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English Question

Argumentative/Literary Analysis Essay
For this essay, choose one theme, motif, symbol, or literary device from Deliverance (such as hypermasculinity, fight or flight, class, ableism, unreliable narrator, eyes, etc) and analyze/argue how this contributes to your understanding of a larger societal conversation happening outside of the book (either in the 70s or now).

For example, you might want to write an essay that focuses on Ed’s unreliability. You might explain that Ed is unreliable because he has latent homosexual feelings towards Lewis that he refuses to acknowledge, he has very intolerant views of others, and he drinks…a lot. His unreliability, you might argue, supports the claim that toxic masculinity is a whole is unreliable and downright wrong.
12pt font
Double spaced
MLA formatting
In text citations
Works cited page
A title
An introduction with an arguable thesis
3-5 body paragraphs that each focus on one main point
A conclusion that restates your thesis