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English Question Description Each entry should be at least 200 words long, correspond

Description Each submission should be at least 200 words long, correspond to an article on Global Issues in Context, contain a title, focus on critique rather than summarization, limit first-person perspective, be confident in the presentation of the argument, and be carefully proofread. Your article cannot only focus on the United States. For this project, you must concentrate on locations outside of the United States. A three-paragraph blog structure is standard. 1. In the opening paragraph, give the shortest possible summary. Keep in mind that this is a critique, not a story synopsis. The purpose of the summary is to serve as a basis for your entry. If your response becomes a summary, the aim of writing has been defeated. In your introduction, don’t forget to include both the author and the title of the piece you’re using. 2. You’ll make a reference to your point in the second paragraph. You could wish to contextualize your argument by referring to current events or what you’re learning in another class. This is the paragraph that offers your main point direction and weight. We’re getting close to the primary point (the argument) of your entry at this time. It only depends on how much information you have to unravel that your second paragraph merges with your third. 3. Present your case in the third paragraph. You must be bold, confident, clear, and direct in your presentation when presenting this point. Your audience should be aware of your position on this issue. Keep in mind that practically any argument will work as long as you make connections between what you’re reading and the bigger world while offering proof and backing up your position. You must be meticulous in your presentation! The bigger the subject, the more “work” you’ll have to put in to persuade your audience that your point of view is correct.