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English Question

Watch the opening scenes from the two versions of Henry IV, Part 1 (one from Donmar Warehouse and one from the Royal Shakespeare Company) and consider the impact of casting different actors in the same role. Choose any one role (Henry IV, Prince Hal, Falstaff, etc) and compare the performances of the two actors selected for that role in the two different productions. What is the impact of this casting choice on the way audiences receive this particular character? What else is impacted, relationships between this character and others, etc?
NO PLAIGIRISM, 200-500 words
Separate, can answer in a small paragraph:
In the beginning of Act 2, prince Hal and five other friend’s of his decide to rob rich merchants that are passing by the highway. Prince Hal and Poin decide to go hide in one end of the highway and the other four are tasked to do the actual robbing, after the robbing Prince Hal and Poin decide to re disguise them selves and rob the four other friends that robbed the merchants from all the stolen goods. What kind of characteristic traits does the young prince Hal portray in these two scenes from what we have seen?
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