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ENGLISH 120 CC Implement Restaurant Strategies to Prevent Food Wastage Essay

ENGLISH 120 CC Implement Restaurant Strategies to Prevent Food Wastage Essay.

Post your introduction and background paragraph of Essay 2 (at least 400 words) to the discussion board for feedback from other students in the class.Refer to the Assignment 10.3 for the requirements and a sample of what you will be posting.Type the audience you are trying to persuade and your essay’s purpose at the top of your post.Underline your essay’s thesis.Part 2: Due by 11:59pm on Sunday, October 25Give feedback to two other student’s drafts of Essay 2.If a student has not received any feedback yet, pick this student’s draft over a student who has already received feedback.We all understand that students aren’t teachers; that’s okay. Part of your strength as a writer comes from learning to review and revise, noting areas of weakness and strength. You are practicing this as you offer constructive criticism to another student. Plus, it helps you to see examples of how other students wrote the assignment. Offer at least 50 words of feedback to both students (100 words total).Use these questions and tips to help you give the two students some feedback. You don’t have to comment on all of these areas; just pick the areas you feel comfortable commenting on and the areas of the student’s draft that need improvement.IntroductionWhat details could the student add to spice up the hook?Has the student identified the problem he or she is writing about in the introduction?Has the student included a thesis? Background ParagraphHelp the students use a variety of rhetorical strategies to persuade their audience.What could be added to get the audience to care more about this problem?Point out spots that are unclear.Help the student use signal phrases to clarify where information from the article starts.Help the student use in-text citations correctly: (author’s last name and page number or paragraph number if either of these is available).You could also help them with organization and grammar.Grading RubricClick on the Options icon (three vertical dots) located in the top right-hand corner and then click on “Show Rubric” to view the grading requirements for this assignment. How to Post Your Draft and Give Feedback to StudentsWatch this video if you need a reminder of how to post and reply on the discussion board.
ENGLISH 120 CC Implement Restaurant Strategies to Prevent Food Wastage Essay

Kellogg’s incorporation of specialist transportation and storage companies to cater for the logistic aspects of the business is a good mix within the Supply Chain Management. This has helped in the reduction of distribution costs and also ensures that consumers receive goods in time. Incorporation of major retails within the system assists in distribution purposes and also maintenance of good relationships with customers. Just-in-time system assists in the management of the inventory ensures balance is maintained at each section of the supply chain. This is done through efficient distribution system brought about by the relocation of warehouses (Kotler and Keller, 2007). There is elaborate restriction on companies within the supply chain allowing them to concentrate within their line of specialization. Also the incorporation of computerized warehousing enables efficient manufacturing and distribution of products, eliminating the sense of delay. Kellogg’s organization within the supply chain ensures easy identification and implementation of necessary solutions towards marketing opportunities. The idea of incorporating appropriate computerized measuring tools assists them in the process of gaining full control of supply chain. This has enabled the company to easily partner with efficient retailers, technology and processes towards improvement of competitive advantages (Godsell et al, 2006). Improvement can be made in the management of inventories within the supply chain. This requires involvement of adequate technological processes and incorporates proper management of supplies from manufacturing processes to delivery. Implementation of right kind of inventory determines profitability levels, since inventory velocity plays integral role in the success any business (Kotler and Keller, 2007). At the same time efficiency can be reinforced within manufacturing by the use of Business Score Card which assists in making important changes within human resource and manufacturing. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This implies that the overall efficiency of the processes should be improved by more than 10%. Besides focusing on quality expectations from consumers, the various aspects of production should encompass cost of production and nature of delivery. The use of supply chain order matrix should be implemented to reveal the real nature of the company’s organization (Godsell et al, 2006). Table1: Supply chain Order Matrix Metrics Reliability Responsiveness Flexibility Cost Assets Perfect Order Fulfilment z Order fulfilment Cycle time z Upside Supply Chain flexibility z Upside Supply Chain Adaptability z Downside Supply Chain Adaptability z SCM Cost z Cost of Goods Sold Z Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time z Return on Supply Chain Fixed Assets z Return on Working Capital z Importance of companies like Kellogg’s in building good relationships with businesses in the tertiary sector Big companies such as Kellogg’s operate under influence of central management for the purposes of capturing national and global markets. Kellogg’s require good relations within the tertiary sector since Supply chain management comprises of various activities from operations, marketing management, economics and logistics of which needs other parties for full implementation of the supply cycle (Hagel and Brown, 2005). There are considerable sources of competition within the food industry from established companies. This has been enhanced through improved technology and the rising demand for quality goods. There is tremendous shift of power downstream where much focus is set on end-users of the manufactured products (Kotler and Keller, 2007). It is easier for Kellogg’s to satisfy consumer needs by reaching them through the various distribution channels such as supermarkets. Hence every process undertaken by Kellogg’s should focus on customer satisfaction. In order to address competitive issues there is need for integration and coordination of supply chains at tertiary level. It is also easier to evaluate various consumers’ challenges and their effects within organizations at tertiary level (Kotler and Keller, 2007). Relationship at tertiary level assists in the creation of foundation, where the organization is capable of initiating appropriate mobilization of right resources. Pull models created in the process of supplying products assists in addressing increasing uncertainties. We will write a custom Essay on Kellogg’s Supply Chain Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There is possibility of improving the level of creativity based on the knowledge of local participants enabling elaborate satisfaction of immediate needs (Hagel and Brown, 2005). Incorporation of tertiary channels encourages teamwork, whereby innovative ideas capable of solving the rising demand for products are shared. Pull models used by the Company at the tertiary level addresses rising opportunities such as supplying goods to surrounding supermarkets and retail shops. Tertiary outlets provide necessary services capable of treating consumers as creative entities with abilities towards solutions and creation of opportunities (Kotler and Keller, 2007; Godsell et al, 2006). Kellogg’s should be very vigilant on customer centric issues since they become more demanding concerning their expectations, hence the company should aspire to customize their products and services. Players within the value chain should form integrated network capable of providing differentiated segment products as well as upgraded customer services. Well coordination within the supply chain and responsible actions from the companies assist them in winning consumer confidence and trust (Kotler and Keller, 2007). Figure 1: Level 1 SCOR model of the supply chain operations Evaluation on at least three benefits for large manufacturers like Kellogg’s in handing over the logistical side of their business to specialist companies like TDG There are several problems within supply chain logistics of multi-site companies like Kellogg’s. This at times remain complex, since there is involvement of multiple stakeholders across the entire enterprise. Such complex nature of the supply chain demands that some services be outsourced since extra costs are incurred by companies in the process of reaching consumers with quality products and information. Such logistical activities range from determination of appropriate raw materials means of transport, manufacturing and process facilities involved in processing and incorporation of appropriate business components (Harrison and van Hoek, 2008). There is need for outsourcing logistical services for the purposes of maintaining supply hubs which at times remain in the verge of extinct due to the escalated operation costs. Not sure if you can write a paper on Kellogg’s Supply Chain Management by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Handing over company logistics to specialists like TDG assists smooth integration and coordination of activities across the organization and throughout the supply chain. This allows for internal and external integration of management creating the relevance of differentiating the role of supplier and supply management practices. Delegating the logistical side of the business enables the company to concentrate specifically in manufacturing activities. Elimination of such costs also contributes towards profit margin (Harrison and van Hoek, 2008). Outsourcing logistical side helps in leveraging the company’s global presence and at the same time benefit from synergies within its premises. At the same time enabling provision of opportunities through which appropriate models capable of delivering results within the supply chain are initiated. The resulting specialization and division of activities within multiple locations makes operations easier and improves efficiency. Such mode of operations results into reliance on provisions from the end markets (Harrison and van Hoek, 2008). The element of logistics can also be used in determining potential partners within supply chain and at the same time assists in the development of crucial processes with ultimate response to consumer requirements. Supply chain management should be considered as an essential component of multi-national businesses. However, this should be related to company’s strategy concepts. Outsourcing logistics enables effectiveness within the supply chain assisting in elimination of uncertainties which makes the company comply with various adaptive processes within the changing environment. The idea also enables easier participation in community development programs which gives clear indication of Kellogg’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Consumers are currently identifying with companies that are environmentally sensitive. Increase in the percentage of sales within the various market segments indicates high level of customer satisfaction based on quality and prices. Key elements of the marketing mix showing how an organization can improve its overall marketing strategy Competitive strategy within the company should focus on providing customers with superior products through their outlets. Such strategy can be reinforced by use of modern technology which makes it possible for customers to confidently follow respective deliveries. Development of brand image grants the company a strong position on the global market, hence capable of controlling a considerable market share. Application of good public relations within the market is an added advantage since there is an assurance of good coordination between customers and the organization. This can be done through internet and other digital communication services which prove advantageous within competitive market environment where majority of the players apply modern technology (Kotler and Keller, 2007). The target market has to be defined appropriately for the realization of effective results. Service companies like TNT targets household and office deliveries within the global market, and this has made them upgrade their supply chain for consumer conveniences (Kotler and Keller, 2007). Customer centric measures such as lead times, on-time delivery services, and customer index and consumer satisfaction levels can uniformly be identified through the use of BSC system Product strategy requires that the product offered should be capable of satisfying current consumer needs. For service companies marketing should be based on relationship and value. Such distinctions are based on defined qualities such as intangibility, inseparability and heterogeneity. The nature of competition within food and beverage industry demands production of high quality products in line with consumer needs. Excellent services within target markets ensure that customers maintain their loyalty to company products for fairly longer time. However, it is often easier to satisfy consumer needs when the markets are sub-divided into segments. This would also determine the kind of machineries used for monitoring and delivery purposes. Wider market coverage is done through multichannel distribution (Omera and Bernard, 2007). Positioning of a strong brand within the market place, like McDonald’s, enables the company to command considerably large share within the global market. Pricing strategy is used by most companies in the process of determining consumer loyalty to company’s products. Nature of pricing applied by various companies determines the percentage of consumer base they are able to attract. Pricing methods normally used in the market place include; geographical, psychological, zone pricing amongst others. Companies such as TNT adopted the use of segmentation pricing for their services, whereby services are priced based on distance and nature of the products on delivery (Kotler and Keller, 2007). Reference List Godsell, J, Harrison, A, Emberson, C
Bethesda University of California Masters in Health Education Presentation.

You have a written section 1,2,3 and 4 so you will create a PowerPoint presentation that includes 2 parts:Summary of the key points of your thesisIdentify the key points of your thesis, using bullets or brief statements. Do not just copy the words but focus on summarizing the key points.Immediate action steps to convert your plans to actionsIdentify at least 3 domains/competencies to target for immediate developmentRefer to:Suggested Guidelines for Action Step Selection (in readings) file is uploaded Using this form as a guide, complete all of the requested information for at least 3 domains/competencies. There should be no intended priority to the order in which these competencies and their action steps/behaviors are covered. It is important to be as specific as possible when reporting on the action steps and behaviors so that what is provided addresses the required skills, knowledge, and abilities that make-up each competency.Deliverable: Compilation Power Point PresentationAt a minimum, you must include the following topics (expected minimum number of slides): Cover with your name (1)Introduction (1)Section 1 (2)Section 2 (2)Section 3 (2)Section 4 (2)Competency Development: Domains/Competencies, Action Steps/Behaviors, Results/Benefits #1 (1)Competency Development: Domains/Competencies, Action Steps/Behaviors, Results/Benefits #2 (1)Competency Development: Domains/Competencies, Action Steps/Behaviors, Results/Benefits #3 (1)Summary (1)you will see example for the PowerPoint please don’t copy and paste it will know by website called trun in.
Bethesda University of California Masters in Health Education Presentation

HrM SLP 1 W whistle blowing

HrM SLP 1 W whistle blowing.

Module 1 – SLPWHISTLE BLOWING, NEGOTIATING, AND HR LAWNegotiatingThe art of negotiating is important for all employees and especially for HR managers and professionals. HR personnel are involved in many negotiations such as allocating salaries and bonuses, implementing policies, and determining procedures. There are two main methods of negotiating: (1) Distributive and (2) Integrative. Distributive bargaining is the approach to bargaining or negotiation that is used when the parties are trying to divide something up—distribute something. It contrasts with integrative bargaining in which the parties are trying to make more of something. A practical example of distributing bargaining is when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership that is trying to profit as much as possible. In distributive bargaining, it’s best to keep information to yourself while trying to get information out of the other party. An integrative bargaining situation occurs when it’s possible to produce a greater outcome together than either party could reach on his or her own. During integrative bargaining, it is important to determine the priorities of all parties involved. As a practical example, when dealing with Labor Unions, it is recommended for managers to use an integrative bargaining approach, but unfortunately many managers use a distributive bargaining approach, which results in impasse, employee strikes, and wasting an organization’s time and resources. Negotiating ApproachesDiscuss a negotiation that you have been involved with. Discuss the details of the negotiation and whether you used a distributive or integrative approach. Depending on the approach you used for the negotiation, what if you used the other approach? Do you think that would have helped the situation? As an HR manager, should you use a distributive or integrative approach when dealing with employees?SLP Assignment ExpectationsYour paper should be short (2–3 pages, not including the cover sheet, references, and assessment sheet) and to the point. You are expected to deal with these issues in an integrated fashion rather than treating them as a series of individual questions to be answered one by one and left at that
HrM SLP 1 W whistle blowing

“The Street Life in Lagos”: Film Analysis Essay

java assignment help The financial capital of Nigeria, Lagos, denotes one of the quickest developing megacities across the globe. Each day thousands of individuals get to this big African city to begin a fresh life and create a new, enhanced future. The majority of such people hail from outside Nigeria. Christian and Jean are both educators from Benin. In the street life in Lagos film, the two are shown to arrive in Lagos to look for their affluence, reside, and work in one of the greatly renowned slums across the globe, Makoko. The movie greatly centers on the two foreigners and their endeavors in search of a better life in Lagos. In the movie, Christian and Jean take the viewers through a journey of their adopted metropolis, evidently expressing the fortitude of enterprise and endurance that the inhabitants require to make an income. A boat or motorcycle can result in an immense difference, and the people with at least a generator or scavenging the trash piles all attempt to make ends meet in the rough, vibrant metropolis. Since slum tourism acts as the trend amid documentary moviemakers in cities across Africa, street life in Lagos is no different. It generates the normal inquiries of the person giving the stories regarding Africa; in what manner and for which reason. In which way are the Africans giving their stories in documentaries such as this, and what is its framework? In which manner is the metropolis, the slums within, and its residents signified in the movie? However, judging by the state of affairs, the representation is not good at all. Watching the movie gives a feeling of between experimental anthropology and poverty expression since, in spite of the movie maker’s most probable excellent objectives, the movie fails to generate a connection with Makoko and the majority of its residents that are seen all through the movie. The movie contains transitory, at times hauling narratives, though the attraction that holds the watcher to a character or narrative is very weak. The movie gives the viewer a sensation of just getting a glance and moving on. In the task of an anthropologist equipped with a camera, the moviemakers offer no introduction, opinionated, economic, or social background to Lagos or Makoko. In this regard, the global viewer is tossed in the unfathomable end. The street life in Lagos, as a documentary movie impression, could be all jittery and full of stodgy content, but unluckily it does not appear so. After Jean and Christian have given their accounts of immigration, the moviemakers proceed to the school (in the evening) were deprived, non-speaking, and intrusive children are illustrated. With no enlightenment and nothing clarified concerning them, the movie progresses to the subsequent scene. This becomes the order of the movie as it has many narratives regarding anonymous, ageless individuals with attributes and situations that the viewers do not, in reality, get to identify. On this note, rather than inviting the viewers to connect with the impoverished slum residents of Lagos that are all shown from the back a Conradesque camera view, the movie calls for the viewers to just observe them. Moreover, Lagos is not well represented in the movie as just a single kind of narrative regarding the metropolis turns out to be the perceived major story, whereas a metropolis ought to have many intricate and intertwined stories.

Harvard University Political Ideologies and Conservative Mind Questions

Harvard University Political Ideologies and Conservative Mind Questions.

I’m working on a political science writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Please answer both of the following questions as fully and completely as you can. Quote and cite the texts to support your arguments. And please do not plagiarize, which includes patch-writing. Do your own writing. The exam will be due in the dropbox labeled “Final Exam” by Sunday, May 2, at 11:59pm.1. We have discussed several different political ideologies in this class over the course of the semester. Which ideology is the best at describing historical, political, and moral realities in your estimation? Defend your position by discussing the strengths of your chosen ideology and the relative weaknesses of the alternatives that we discussed. [HINT: this question is asking you to put the ideologies into dialogue with each other, comparing them to each other.]2. Corey Robin’s book is about the nature of the conservative mind. List 5 essential elements of the conservative mind according to Robin (quote and cite the book). What historical and political figures embody those elements either individually or as group? Give examples of the elements in action in these historical figures.
Harvard University Political Ideologies and Conservative Mind Questions

Motherhood Working Outside Home Have a Negative Impact on Children Discussion

Motherhood Working Outside Home Have a Negative Impact on Children Discussion.

M11 DiscussionLocate two original and current (published within the past ten years) journal articles, one that supports the argument that mothers who work outside of the home have a negative impact on their children and another that supports the argument that there is no negative impact. Your initial post should include three paragraphs. In the First paragraph, briefly describe how the article you chose supports the argument that mothers working outside of the home can have a negative impact on their children. In the Second paragraph, briefly describe how the article you chose supports the counter-argument. In the Third paragraph, briefly describe and defend your position on the issue (i.e., on what do you base your position on the controversial issue?). Please note that you must include appropriate APA-in text citations within your first and second paragraphs, and you also must include a complete APA-style reference for each journal article. For more information about APA style and for an example of an initial post that would receive full credit, please refer to the Getting Started module. Your initial post must be made by Thursday at 11:59 pm.
M12 DiscussionLocate two original and current (published within the past ten years) journal articles, one that supports the argument that there is such a thing as the midlife crisis and another that argues that there is no support for its existence. Your initial post should include three paragraphs. In the First paragraph, briefly describe how the article you chose supports the midlife crisis argument. In the Second paragraph, briefly describe how the article you chose supports the midlife competence argument. In the Third paragraph, briefly describe and defend your position on the issue (i.e., on what do you base your position on the controversial issue?). Please note that you must include appropriate APA-in text citations within your first and second paragraphs, and you also must include a complete APA-style reference for each journal article. For more information about APA style and for an example of an initial post that would receive full credit, please refer to the Getting Started module. Your initial post must be made by Thursday at 11:59 pm.
Motherhood Working Outside Home Have a Negative Impact on Children Discussion

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