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English unit one journal

English unit one journal. I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

You now know that you will be engaged in a research project for the rest of this course. Your investment in the outcome of the project often has a good deal of reliance upon the topic about which you choose to write. The more interest you have in your topic, the more you will be driven to learn more about it and to write about it, so you want to choose a topic that will hold your interest as you learn about the process of writing a research paper.
Use some of the following questions to help shape a reflection upon the topic you are considering for your research paper.
Think about some of your favorite subjects. What interests you the most? What ideas do you have about a topic? You may want to mention and then briefly explain three ideas that you have, pointing out the topic idea that is most appealing to you.
What thoughts do you have about the topic right now (prior to researching it)? What do you expect to find when you research the topic? What do you hope to learn about? What are some of your assumptions right now?
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.
English unit one journal

George Mason University The Princess Bride A Battle of Wits 1987 Music Cues Summary

George Mason University The Princess Bride A Battle of Wits 1987 Music Cues Summary.

The assignment this week is two part:

1.  Summarize the 11 functions of film music in a list format, describing  how knowing the functions influenced your experience of the film  examples associated with each funtion.

2. Apply your understanding by analyzing ANOTHER duel with the “man in black” from the Princess Bride.
Analyze  the scene between the man in black and the Sicilian Fizzini (see the  clip above) by describing the thre music cues as the scene developments.  
Identify and comment on what function the music in each cue algins with. It is perfectly fine if the music repeats function. 
Use  terminology from the first three lessons to describe the way that each  music cue interacts with the scene. This should include 1.  identification of the function that music is serving in each cue, 2. the  interaction of music and dialogue, 3. the interaction of music and  physical gestures, 4. the perspective that the music is conveying in a  certain part of the scene, 5. the emotion that is being conveyed by the  music.

Format of assignment:
Title and Year of Film:




Music  cue 1: Each of these descriptions should reference what is happening  that leads up to the music cue entering, what is happening in the music  while the cue develops, storyline that the music is helping develop, and  how the music cue ends…
Music cue 2:

Music cue 3:

George Mason University The Princess Bride A Battle of Wits 1987 Music Cues Summary

Demand and Supply Essay

essay help online Introduction Economics plays an important role in the healthcare industry in the US. The relationship between different organizations and individuals involved in the production and consumption of health goods and services in the US is a complex one. The economic need of an individual in terms of healthcare is main idea behind the consumption while organizations provide the above needed services. The healthcare industry is subject to all the economic trends through production of goods and services which in this case are the drugs, equipment and the services rendered by medical professionals. Additionally, it’s also shaped by the forces of demand and supply; demand in this case denoting the willingness and capacity of consumers to pay for the healthcare products on offer. Supply on the other hand denotes the presence centers that provide medical services and the ability for the manufacturers of these products avail the products to the consumers. Besides the forces of demand and supply, there are economic variables including time, accessibility of drugs and services and user charges as applied in the industry. The discussion will focus on the above principles of economics as they apply to the healthcare industry in the US. Precisely, the discussion will focus on the supply and demand of endocrinology services in the US. There will also be a discussion on the economic relationship between the availability of these services in the US and the economic variables involved especially cost and access. Analysis Endocrinologists help in the treatment of endocrine disorders associated with diabetes conditions. Besides cancer and heart disease, diabetes is ranked as the other major disease among the American population. Demand Side The rise in the cases of diabetes, has led to a rise in demand of endocrinology services in the US. On the other hand however, the number of endocrinologists entering the market in the US has reduced considerably. The situation has therefore created a supply demand mismatch in the availability of these services. According to Stewart (2008, p. 1), private clinics, publicly run institutions, academic medical centers and the pharmaceutical industry have seen their needs for endocrinologists increase. According to him, the demand for endocrinology services is going to rise further considering the fact that over 44 million people in the US need their services. Additionally, over 50% of the US population being obese means that endocrinologists will be needed more in the coming years. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Supply Side The above demand is against a supply of slightly above 5000 endocrinologists available in the US according to a 2006 survey. Over 1500 of these are not primary care providers, leaving an average of 4000 endocrinologists in active practice. The above scenario clearly shows demand outstripping supply. According to Mercer (2009, p. 1), the demand for endocrinology services is likely to rise further as many of the professionals reach retirement age in this decade. The above demand – supply mismatch has had its consequences felt by the consumers of these services in the US. Economic Variables Basic economics dictate that the most likely effect when demand outstrips supply is the rise in price of goods and services. Sometimes, it may also affect the quality of the service being delivered and how it’s being delivered. Mercer (2009, p. 1) asserts that the disparity in the demand and supply of endocrinologists in the US has resulted in the failure to treat endocrinology patients in the traditional office model. Stewart concurs in his analysis when he says that the shortage of endocrinologists negatively impacted access to care by patients with diabetes, obesity, adrenal disease and thyroid cancer. This shortage of endocrinologist has led to limited access and care of endocrinology patients. There are verified reports of patients waiting up to 6 months to gain access to an endocrinologist. As expected, the costs associated with accessing the services have risen. This is partly because of the negative consequences of the failure to treat the condition appropriately due to waiting time and largely because of the economical factor of less supply. Instead they have adopted the volume solution to resolve the problem. Additionally, the industry has adopted an approach of engaging primary care physicians to handle endocrinology patients. This primarily aims at availing wide access to the services to the people who need them. Rizza et al (2003, p. 1985) asserts that the demand for endocrinologists will exceed supply for the next two decades at least up to the year 2020. According to a supply model developed by the Rizza, the difference between the demand and supply of these services will reduce in the first decade of the 21st century as new professionals enter the field. However, expected retirement of many endocrinologists who will be above 50 years during the decade will widen the demand and supply mismatch. There is sufficient reason to believe that improved supply of endocrinologists to the market in the US will eliminate most of the problems brought by the shortage. We will write a custom Essay on Demand and Supply specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There is need to prop up the supply of endocrinologists in the US through the implementation of measures influenced by the factors of supply. First, it’s important that the trends in residence fellowships be improved so that the number of endocrinologists who complete the fellowships every year increases. Secondly, there is need to raise the retirement age of medical practitioners but the raise should mainly target the endocrinology profession. That way the rate of attrition from the profession will be stemmed and effectively improving supply of the professionals. The above factors are expected to boost supply of the professionals to the market to end the bridge the gap between their demand supply deficits. Conclusion The above analysis represents the integration of the principles of economics especially demand and supply in the healthcare industry. Medical services in this case endocrinology are treated like any other commodity that I available in the market for the highest bidder. Like in pure economics, the economic variables of cost and access to good and services are affected by demand and supply. A rational analysis on the number of professionals in the field of endocrinology in the US and the demand that is currently available easily suggests a deficit in supply. The mismatch between the forces of demand and supply therefore has led to the rise n the costs associated with endocrinology services. Additionally, access to the services has also been affected. Increasing the supply of this service will weigh down on demand and an equilibrium position will be achieved. The measures suggested in the last part of the discussion are meant to increase the supply through the supply chain which in this case is the training institutions. References Mercer, A. (2009). Supply and Demand. Diabetes Health. Retrieved from Rizza, A.R. et al. (2003). A model to determine workforce needs for endocrinologists in the US 2020*. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology

San Diego State University Unethical Research About Yellow Fever Study

San Diego State University Unethical Research About Yellow Fever Study.

this is an unethical research presentation, we are doing this as a group work so the parts of this research is splitted on all group members, so my part is to identify the RESULTS (findings and conclusions) of this UNETHICAL research and the topic is about Yellow Fever Study (1900). please make sure you do my part correctly. I don’t need a lot of paragraphs,in other words don’t make it like an essay. I just need you to cover my part which is the results( findings and conclusions) of this unethical research.
San Diego State University Unethical Research About Yellow Fever Study

Men in Domestic Violence Article Research Paper

Men in Domestic Violence Article Research Paper.

Thesis: Anyone will be a victim of domestic violence, even a man. We should throw away the antiquated idea,and people should encourage man who be victim of domestic violence to ignore gender stereotypes and come out for help and counseling each time they encounter violence.Topic: The violence of men I will need the outline tomorrow (June 6.2019). please check the Outline format. I had been upload the files, and the Essay will Due June 8 2019 (PST)The Original Research Article (ORA) asks you to put forward and support an academic argument related to your narrowed social science topic. Note: Your FINAL DRAFT of this is in the FRA. Throughout the research and writing process of previous assignments up till this point, you have not put forth your own opinions or viewpoints but focused on reporting the information, analyses and conclusions of other scholars. The ORA is the place where you will showcase and present your own insights, interpretations, and viewpoints as they relate to your topic.Your Original Argument:An academic argument should include the following elements: a main claim, reasons, and evidence. It should be structured clearly and framed in a manner consistent with what you are arguing. For example, if you are defining a term (like “voluntary manslaughter”) and are then arguing that someone should be freed on the basis of that definition, you would want to use a definition-style argument. Your textbook is full of different styles of argument – peruse them and find one that works best with your claim. Your first step will be, actually, to read about the different kinds of arguments in your textbook, so skim Chapters 7-12 FIRST!Although you are likely to include a great number of observations, interpretations and insights throughout your essay, your main claim will be a response to your research question. In a large sense, the originality of your overall contribution to the shared scholarly understanding of your topic will depend on the originality of your research question.More Research:You need a minimum of 5 NEW sources for the ORA, so keep on browsing, surfing, researching, and asking questions. Remember – this is the area where you are diving into territory related to a crime, so most of you will probably have podcasts, youtube clips of people involved, or interviews as sources – often this is where you get to have the research you REALLY REALLY want. It just must be CREDIBLE. In developing your argument and trying to support an answer (hypothesis) to your original research question in the ORA, you will of course draw upon your Background Essay and Literature Review. However, the way in which you have narrowed your topic and the questions you are now asking may have gone through substantial changes as you moved through the various assignments, so you might also end up having to do new background research or to find new scholarly articles/chapters.
Men in Domestic Violence Article Research Paper

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