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ENGL 101 University of California The Impact of The Coronavirus Essay

ENGL 101 University of California The Impact of The Coronavirus Essay.

PART A SENTENCE COMBINING (30 points) Show 2 different ways to join the sentences in each problem below in one or two complete sentences. Correct but average = a C; more complexity + correct = higher score. However, you need to work inside your comfort zone, so avoid trying things you are not ready to handle. This means that if you cannot produce just one sentence to connect all the pieces, you can submit two sentences. You still need to show 2 different ways to join the ideas in each problem.PART B ESSAY (70 points)—YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS:1. Revise your COVID essays. You’ll see that your originals are marked with yellow highlights and in some places, comments or questions in red will help you see where to make content changes. Your essay currently indicates “Pass” or “No Pass” in its original form. Clearly, you want to take it to a higher grade, and yes, you can go from a “No Pass” to a passing grade. REVISE THE ESSAY I SENT THIS MORNING—not one that you did before class with someone helping you. Each of you will have your own breakout rooms:Open this final exam document and your COVID essay on your computer so that when I come to your breakout room, you can show me where you are struggling with revisions.Have a dictionary or thesaurus handy so you can quickly search for words. Your COVID revision grade will count twice: once for your COVID Essay #2 and also for part of your final exam is a pretty useful resource!
ENGL 101 University of California The Impact of The Coronavirus Essay

University of the Cumberlands Marketing Management Pepper Spray Key Chains Case.

I’m working on a management report and need guidance to help me study.

This activity/assignment will help students understand concept of targeting and its importanceActivity I: Choose
a product that you would like to introduce in the market. Create a
profile of your target market and to discuss the reasons for choosing
this market.This activity/assignment will help students understand concept of positioning and its importanceActivity II: Find
a company that is struggling. Where is it in the positioning matrix?
Could the company be more successful if it changed any of its Ps (e.g.,
to head to the lo-lo-lo-lo or hi-hi-hi-hi cells)? The
assignment is to answer the question provided above in essay form. This
is to be in narrative form and should be as thorough as possible.
Bullet points should not to be used. The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2
pages in length, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1 inch
margins and utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional
source related to marketing management. The textbook should also be
utilized. Do not insert excess line spacing. APA formatting and citation
should be used.
University of the Cumberlands Marketing Management Pepper Spray Key Chains Case

Impressions of The Music Analysis.

1. Jennifer Higdon, Zaka2. Augusta Read Thomas, Six Piano Etudes-Hommage to Pierre Boulez-Hommage to Morton Feldman3.George Rochberg, Carnival Music-Blues-Sfumato4. Judith Weir (1954- ): The Consolations of Scholarship (1985).listen to the recordings and write approximately one paragraph on each composition (but not each movement). A four-paragraph document for the assignment.try to generalize about what you hear, and about the composer’s style. Below are some general descriptions you should consider (don’t try to describe all of them!):TextureMonophonic? Polyphonic? Homophonic? Is the texture consistent, or does it change often?TimbreWhich instruments are playing? Are they playing in unusual ways? Is the combination of instruments unusual?MelodyLength of phrases, type of motion, step vs. leaps, etc.FormCan you hear what it is? Is there repetition?HarmonyFunctional? Atonal? Is there a sense of consonance or dissonance?Rhythm, Meter, TempoIs it constant or changing?Describe what you hear and your impressions of the music.Use the terminology that have learned in class.example:Charles Ives, Three Places in New EnglandCharles Ives was an avant-garde Experimentalist, trying to create something new out of the European tradition. Three Places in New England is an orchestral set, textured and layered with orchestral sound. There are a lot of different things going on at the same time, almost like two simultaneous tunes in different tempos. The textures are dense and heterogeneous, and there is a lot going on within the piece. It feels very layered and thick, almost atmospheric, but the melodies are quite recognizable, so it doesn’t sound like a mess. You can hear the melodies through the atmospheric layer. The harmonies are quite dissonant sounding, and there doesn’t seem to be a tonal center. He has experimented quite well with rhythm; there is a constant pulse, which continues to shift. There are tempo changes and dynamic shifts, and at points the whole intensity level of the piece lifts to an extreme range, creating a dramatic feel. Three Places in New England is quite a flowing, layered, melodic piece.
Impressions of The Music Analysis

HRM 340 Grantham University Employee Performance Management Process Questions

HRM 340 Grantham University Employee Performance Management Process Questions.

HRM340CHAPTERS 10 – 11Case Application“Growing Pains at Modern Office Supply” (pages 236-237 in the text).After reading the case annotated above, answer the following questions as noted on page 237 of the text:
What important elements are missing in the performance management process? In what ways would improving the performance management process help improve discipline and morale at Modern Office Supply?
Explain ways the form used for hourly employees contributes to errors and distortions in the appraisal process. How would you revise the form to reduce those errors? Explain other steps that need to be taken to further reduce distortions in the process.
What type of appraisal method would you recommend that would be more effective for the hourly employees? Construct an appropriate form for the delivery driver position.
How can the appraisal process for the managers be improved?
Research: Find two to three online examples of performance appraisals for hourly employees that are more effective than the example in the case. Explain the elements that make your examples more effective.
There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, only well-substantiated opinions based on critical analysis.
HRM 340 Grantham University Employee Performance Management Process Questions

Chemical dependency assignment 5

custom essay Chemical dependency assignment 5. Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

You have learned many of the basic elements of a chemical dependency center in today’s world. Now it is time to write a report that will be used in a final proposal for a new treatment center. Consider what you have already learned, and continue your research about addiction and recovery theories, services, and continuum of care to design the most effective treatment center possible. Based on current issues that you have learned about, consider the changes you believe could be made to improve this evolving system.
Start with some of the following questions:

What do you think the future best practices might look like?
How might you care for the professionals in a field while they are caring for their clients?
What kind of professional development will the staff need to make this center a success? How might this improve services to those in need?

Given what you know and what your group discovered and discussed about modern treatment facilities, use your imagination to come up with a futuristic model of an addiction and recovery services center. Be sure to address the following information in a proposal of 4–5 pages:

Type of facility
Need for the facility
Purpose of the facility
Current issues or challenges the facility is designed to address
Mission statement of the facility
Philosophy or theories practiced within the facility


Populations to be served by the facility
Treatments used in the facility
Physical appearance of the facility
Type of staff
Professional development that will be available to staff
Additional important details
4-5 pages

Chemical dependency assignment 5

Minimum Wage: Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Annotated Bibliography, social science help

Minimum Wage: Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Annotated Bibliography, social science help.

Reflect:  Based on the topic that you have chosen, (Minimum Wage) you will need to use critical thinking skills to thoroughly understand how this topic can be a global societal problem and determine some logical solution(s) to the problem.Write: For this assignment, review the Annotated Bibliography Formatting Guidelines and address the following prompts:Introductory Paragraph to Topic: Refer to the Final Argumentative Essay guidelines for your topic selection. Write an introductory paragraph with at least 150 words, which clearly explains the topic, the importance of further research, and ethical implications.Thesis statement: Write a direct and concise thesis statement, which will become the solution to the problem that you will argue or prove in the Week Five Final Argumentative Essay. A thesis statement should be a declarative statement that makes one point in 25 words or less. The thesis statement must appear at the end of the introductory paragraph.Annotated Bibliography: Develop an annotated bibliography to indicate the quality of the sources you have read. For each annotation, you need to summarize in your own words how the source contributes to the solution of the global societal issue. Your annotation should be one to two paragraphs long (150 words or more) and fully address the purpose, content, evidence, and relation to other sources you found on this topic. The annotated bibliography must include no less than five scholarly sources that will be used to support the major points of the Final Argumentative Essay. Critical thinking skills need to be demonstrated by accurately interpreting evidence used to support various positions of the topic.The Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Annotated Bibliography AssignmentMust be 1,000 – 1,250 words in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style.Must include a separate title page with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedMust use at least five scholarly sources.Please incorporate these as well if possible.David, H., Manning, A., & Smith, C. L. (2016). The contribution of the lowest wage to US wage inequality over three decades: a reassessment. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8(1), 58-99.Hirsch, B. T., Kaufman, B. E., & Zelenska, T. (2015). Minimum wage channels of adjustment. Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 54(2), 199-239.
Minimum Wage: Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Annotated Bibliography, social science help

Marketing Plan for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet Essay

Introduction Marketing refers to “the set of institutions, activities, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging goods and services that have value for customers, partners, and the society”. Thus, marketing aims at identifying and satisfying customers’ needs effectively. Marketing is crucial to an organization’s success. It enables an organization to “integrate and align its resources and functions to an overall goal of customer satisfaction”. Effective marketing requires a marketing plan. A marketing plan refers to “a written document that describes how an organization intends to reach its target market”. It entails a situation analysis, an organization’s goals, marketing strategies, and marketing mix decisions. This paper discusses the marketing plan for the successful development, commercialization, and introduction of the Samsung galaxy tablet into the market. Situation Analysis Strengths In the past decades, Samsung has emerged as one of the most competitive companies. Samsung boasts of several strengths. First, it focuses on producing electronic devices with a hardware system, which is compatible with most software and operating systems. This has enabled Samsung to have an edge over its competitors such as Apple. As a result, “Samsung’s Android mobile phones and tablets have gained a huge market share as opposed to Apple’s iOS and OS X”. Second, Samsung is one of the most innovative mobile phone companies. For example, “in 2011 Samsung was among the top patent assignees in the United States of America”. The acquisition of several patents has enabled it to surpass most of its competitors. Additionally, the company has won several awards for its products’ designs, which are user friendly and unique. Samsung also has a major focus on designing environmentally friendly products. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Third, the company has a strong financial base because it has a significant market share in a number of its products’ categories. Moreover, Samsung’s manufacturing firms are located in countries where the cost of production is relatively low. As a result, it incurs low costs of production; hence, it can offer its products at a lower price. Fourth, Samsung has managed to market its brand effectively. It is among the top rising brands. “From 2011 to 2012, the company’s popularity rose by 40 percent”. This rise was mainly attributed to strategic marketing techniques. For example, the company uses varied avenues such as sporting events to market its products. Weaknesses Despite its strengths, Samsung faces a number of challenges. First, the company lacks its own software. Software production can enable a company to attain a high profit margin. It also helps to popularize a company’s product and promote its brand loyalty. Therefore, Samsung is disadvantaged compared to its main competitors such as Apple. Second, the company has businesses in a number of industries. Thus, “it might lose focus by competing in several industries”. In the past years, Samsung has been found guilty of patent infringement. Consequently, this has had a negative effect on its reputation. Third, Samsung is one of the largest electronic companies in the world. Nonetheless, the company experiences a relatively low gross profit margin due to the company’s aggressive price cuts on its products. Opportunities Samsung has numerous opportunities that it can seize in order to enable it expand further. For instance, “the smartphone market in India is one of the least penetrated among the Asian countries”. Therefore, its strong presence in India can enable it to maximize gains in India’s smartphone market. The introduction of smartphones and tablets has led to a major increase in the demand for application processors. Fortunately, “Samsung is one of the main manufacturers of application processors for tablets and smartphones”. Therefore, Samsung stands a better chance of meeting this demand because it has a superior experience in the production of processors. We will write a custom Essay on Marketing Plan for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Samsung is also one of the dominant players in the tablet market. Therefore, the company has high chances of expanding its niche in the tablet market by producing unique and high quality tablet models. Samsung has a large patents portfolio. As a result, it has a competitive advantage over it rivals. Therefore, it can be able to acquire more patents through acquisition of other firms. Threats Samsung faces a number of threats to its business operations. First, the smartphone market in the developed countries is highly saturated; hence, it might not reap major gains in the developed countries. Second, rapid technological change is also a major threat to the company. Currently, Samsung is under pressure to keep on producing new products at a faster rate. However, this is often difficult whenever a company aims at being innovative and successful because innovations take considerable time. Third, Samsung is prone to experience major price wars. For instance, the company has been offering its products at a relatively lower price compared to its competitors. Therefore, its competitors may also follow the trend. Unfortunately, this will significantly erode Samsung’s profit margins, which are already low. Industry Trends and Competition Samsung is one of the major companies in the tablet industry. Others include Apple, Asus, Acer, and Nokia. All the players in the tablet industry have continued to produce new tablet models. For example, at the beginning of 2014, Asus introduced the Transformer Book TD300. “The new tablet model by Asus switches instantly from Windows 8.1 to Android and back”. In a similar manner, Apple has also developed new tablet models such as the iPad Air, which “has a thinner aluminum body chassis, identical to the iPad mini”. Furthermore, the tablet market is likely to expand due to an anticipated decline in the use of laptops. A number of people have adopted tablets because of their convenience. Tablets are portable and effective compared to laptops and desktops. Consequently, there has been a rise in the demand and supply of tablets in the market. This has led to a stiff competition among various companies. Therefore, the price and quality of a tablet plays a critical role in determining customers’ purchasing patterns. Not sure if you can write a paper on Marketing Plan for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Organization’s Mission Statement A mission statement is a statement of purpose. It explains the reason for the existence of an organization. It guides the decisions and actions of an organization. A mission statement for a commercial company should comprise three major elements. These include “the key market, the contribution of the organization, and the distinction of its product or service”. Therefore, Samsung will adopt the following mission statement: “to be the most successful electronic company in the world by developing user friendly tablets that brings a lively experience to all internet users.” Performance goals The company will pursue the following goals. First, the company aims at realizing a monthly turnover of $500,000. Second, the company aims at supplying the Samsung galaxy tablet to the major online stores by the end of the first month after its launch. Third, the company plans to distribute the Samsung galaxy tablet in all Asian countries within the first six months. Marketing strategy A marketing strategy should “enable an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the major aim of increasing sales and achieving sustainable competitive advantage”. A marketing strategy is one of the most essential elements of a marketing plan. A number of marketing strategies are often developed as long-term plans. In such a case, an organization is often required to develop a tactical plan. A tactical plan spells out what an organization aims at achieving within a period of one year. There are different types of marketing strategies that a company can adopt. The choice of a particular marketing strategy is largely determined by the situation analysis. For instance, the strengths and opportunities identified in the situation analysis determine the strategy that a company adopts. In most instances, a company’s success is determined by its strengths and opportunities. Similarly, the choice of a marketing strategy depends on an organization’s mission statement, as well as, the company’s goals and objectives. Some of the marketing strategies include the product differentiation strategy, cost leadership strategy, and the market focus strategy. The product differentiation strategy involves the creation of a product or service that is distinct from one’s competitors. Therefore, a company that adopts this strategy will have to ensure that its product has specific attributes that are unique from other products in the market. On the other hand, the cost leadership strategy is intended to enable a company to attract cost-sensitive customers. Thus, a company will sell its product at a relatively lower price compared to its competitors. This strategy is most suitable for a company, which incurs lower production and marketing costs. The market focus strategy requires a company to describe its market scope. Thus, a company can choose to have a narrow market scope or a broader market scope. Additionally, “a company may opt to specialize in the production of a particular product in order to meet the unique needs of customers in a given market segment”. Samsung will adopt the product differentiation strategy. This strategy will be most suitable for commercialization and introduction of the Samsung galaxy tablet into the market. The Samsung galaxy tablet has a distinct model from other tablets in the market. Its model is user friendly and can enable internet users to enjoy lively internet browsing. For instance, the Samsung galaxy tablet has a wider screen, which can enable a user to perform multiple tasks. Additionally, the Samsung galaxy tablet is lighter; hence, portable. Market Segmentation Samsung targets people who are eighteen years and above. The company targets adults because the galaxy tablet will facilitate their activities. For example, the tablet has several applications with varied functions. The Samsung galaxy tablet will also be suitable for both male and female users. For instance, the galaxy tablet has different colors such as black, yellow, and silver. Thus, users have a chance to make a choice between the colors available. Additionally, the Samsung galaxy tablet is lighter. As a result, it can easily fit into a jacket’s pocket or in a handbag. Samsung also targets all professionals in various fields. For instance, the galaxy tablet will be suitable for businesspersons who use the internet several times in a day to communicate with clients. It is also suitable for professionals who may wish to prepare and make presentations. The galaxy tablet will also be suitable for professionals who travel regularly. Therefore, the Samsung galaxy tablet can enable them to work while travelling. Integrated Marketing Mix Product Samsung galaxy tablet is seven inches long. It has two cameras and is compatible with a flash disk. “The Samsung galaxy tablet uses Android 2.2 with market support”. It also has a number of pre-installed applications. Finally, “the Samsung galaxy tablet has five default home screens”. Price The Samsung galaxy tablet will cost approximately $600 to $500. However, the price will differ from one country to another. One of the major price determinants for the Samsung galaxy tablet will be the market situation in a given country. For instance, factors such as market competition and cost of operations incurred by distributors will influence the local prices in various countries. Location and Distribution Samsung dealers will distribute the Samsung galaxy tablet to all regions within their respective countries. The tablet will be available in the major retail stores in various countries. In addition, customers will also have the privilege to purchase the tablet from online stores. Promotion Samsung will use various advertisement channels to market its galaxy tablet. For instance, Samsung will use both print and electronic media for advertisement. The company also intends to organize major sales promotions in the first three months. Summary and recommendations for the execution of the plan This marketing plan aims at maximizing Samsung’s profits. It provides a detailed description of the company’s strengths such as a large market share, superior experience in the production of electronic devices, and sustained innovation. The company intends to use the product differentiation strategy as its marketing strategy. The company should take note of the following factors in order to execute the marketing plan effectively. First, the company should conduct regular evaluation in order to determine progress. It should use the evaluation results to make improvements where necessary. Second, the company should ensure a timely distribution of the tablets immediately after the launch of the galaxy tablet. Third, the company should minimize costs in the execution of the marketing plan in order to increase its gross profit margin Conclusion From the above discussion, it is evident that a marketing plan is a crucial tool that enables a company to have an edge over its competitors. It provides a situation analysis that spells out a company’s strengths and opportunities. Therefore, a marketing plan helps to focus a company’s operations, goals, and decisions. References Jurevicius, O. (2013, May 13). SWOT Anayses. Retrieved from Strategic Management Insight: Proctor, T.,

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