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The fl offspring would have the wild type phenotype because it is dominant. 3. What was the phenotypic ratio for the offspring resulting from this testcross? 4. Based on this phenotypic ratio, was the Fl wild-type female homozygous or heterozygous for the eye color allele? Explain your answer. 5. Based for the body color allele? Explain your answer. Lab Summary Address the following points in a 100-to 200-word summary: Summarize the general principles and purpose of the lab. The purpose of FlyLab is to show what happens when teo creatures mate Explain how this lab helped you etter understand the topics and concepts addressed this week.

Describe what you found challenging about this lab. Actually getting the lab to work was really difficult for me. Understanding what I was doing was as well. I am still not sure if I did this lab correctly but I tried my best to go off of the instructions that were given. Describe what you found interesting about this lab. It was interesting beacuase I learned about the different dominant traits. Just because the mother has purple eyes doent mean that the offspring will have the same some things are dominant when it comes to mating.

Discussion Question

When discussing ethics and morals, a common topic of debate involves whether these concepts are relative (i.e., our ideas regarding right and wrong will vary significantly based upon our upbringing, culture, religious beliefs, etc.) or absolute (i.e., certain actions are absolutely right or wrong, regardless of our upbringing, culture, religious beliefs, etc.).
In your opinion, is all morality relative (i.e., simply an individual’s definition of right and wrong), or are certain moral concepts absolute? Should everyone have the right to decide which behaviors are acceptable or unacceptable?
Could variances in the manner in which criminal justice professionals view morals and ethics as either absolute or relative impact day-to-day decision making? Explain your answer.