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English Question

Please read the following instructions before writing your response.
Write a response to the question listed below. Strong responses to the essay question are usually between 200-300 words, and you need to allow time to write a response in which you provide textual support, including quotes, to support your claims. You should also allow time to proofread your response as well.
You should include limited quotations from the literary works when appropriate to support your points, and you should include parenthetical references whenever using quoted material.
Do not use any outside sources in this essay response. All of the content should be your own ideas supported by specific evidence from our readings. Any student using any information from a source other than the textbook and class notes will receive an automatic 0 on the exam. As your syllabus explains, plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form whatsoever.
Essay Question:
Analyze the depiction of two characters who struggle with sexual lust. The two characters you select should not be from the same text, and they must be from texts that we have studied during the second unit. How are their struggles similar? different? Do these characters ultimately learn from their struggles?
Use textual support, including limited quotations, from the textbook to support your assertions.