach to manufacturing fit the more modern quantitative viewpoint? 2.From a systems viewpoint, which part of the system did Ford change most drastically: inputs, transformational process, or outputs? 3.In your opinion, did Ford create a learning organization? Explain and justify your response. 4.Would Ford’s approach work in today’s society? Why or why not? When complete, submit your document using the submission instructions below.