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ENTO 2003 Oklahoma University Arthropods at Lights Observations Essay

ENTO 2003 Oklahoma University Arthropods at Lights Observations Essay.

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Write an essay describing your experience. In the essay, includenotes about the types of insects you observed. Can you identify their orders(if so,what characteristics are you using)? What orders were not observed? How do you think the biology of the insects affects whether or not they come to the light? Make sure to include a table like the one above in your essay.Now think about the broad scale implications of your observations. Do electric lights at night have a significant impact on insect populations? Should this impact be considered when placing lights? What do you think happens to the insects that are attracted to the lights?Bonus. Take a picture of some of the insects at the light and include it at the end of your essay.Your essay should be 1.5-2 written pages. Make sure to include your data tableand the picture for extra credit on page 3 (total limit of 3 pages). Include any references that you looked at as you considered this projectand your findings.
ENTO 2003 Oklahoma University Arthropods at Lights Observations Essay

Spanish formal commands.

¿Es necesario estudiar o salir con amigos ahora?2. ¿Debe comer la señora el pan o la pizza ahora?3. ¿Tenemos que dar la vuelta aquí?4. ¿El Sr. Gúzman necesita encontrar el banco o la casa de su amigo primero?5. ¿Dobla Ud. a la derecha o siga recto en esa calle?6. ¿Es mejor preguntar o perderse?
Spanish formal commands

The use of animals in laboratory testing is very beneficial to the animals as well as human beings. There is perceived to be a lot of similarities between the physiological mechanism of some animals and that of man. For instance, the physiology of guinea pig is considered to be 98% similar to that of human being. That is the reason why they are mostly used in the laboratory testing since they are perceived to give results that can relate to the results that would be received if human beings were used in the research. A lot of the knowledge that is known about hormones was discovered by studying the behavior of mice in the laboratory. Similarly, most of the knowledge that we have about cardiovascular is as a result of laboratory study of dogs. Likewise, the use of animals in Laboratory testing help to discover some drugs that are used by animals as well as human beings. Thus, as much as it is beneficial to man to use animals in laboratories testing, it is also equally important to animals as well. Subsequently, veterinarians who have been equipped for concern of animals are closely involved in taking care and treatment of the animals that are used in the laboratory. Thus, these veterinarians have realized that the results that are realized from the animal research are very crucial in the improvement of the health of human being as well as that of animals. It is noted that a great extent in the advancement of veterinary medicine has been as a result of research with animals. For instance, the parvovirus vaccine that is routinely administered to dogs has saved death of many dogs. Similarly, the research in the reproductive physiology on animals has greatly assisted many species of animals from extinction. Therefore, animal research is very necessary for a continued improvement in the health and safety of both animals as well as human beings (American Association for Animals in Laboratory par. 3). It is beneficial to use animals for laboratory testing because animals such as mice as well as pigs have short life cycles. They take much shorter time than human being to grow and mature. The short life cycles of these animals means that scientists have an ample time to study the behavior of these animals when subjected to various conditions over their entire life or over a generation. This helps the researcher very much to make appropriate inferences that will help in the development of appropriate drugs for animals or human beings. Shorter time period that is associated with animals helps the research process to realize appropriate results over a shorter time period than if human beings were used as the research instruments. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Quicker realization of the research results indicates that the drugs that are under investigation are in a position to be developed faster than if human beings were used in the research process. Quicker development of the required drugs helps to elevate the suffering from both animals as well as human beings. It also means that lesser amount of money will be used in these researches. This is because the longer the time a research process takes, the higher the cost of undertaking the research. This is because those instruments that are used in the research process whether being animals or human beings will require to being fed and taken care of. Thus, by prolonging the research period, it means that these instruments will consume more which will subsequently increase the cost of undertaking the research (GEARI par 16). Works Cited American Association for Animals in Laboratory. “Animal Research FAQ” .12 Feb. 2010. Web. GEARI. “What are some arguments in favor of testing on animals?” 23 Aug. 2007.Web. Nov.2011.

On the instruction.

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Note: Please read carefully.
This is an extra credit: It is to be written with a minimum of 1.5 pages and a maximum of 3 pages excluding the reference page. Each complete paragraph is to have 5-7 sentences. Up to a total of 10 points has to be earned towards my cumulative grade. Cite your source(s) as instructed on the syllabus for assignments (APA style of referencing).
What the paper has to be about: Compare and contrast William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, and the Ku Klux Clan position(s) on race relations in the United States. Also, identify their legacy today as it relates to race relations/discrimination in United States and/or worldwide.
Direction of how the paper will be graded:
-1 point for no reference page,
-1 point for improper in-text citations,
-1 reference page is not APA style of referencing,
-1 point for each unresponsive part of the question for the Freedom Rider/Episode 4 Podcast selection of the extra credit assignment,
-3 points for each unresponsive part of the movie choice for the extra-credit such as comparison, contrast, and relation to chapter in text,
-3 points for not discussing each individual/group position and legacy for the 2nd option
-2 for excluding the instructed website
-3 for using Wikipedia

On the instruction.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Teaching Plan Essay

order essay cheap Table of Contents Summary of the Teaching Plan The Epidemiological Rationale for Topic Evaluation of Teaching Experience Community Response to Teaching Areas of Strengths and Areas of Improvement Conclusion References Summary of the Teaching Plan The main purpose of the given teaching plan is to provide a concept of sexually transmitted diseases, their types, routes of transmission, pathogens, and signs and methods of prevention. In addition, it aims at instilling and forming personal hygiene skills and an understanding among students that only the right way of life and behavior are a guarantee of risk prevention. The purpose of the lesson: To provide students with the necessary knowledge about the problem of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and personal responsibility for their behavior. To prevent the spread of STDs among students. Tasks: To show that the main causes of the spread of STDs are hazardous behavioral practices, including drug use and unsafe sex. To provide students with information in an accessible form, that gives a detailed idea of ​​what an STD is through a video presentation. To teach adolescents to bind together their knowledge, awareness of the degree of risk and behavior. To form the motivation to maintain their health and the health of their partner, including responsible sexual behavior. Expected Result: students will be aware of the need to combat the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). students will understand the importance of educating young people about the problems associated with STDs. students will feel responsible for their health and the health of those around them. Preparatory work for the lesson: The selection of material and the creation of a video presentation on the problem of the teaching process. Music for the musical accompaniment of the video presentation and training. The selection of practices and tests for working with students. The Epidemiological Rationale for Topic The primary epidemiological rationale is based on the fact that people, especially young ones, do not possess enough knowledge to be aware of various STDs. Despite significant advances in medicine, the group of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) retains a high rating in the structure of the causes of infertility. These include preterm birth, congenital pathology, developmental abnormalities, which are significantly affecting the reproductive health of the population, and negatively regulating the demographic situation (Falasinnu et al., 2015). The implementation of government programs aimed at preventing the spread of STIs. Treatment and the introduction of modern diagnostic methods have significantly reduced the incidence of STIs, but its rates remain at a fairly high level among both the adult population and young people (Falasinnu et al., 2015). Currently, the issues of reproductive health of the community in general and the younger generation, in particular, have acquired strategic national importance. Young people, being an active part of society, have an exceptional impact on social sectors, the economy, and health care, and the risks to its health have long-term consequences. Teens are tomorrow’s adults and investing in their reproductive health is important, as it is a contribution to the future. Adolescents receive information about the intimate side of life from several sources, such as the Internet, television, the media, and literature (Meyerson et al., 2019). The largest percentage of distorted information young people receive from each other. Admission to medical institutions is very low due to fear of disclosure of visits, and hostility of medical workers (Besera et al., 2016). Teenagers do not make confidential contact with the teacher because of peers who notice an unusually long conversation between the teacher and the student (Falasinnu et al., 2015). Then young people make their own decisions, which leads to neglected chronic diseases and unwanted childbirth in this segment of adolescence. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Enlightenment of the problems of spirituality, morality, and not contraception is highly important (Besera et al., 2016). Schoolchildren and their parents are the main source of information and care about sexuality, and teachers blame the adolescent on health, offering him/her to take care of his/her health. Moreover, no one seeks to provide youth with the necessary knowledge for this. Unfortunately, many parents do not have enough experience to give the correct answers to the questions of their growing children (Falasinnu et al., 2015). As for medical workers, they are often not ready to provide information on the sexual education of a teenager at school, as they are not competent (Falasinnu et al., 2015). The next important factor is the lack of contact with adolescents. Evaluation of Teaching Experience The overall evaluation process will include both educators and students to widen the scope of analysis. A teacher should be prepared to give accurate and clear answers to students’ questions, as well as to have the ability to respond in a timely and correct manner to any specific moments. The most profound impact of the teaching staff on the nature of inter-sexual relations directly in the school is an important and necessary element of the sex education system. When carrying out sex education, it is also essential to take into account national religious, and regional specifics. Gender issues should be addressed in close connection with health issues (Uhrig, Friedman, Poehlman, Scales,

ETHC 445N Chamberlain University College of Nursing Abortion Ethics Discussion

ETHC 445N Chamberlain University College of Nursing Abortion Ethics Discussion.

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Required ResourcesRead/ Textbook: Chapter 12LessonMinimum of 5 scholarly sources (This includes the sources from the annotated bibliography. Additional sources may be included as appropriate.)InstructionsReturn to the topic you chose in the week three assignment. Articulate a specific dilemma in a situation faced by a particular person based on that topic. The situation can be real or fictional.Summarize the dilemma.Define any needed key terms associated with the dilemma.Analyze the conflicts or controversies involved in the dilemma.Revise and rewrite based on any feedback you received in your previous draft (week three). Reference and discuss any professional code of ethics relevant to your topic such as the AMA code for doctors, the ANA code for nurses, etc. State whether and how your chosen topic involves any conflicts between professional and familial duties or conflicts between loyalty to self and loyalty to a community or nation.What in your view is the most moral thing for that person to do in that dilemma? Why is that the most moral thing? Use moral values and logical reasoning to justify your answerNext, apply the following:Aristotle’s Golden Mean to the dilemmaUtilitarianism to the dilemmaNatural Law ethics to the dilemmaWhich of those three theories works best ethically speaking? Why that one?Why do the other two not work or not work as well? Is it the same as what you said is the most moral thing earlier? Why or why not?Use the 5 articles from your annotated bibliography to support your answers. (Additional academic scholarly research from the past 5 years can be included as well.) Include a reference page at the end of your paper in APA format that includes your bibliography with the annotations removed and any other sources used in your final paper.Writing Requirements (APA format)Length: 4-5 pages (not including title page or references page)1-inch marginsDouble spaced12-point Times New Roman fontTitle pageReferences page (minimum of 5 scholarly sources)GradingThis activity will be graded based on the Assignment Grading Rubric.Course Outcomes (CO): 4Due Date: By 11:59 p.m. MT on SundayRubricETHC445 Week 7 Assignment Rubric – 100 pts.ETHC445 Week 7 Assignment Rubric – 100 pts.CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssignment Content60 ptsAddresses all aspects of the assignment applying professional knowledge, and research regarding weekly concepts.51 ptsAddresses most aspects of the assignment applying professional knowledge, and research regarding weekly concepts.45 ptsAddresses some aspects of the assignment applying professional knowledge, and research regarding weekly concepts.36 ptsMinimally addresses the assignment, applying professional knowledge, and research regarding weekly concepts.0 ptsNo effort60 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProfessional Communication15 ptsPresents information using clear and concise language in an organized manner (minimal errors in English grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation).12 ptsPresents information in an organized manner (some errors in English grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation).11 ptsPresents information using understandable language but is somewhat disorganized (some errors in English grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation).9 ptsPresents information that is not clear, logical, professional or organized to the point that the reader has difficulty understanding the message (numerous errors in English grammar, spelling, syntax, and/or punctuation).0 ptsNo effort15 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSource Integration20 ptsPaper includes reference to 5 scholarly sources and masterfully integrates the sources into the essay.17 ptsPaper includes reference to 4 scholarly sources and integrates them effectively throughout the essay.15 ptsPaper includes reference to 3scholarly sources but does not properly integrate the sources.12 ptsPaper includes reference to 1-2 scholarly source and integrates it effectively in the essay0 ptsPaper does not make reference to a scholarly sources.20 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA Format5 ptsPaper meets all source requirements, and is properly formatted in APA style throughout (i.e. title page, spacing, font, in-text citations and references.)4 ptsPaper meets all source requirements, and is mostly properly formatted in APA style (i.e. title page, spacing, font, in-text citations and references.)3 ptsPaper meets all source requirements, and is somewhat properly formatted in APA style (i.e. title page, spacing, font, in-text citations and references.)2 ptsPaper fails to meet source requirements and/or is improperly formatted in APA style throughout0 ptsNo effort5 ptsTotal Points: 100
ETHC 445N Chamberlain University College of Nursing Abortion Ethics Discussion

ECED 440 BCC Enhancing Learning and Development of Teachers Essay

ECED 440 BCC Enhancing Learning and Development of Teachers Essay.

Teacher candidate will write a research paper focused on a topic related to the elements of coaching. For example, some topics include: a specific type of coaching (induction coaching, peer coaching), providing feedback, observation, or adult learning styles. The topic can also be related to a specific evidence based practice that you are using with your learner or are interested in learning more about. Information related to relevant theoretical perspectives and how this topic supports the professional growth of a teacher should be included. Paper should use correct APA format. (NAEYC 1c, 4a; RIPTS 6)Content Should Include:Cover Page8-10 page Research PaperBibliography
ECED 440 BCC Enhancing Learning and Development of Teachers Essay

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