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In the article, “The Princess Paradox”, James Poniewozik describes how the princess era is making a comeback. He uses a lot of examples of cinderella stories and other fairytale projects to describe how the princess era is becoming a trend today. He goes into a lot of depth about these movies and fairy-tail projects to get his point across. In the article, “Cinderella and Princess Culture”, Peggy Orenstein starts off by telling us how she came “unhinged” at the dentist’s office whenever the dentist asked Orenstein’s daughter if she wanted to sit in the princess throne.

Orenstein immediately attacks the dentist, claiming that every daughter does not need to be a princess in this world today. Orenstein mainly discusses the Disney consumer products having a major influence on the young girls today. Although in both of these articles, Orenstein and Poniewozik act as if they are feminist, they both have different reasons to why they are against young girls being princesses today.

Poniewozik begins by stating that it is a nightmare for the young girls wanting to be princesses today. Society expects every little girl wants to be a princess. Poniewozik blames Hollywood for this. It’s true in recent decades that Hollywood has produced quite a few cinderella stories and also many other fairy-tail type projects. It’s not a bad thing for them to do this because they’re making a large profit off these projects. Princess fairytale stories and movies are surprisingly popular today. Poniewozik claims that we have come a long way from the girls-kick-ass-culture of just a few years ago (Poniewozik 666).

Orenstein is in a dentist office with her daughter when the dentist asked her daughter if she wanted to sit in the princess throne. Orenstein couldn’t handle it anymore, so she attacked the dentist. She is being somewhat rude and overreacts a bit. She believes not every young girl should want to be a princess even though most people in today’s society believes that. Even though she doesn’t want her daughter be a princess maybe her daughter does. Orenstein seems a controlling mother that won’t let her daughter have fun. On the other hand she could be protecting her daughter by leading in her in the right direction of getting a career because you obviously can’t just be a princess in reality.

Poniewozik and Orenstein both believe that we, America, are in a royal moment. Although Poniewozik blames it on Hollywood with all of the Cinderella/fairytale stories being produced, Orenstein blames it all on the Disney consumer products in the United States. Hollywood came out with a set of Cinderella stories and other fairy-tail projects. Disney Consumer Products started this craze about six years ago and the sales have reached to $3 billion this year. Young girls have been brainwashed by all of these and need to snap out of it because they can’t be a princess in reality. Both the authors have different reasons and views as to why young girls are caught up in the princess era.

Orenstein criticizes the famous character Dora The Explorer. It’s as if she thinks Dora is bad for her daughter. She goes on to say that Dora is dirty-kneed and sarcastically says that she has even taken the throne. It is a pretty good point that she makes saying that Dora is one of the big reasons of the princess trend. There was an episode where Dora was turned into a “true princess”. Although Orestein is being harsh attacking Dora like this. Dora the Explorer is just a cartoon made for children to enjoy. It was only one episode where dora turned into a princess.

Poniewozik discusses these fairy tale projects and harshly criticizes them. He dislikes the movie Ella Enchanted. To him its just a knockoff of Cinderella where she wants to free herself of a fairy’s curse. He then goes on to critique The Prince & Me. Poniewozik believes that the movie industry has brainwashed young girls. It seems like he too hard on the movies. Poniewozik likes to jump to conclusions about the movies being that mind-altering to young girls today.

Orenstein realizes that maybe she has interpreted the princess era wrong. The princess era could be a sign of progress for young girls. Orenstein was determined that the princess era was a bad thing for her daughter and now she is thinking that it could be good. The princess era is just a phase that young girls will go through at some point in their lives. Eventually the girls will grow up and realize that you cannot be a princess in today’s world.

Poniewozik sticks with his feminist ways and that the princess era is bad for the young girls around the world. He goes on to describe how these young girls can grow up and become a feminist with a career as well as being a princess too (falling in love with the so-called prince charming). If you do this there are some rules and conventions. Poniewozik’s idea here is promising and can be true in a variety of ways in reality. There are very successful women out there today that could be considered princesses.

Orenstein makes an excellent point stating that boys go through a power ranger phase and get through it and girls go through the princess stage who also get through it. This is a great way to back up her own feminist views on the princess trend. The differences between both of their views are clear.

Poniewozik and Orenstein both show us ways that they are feminist. There is a princess trend occurring in the United States today that some view is an epidemic and others don’t care for it. To Poniewozik and Orenstein the princess trend is an epidemic that needs to be controlled a little better. They have different reasoning to why the princess trend is a disaster. The claims they make and the evidence they use are strong in different ways.

Describe the characteristics of the environment (political, economic, and social) that affected the implementation of the policy.

Describe the characteristics of the environment (political, economic, and social) that affected the implementation of the policy..

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For this assignment, you will need to select a policy (health, education, welfare, etc.) that has been implemented. Then, in 750-1,000 words, do the following: 1. Describe the public policy instrument (law, public service, sanction, incentive, etc.) used to implement the policy. 2. Explain whether the instrument was appropriate or not.

3. Describe the characteristics of the environment (political, economic, and social) that affected the implementation of the policy. Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations. APA citations

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