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ENGL 101 Importance of the Self Awareness Discussion

ENGL 101 Importance of the Self Awareness Discussion.

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I had to read 3 chapters of my book and answer a question about each chapter. Please don’t write anything too fancy and also there’s no need to cite anything from the book. Just answer the question very simple but to the fullest. Attached bellow is the book.Chapter 12 What is enlightenment? What is self-concept?Chapter 13 How are we like the “dogs in the yard”?Chapter 14 What does Singer say is the force that causes us to build a “conceptual self” in our minds? [Hint: it starts with a C!]
ENGL 101 Importance of the Self Awareness Discussion

500+ word essay on how film has had a personal impact on you.

ExamplesFollowing are some recommendations by students on how they might approach this assignment. Please note: This is not a definitive list of acceptable ways to complete this assignment.If I was to make a reference to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The Danger of a Single Story, I would speak of the importance of staying true to your roots. The name of the film that had a personal impact on me was Bajo la Misma Luna (2007) which means “Under the Same Moon.” A little boy’s mother left to the United States leaving her son behind in Mexico with her ill mother. Once the passing of his grandmother happened, he decided to cross the Mexico and United States border. The message I am portraying is taking chances is scary but things can turn out completely different from what you imagine. [recommended by Selena Vargas]My essay on “‘We Accept Her One of Us’: Family of Choice in Freaks” would fit this assignment. Freaks (1932) is one of my favorite films.Timothy Piotrowski’s essay on Star Wars is available in the Discussion for this assignment. Blake Lewis’ essay which is part of Module 06 can also serve as a good response to this assessment.Example from Cathy N. DavidsonDr. Cathy N. Davidson is a Distinguished Professor and Director of the Futures Initiative at the City University of New York (CUNY). She is also the Director of HASTAC@CUNY. You can read more about her at the CUNY website. In a discussion we had a few years ago, Dr. Davidson described her favorite film in terms of her current work. Were she a student in this class, she could easily expand her thoughts into an acceptable essay for this module.My favorite movie “about” new modes of collaboration for the world we live in now is a very old movie; the classic Japanese film Seven Samurai [1954]. I blog about it in “How To Take On the MOOCs—”And the Rest of Higher Ed Too.” {Spoiler Alert!: Please don’t read the blog if you haven’t seen the movie and plan to because it gives away the ending.}The relevant part is that each samurai has a very special role and function that he contributes and you win by finding that special talent in one another and learning how to make that talent work with your own. Since each talent also has a downside, the pairing also means being able to have someone you trust and admire help you curb your own negative side or weakness even as they bolster your best side and help you aspire, always, to be your best—andalways, all of it, for the good of the group. That’s a method to live by. At HASTAC we call it “collaboration by difference,” and it is almost the inverse of a world where you go around labeling “learning disabilities.” Instead, it says we all have extraordinary learning abilities that we can contribute to one another.I cite Dr. Davidson’s example because it gives an approach to film analysis different than the one we use. Even if you have not seen the Seven Samurai, you might want to read her blog because it is a good example of how film can be used to comment on contemporary issues.Grading CriteriaYou can earn up to 50 points for this assessment. If your essay does not meet the minimum expectations of the assignment, you will earn no credit. if your essay does not include the date of the film(s) cited, dates of films, and links to the films or to the Internet movie database, you will receive no credit.
500+ word essay on how film has had a personal impact on you

Understanding the Symptoms with Methodism Approach Discussion.

Please answer the following prompts (word count 750 words total).For an evaluation rubric and expectations, and the first five cases of Epidemic 1 see attached1) Herophon had acute fever; scanty stools with tenesmus at the beginning, afterwards becoming thin, bilious and fairly frequent. No sleep; urine black and thin.Fifth day. Deafness early in the day; general exacerbation; spleen swollen; tension of the hypochondrium; scanty black stools; delirium.Sixth day. Wandering talk; at night sweat and chill; the wandering persisted.Seventh Day. Chill all over; thirst; out of his mind. During the night he was rational, and slept.Eighth day. Fever; spleen lessened; quite rational; pain at first in the groin, on the side of the spleen; then the pains extended to both legs. Night comfortable; urine of a better colour, with a slight deposit.Ninth day. Sweat, crisis, intermission. On the fifth day after the crisis the patient relapsed. Immediately the spleen swelled; acute fever; return of deafness. On the third day after the relapse the spleen grew less and the deafness diminished, but there was pain in the legs. During the night he sweated. The crisis was about the seventeenth day. There was no delirium during the relapse.Using the above case study (Epidemics 1, case 3) employ an Empiricist, Asclepiadean or Methodist approach to treat your patient. Outline what questions you will ask (and whether you will ask questions), what information is relevant and irrelevant, what is happening and which therapies to apply. Be sure to be as specific as possible and cite justifications for your recommendations from the primary source texts we have read. If using an Empiricist methodology, try to locate another specific case of comparison from the case studies in the Hippocratic text, Epidemics 1
Understanding the Symptoms with Methodism Approach Discussion

Education homework help. XYZ Ltd is incorporated in UK and distributes watches in the Australian market. Half of the board of directors of XYZ Ltd resides in UK and the remaining board members reside in Australia.,XYZ Ltd is incorporated in UK and distributes watches in the Australian market,Task 1: Case Study 1, Briefly explain the Australian tax law implications of each of the following scenarios, by citing relevant tax legislation and also case law where appropriate.,1.       XYZ Ltd is incorporate d in UK and distributes watches in the Australian market. Half of the board of directors of XYZ Ltd resides in UK and also the remaining board members reside in Australia. The board holds most of its meetings in Australia, where it makes high level decisions regarding the company’s major contracts, finance, general policies and also strategic directions in respect of its business operations. Further, is XYZ Ltd an Australian Resident for tax purposes? Please explain your answer.,2.       Jenny establishes a sole accounting practice on 1 July 2016 and sets up a small office with a secretary. Further, on 1 July 2019, her sole practice merges with an accounting firm comprising 60 partners and 500 employees. Should she use cash or accrual accounting before and after merging with the accounting firm? Please explain your answer.,Task 2: Case Study 2,Brad, aged 60, has owned the local landscape supplies business since 1990. The business has an annual turnover of $1 million. He has decided to retire at the end of the 2019 tax year and sell his business for $1.5 million.,Moreover, explain to Brad whether the sale of his business qualifies for small business CGT concession and the tax implications. Furthermore, support your answer by citing relevant tax legislation.,Task 3: Case Study 3,Explain the key elements of Australian tax law as it applies to each of the following scenarios, by citing relevant tax legislation., 1.       Alex, an Australian resident aged 15, receive d gross wage of $4,500 ($350 PAYG was withheld). Alex did not have any other income or deductions and also does not use the service of a registered tax agent. Also, is Alex require d to lodge tax return? If so, why?,2.       What is the difference between private rulings and public rulings?,3.       Jenny lodged an objection to an amend ed assessment which was disallow ed. Jenny does not agree with the ,objection, decision. What can be done? Refer to this link,4.       During a tax audit, Joe was found to have overstated his education expenses by $5,000 and understated his tax payable by $768. What is the likely penalty amount if:, a)      Joe has acted without reasonable care?,b)      Joe has acted recklessly?,c)       Joe has deliberately sought to evade tax?,5.       DBB Ltd is a small business and also lodges quarterly BAS returns. It lodged its July-Sept 2019 quarterly BAS return on 1 November 2019. What is the likely penalty for DBB Ltd?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Education homework help

Tidewater Community College The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain Discussion

Tidewater Community College The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain Discussion.

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explain the differences between the approach the authors took. You could discuss their arguments, their styles, their conclusions, or anything. answer should consist of a well-developed paragraph, which means your first sentence should answer the question(s) (i.e., topic sentence), and the following sentences should support the topic sentence. The paragraph should be unified and coherent with specific supporting details or examples from the story. The sentences should be clear, concise, and arranged in a logical order. Transitions, pronouns, and repetition should be used to provide coherence. The paragraph should follow a compare and contrast format. about what they wrote. How are the two author’s articles work differently
Tidewater Community College The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain Discussion

Write an executive summary of the formal report below

term paper help Write an executive summary of the formal report below.

Write an executive summary of the formal report below. Make sure its proper in-text citations and references for a formal report formatComparing the Apple iPad Pro to the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2 for Office Upgrades Lightning Innovations Inc. 846 Industrial Parkway Houston, TX 77001 4 February 2018 From: Marketing Management Office To: Mr. Joseph Shmo, President Human Resources Lightning Innovations Inc. Dear Mr. Shmo, Every good business needs an edge over their competition to maintain Profits. In today’s mobile society, laptops and desktops are no longer a realistic option. Tablets are the future. Our business is at the height of its success with the latest merger with Unicorn Technologies. We want to show our Partners that we are the edge that can beat any competition. Background and Problem with Desktops and Laptops Society is becoming more mobile and businesses that can’t keep up with the times, get left behind. eventually they lose their competitive edge and become obsolete. Traditional desktops and laptops are a way of the past. We need to maintain our edge over our competition by upgrading to tablets. The two biggest companies for Upgrading to iPads from traditional desktops and laptops is the best way to accomplish this. As explained by Matt Schulz, “They’re smaller, lighter, more portable and can do just about everything that laptops can do” (n.d., Para.1). Traditional laptops and Purpose Our main purpose is to Scope of the study The study was limited to comparing two devices from Apple: the 10.5-inch Apple Pro and the 9.7-inch Apple iPad. The study took into consideration secondary and primary data. Secondary data included published material including articles, websites, and news articles. Primary data included interviews with professionals and users of the two devices. The researchers also observed the devices to compare their features. Research Methods Research methods facilitate a way to come up with accurate findings. This study employed a qualitative research method. Qualitative research can be defined as critical research. The study drew information from the published material, interviewed device users and professionals in the field, and observed the devices to collect data. Such an approach was used to understand the underlying reasons, motivations, as well as opinions. A conclusion was reached by comparing information gathered on iPad Pro (10.5 inches) and iPad (9.7 inches) both through interviews and published material. Findings at a Glance Fig. 1 iPad Pro 10.5 Vs. iPad 9.7 iPad Comparisons at a Glance iPad Pro 10.5 inch 2.33 lbs $649 264 ppi Fwd & Rear Facing 10 Hrs $499 64-512 GB iPad 9.7 inch 0.96 lbs $329 264 ppi Fwd & Rear Facing 10 Hrs $379 32-128 GB Fig. 1 Shows a comparison at a glance between the 10.7-inch iPad Pro and the 9.7 iPad. This shows that the two iPads are fairly similar but the 10.5-inch iPad Pro benefits outweigh the low price and weight of 9.7-inch iPad for business use. In a comparison done by Piotr Kowalczyk, the Pad (9.7 inch) is less expensive as compared to iPad Pro (10.5 inch). The iPad pro is also slightly heavier compared to iPad (9.7 inch), with the iPad Pro weighing 2.33 lbs. compared to the iPad (9.7 inch). As far as similarities, both devices have 264ppi pixel density, both devices have rear and front facing cameras, and both devices have a 10-hour battery life (2017, Fig. 1). Kowalczyk also goes on to state, “The difference in price is twofold – $329 versus $649. The question is whether you are willing to pay more for the improved performance, better screen with proMotion technology, and compatibility with original accessories (that are sold separately): Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard” (2017, Para. 14). As far as display is concerned, iPad pro has a bigger screen while the iPad pro has some fully laminated display and a wider color range (Nuckles). In a phone interview with the Apple Company’s customer care service, the respondent explained that both devices have the same warranty period, and no fee is paid for repairs if covered under warranty. However, repairs out of warranty are paid for. Repairs for iPad 9.7 that has run out of warranty will cost slightly lower compared to those of the iPad Pro, under similar conditions (Gokey). For instance, a repair that costs $379 for iPad 9.7 inch will cost $499 for iPad pro 10.5inch. In an interview with Mike Smith, a fun of Apple devices which have used both iPads, he revealed that most people dismiss iPad Pro10.5 inch because it is heavier, however, it is better for business considering it is faster to take notes using it. It can use a Bluetooth keyboard. Alternatively, one can use the Apple pencil to input notes. He said that the device is not heavy, especially when compared to laptops. He added that the device is durable and very fast to work with considering its fast processing power, compared to that of iPad 9.7 inch. Through personal observation, the researcher identified that iPad pro is better for business use. Among factors identified as favorable include its wide display, clarity in the display, and a good size that allows easy portability. The researchers observed that iPad Pro had more features that allowed better manipulation of data. Conclusion and Recommendation The 10.5-inch iPad Pros have higher purchase and maintenance costs than the 9.7-inch iPads. On the other hand, it provides employees with a wider screen and the ability to use a keyboard or the Apple pencil to take notes. This can be very useful for employees in the field, office, as well as in meetings. Again, it has a camera that produces high-quality images, and this is important for the business. Employees can use this in the field. Its high-resolution display, as well as high color technology, makes it easy and better to work with. iPad 9.7 inch is a cheaper tablet both to buy and to maintain and will save the company a fortune if selected. Again, it is smaller and lighter, compared to iPad Pro, hence, easy for employees and managers to carry around. However, it slows the e4mployees capability to work faster. iPad Pro 10.5 inch is recommended for enterprise use. It is expensive but increases employee productivity. It can help employees perform faster and increase revenues for the company. References Gokey, Malarie. The best iPads you can buy. 2017. 30 1 2018 . Kowalczyk, P. (24 March 2017). iPad 9.7 (2017) – tech specs, comparisons, reviews, and more. [Web log comment]. Retrieved from… O’Boyle, Britta. “Apple iPad Pro 10.5 vs iPad 9.7 (2017): What’s the difference?” Pocket-lint (2017): 1. Schulz, M. (n.d.). Can tablets replace laptops in the enterprise? [Web log comment]. Retrieved from
Write an executive summary of the formal report below

University of Oregon Origins Pandora Discussion

University of Oregon Origins Pandora Discussion.

The basic requirement for these discussions is that you post at least 250 words, and reply to others. (replay to the picture attached) as will the discussion you going to write should be similar to the picture. Option 2: PandoraLook over both versions of the Pandora story in Hesiod. You can start your own threads and talk about what you think matters in relation to Pandora, but here’s a couple of suggestions:Pick out what you consider to be the most significant difference(s), explain clearly what it is, and tell us why you think it’s important. Try to explain, also, why you think Hesiod gives different versions of the story in each poem.What’s the value to us (if any) in reading misogynistic literature like the end of the Pandora episode in the Theogony? For comparison, by the way, you might want to check out Semonides poem “This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCites, Quotes or refers very directly to relevant evidence.1. One or two short quotes are the preferred way to meet this requirement. I recommend bringing them in early and building your response around them. Be sure to include text references which are as precise as possible (page numbers generally work, but line numbers are better when available).Your 250 words respond should be like the picture attached.
University of Oregon Origins Pandora Discussion

University of California The Prevalence of Obesity on US Population Discussion

University of California The Prevalence of Obesity on US Population Discussion.

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Part 1.undefinedSummary 1: Choose a reading assigned this week (or the previous week)- Check the syllabus—and provide a comprehensive summary. Explain the main findings, back up your claims with at least two citations from the reading (Author, page. Number). (1 full paragraph)Summary 2: Choose a SECOND reading assigned this week (or the previous week)- Check the syllabus—and provide a comprehensive summary. Explain the main findings, back up your claims with at least two citations from the reading (Author, page number). (1 full paragraph)Part 2. An analytical response to the question below (1 -2 paragraph) with references (Author, page number) to specific course material (be sure to cite accurately). An analytical response means that this is not merely your opinion, but it is an informed critique of the information posed. Reading Analysis Question 10At the core of medical sociology, there has always been a focus on health inequalities…by race, class, sexuality, ability, age, and gender. Overt discrimination of the past (though it still exists) is now built into our concept of healthcare in many ways. Using the readings, discuss the sociological argument that obesity and obesity related health issues are tied to our environment and our history. Use specifics from the articles to back up your claims. CITE at least two articles.undefined Then use the readings on disability to discuss the difference between Clare’s (and Michael Oliver’s) definition of impairment and disability. Define each using Clare’s article. Explain how they are different. How might the institution of medicine, or THE MEDICAL MODEL and/or the physical set up of our society contribute to making someone or something a problem through the process of how they decide on a diagnosis? Provide an example?
University of California The Prevalence of Obesity on US Population Discussion

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