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ENGH 302B Virginia Commonwealth Issue Audience and Genre Analysis Worksheet

ENGH 302B Virginia Commonwealth Issue Audience and Genre Analysis Worksheet.

NAME OF YOUR DISCIPLINE: <enter your response here>YOUR refined and narrowed RESEARCH QUESTION: <enter your response here>1. THE ISSUE: Describe the appropriately narrowed, current, and unresolved issue relevant to your field of study. Explain what caused this controversial issue to arise and why people disagree about how it should be resolved. Make sure it is either about to happen or is just getting underway, which means it has arisen as a controversy within the last 18-24 months. <enter your response here>2. THE AUDIENCE: Identify and describe a primary audience who has direct influence over the issue you researched and analyzed in your annotated bibliography. Explain the audience’s vested interest (decision-making authority) in the issue and describe any current events or trends that may be currently affecting your audience’s interests. Use credible evidence to indicate the source of your information, integrate it effectively and ethically, and cite it accurately.<enter your response here>3. AUDIENCE’S POSITION (the audience’s argument): What position does the audience have on the issue you chose? Note that audiences do not always spell out their positions. You will need to conduct research in newspapers, trade publications, and journals to collect the necessary information about your audience’s position. Use credible evidence to indicate the source of your information, integrate it effectively and ethically, and cite it accurately.<enter your response here>4. AUDIENCE BIAS: What values and beliefs does your audience have that would create biases against your position? Remember that everyone involved in a controversy will have biases, so having them is not a sign of weakness. It just means you would need to consider those biases when writing to the audience. Use credible evidence to indicate the source of your information, integrate it effectively and ethically, and cite it accurately.<enter your response here>5. YOUR POSITION ON THE ISSUE: Identify and explain your stance on this issue and why you disagree with the audience. THE FIRST SENTENCE OF YOUR RESPONSE WILL BE YOUR THESIS, OR THE ANSWER TO YOUR RESEARCH QUESTION THAT YOU WILL SUPPORT WITH EVIDENCE. Provide reasons for your position. Use credible evidence to indicate the source of your information, integrate it effectively and ethically, and cite it accurately. Use the evidence to defend your position. <enter your response here>6. CONCESSION and COUNTERARGUMENT: Describe elements of your audience’s position that you sympathize with (concession) so that you can acknowledge the counterarguments to your stance. Next, refute what you can about the audience’s position with evidence-based counterargument of your own. Use credible evidence to indicate the source of your information, integrate it effectively and ethically, and cite it accurately. <enter your response here>
ENGH 302B Virginia Commonwealth Issue Audience and Genre Analysis Worksheet

EBay was launched in 1995 as an online platform that permitted efficient peer-to-peer trading in an auction format. (Daniels, John D., Radebaugh,Lee H., Sullivan, Daniel P., 2007) The online auction site provided a space on the internet for people to buy, sell, and trade any multitude of items from almost any category imaginable. As for the business itself, the beauty of it is that eBay has no inventory, storage, transportation or production costs associated with their product. The product is simply providing the environment on the web for people to auction their goods. The concept can be thought of much like an electronic garage or yard sale where for a small fee, people can post their items on eBay. The selling price for items posted is totally up to the individual and ebay just obtains a small percentage of the selling price after the auction is complete, usuall between 7 and 18 percent. (Daniels, John D., Radebaugh,Lee H., Sullivan, Daniel P., 2007). Therefore, eBay’s core competency is simply matching buyer and seller together through an online platform. Initially, eBay’s strategy was to match up buyers and sellers collecting a small fee from each transaction, but the business grew quickly. One reason for the rapid growth was the fact that eBay was providing an outlet for items that were not very marketable by conventional store fronts. Additionally, the internet connect people from all over, making marketing virtually free. By 1999, eBay’s net revenues grew to $225 million and continued to grow to 3.2 billion dollars by 2004. (Daniels, John D., Radebaugh,Lee H., Sullivan, Daniel P., 2007) Up to this point most of the registered users of eBay resided in the United States but the site was accessed by people all around the globe. The presented eBay with the opportunity to expand globally as a means to increase their value chain. In order to comply with their company vision of creating the world’s largest global trading community and to help people trade, eBay had to expand into the global market by understanding and embracing a decentralized value chain. This meant attracting new registered users from foreign countries by creating largely independent country subsidiaries. For example, eBay began acquiring companies in foreign countries that were similar auction sites. This allowed eBay not only to gain those customers from the acquired company but benefit from the cultural acceptance of that particular company. Many of these foreign businesses operated in their native language making it easier for locals to conduct business with eBay. In time, eBay would change the names of these companies but not lose the customers because they adapted the acquired company to the core competency and company vision. This strategy opened new markets for eBay around the globe. It is important to reemphasize that eBay’s value chain is virtual mainly because there is no real product associated with their core competency. Value chain refers to the real work a business has to do in order to conceive, design, produce, market, and distribute a product and its support to the consumer. In eBay’s case, the Internet has circumvented real work for the alternative idea of the virtual value chain. Value is created through virtual networks, rather than through static, internally focused “chains”. (Daniels, John D., Radebaugh,Lee H., Sullivan, Daniel P., 2007) Ebay’s initial strategy involved matching up buyers and sellers. The final details of a transaction were totally up to the two parties involved and not eBay itself. Shipping and money transfer were the responsibility of the seller. Ebay began looking for ways to innovate and did so by purchasing the company PayPal which is used to transfer payments between buyers and sellers. Now, not only did eBay provide a medium for customers to conduct auctions, but they also provided a simple way to complete shipping and payment transactions. Again, this added feature is virtual in nature. Ebay still has no real resource involved but collects a fee on any transaction. Therefore the value chain in increased even more. Ebay began competing with other businesses offering mainstream products for sale on their auction platform. Whereas an auction normally posted an item for sale for a certain amount of time and the highest bidder won, mainstream products would be placed on auction with a reserve and a “buy now” price applied for those not wanting to wait out the time of the auction. The downfall to this is that if the reserve bid was not met, the item did not sell. Although this strategy is still active, more emphasis is now placed on eBay’s original strategy. Because individual sellers were overrun by fixed-price retailers they lost interest in the site and buyers began looking elsewhere to search for the less mainstream products upon which eBay built its business. In an article titled eBay’s New Strategy: What Was Once Old is New Again, author Matt Pace coined eBay’s new strategy as, “It’s out with the new and in with the old both in terms of corporate strategy and product mix”. After failing to compete as a fixed-priced on line retailer with and Walmart, eBay decided to revert back to its original premise of an auction clearinghouse for used goods and collectables. (Matt Pace, 2009) Now that eBay is back to its core competency, what is the way ahead? Profits and growth were beginning to fall based largely on the fact that eBay had not successfully moved into some foreign markets. Because eBay’s platform relies on internet usage, many emerging economies were handicapped in the fact that most households do not have internet connections. When faced with this problem, eBay saw an opportunity to grow by moving into the telecommunications market. Ebay purchased the company Skype as a means to penetrate markets where computer access was limited but communications was not. According to Skype President Josh Silverman, “communications is no longer just about voice; it’s now multi-modal: mood messages, chat, voice calling, multi-party calling, video calling and online screen sharing. Where and how we communicate is expanding to laptops, mobile phones, and flat panel TV’s.” “Any connected computing device with the addition of software becomes a communication device”. Skype continues to add over 350,000 new account registrations per day all around the globe. (Jim Courtney, 2009) According to executives, the synergies of standalone businesses, eBay, PayPal and Skype have the ability to pursue new market opportunities and capture future growth. Working together, these three businesses can create entirely new opportunities for innovation and expansion, and redouble the strength of the company’s leadership position (eBay-Inc, 2006) Ebay has continued to reenforce their position in their market by meeting new challenges head on. Tackling problems such as translational software and online security is a top priority. Ebay announced cooperation with Yahoo! on phishing and according eBay’s CEO, Meg Whitman, “this will be our core competency over the next 10 years.” The balance is tricky, but the company has dipped its toe in the social networking waters a few times, most recently on Tuesday when Skype partnered with MySpace to become the world’s largest voice network. (Wendy Tanaka, 2007) All of the challenges faced by eBay can be culminated in one small shift in their strategy for the years to come. The initial strategy of providing an environment for buyers and sellers to auction their items has morphed into seeking out new buyers and sellers to use their environment through added values in their value chain.
Map comparison assignment Both London and Paris represent primate cities of their respective states- England and France respectively. London is synonymous to Paris with respect to spatial structuring and land use patterns. On focusing the map of London (figure 1-9), it is apparent that the city is located centrally enhancing its influence on the entire state with ease. To bolster its influence the city is served by radial rail and road networks that spread to its rich hinterland. The core of the city otherwise the CBD that is characterized by congested neighborhoods transition outwardly to sparsely populated suburbs. To date, the evolving business centers around London are competing with the CBD. Akin to London is Paris which is characterized by its central location vis-à-vis other cities within the state. Paris forms the core and, sits at the helm of power influencing the entire state. Even though it is located in less productive region, its hinterland, rich agricultural land is the reason behind its success. Road and rail network which spread radial from the CBD facilitates its influence. However, just like London emerging urban centers on the peripheral of the state rival Paris. One such city is Lyon which is still being dwarfed by Paris in terms of population density (Kimble 492). Both figures (fig. 1-3 and G-10) are meant to locate the modern European geographical realm and its origin. However, the accuracy of the information given about the origin of the states by both maps does not coincide in some aspect and, to some extend differ in the actual boundaries. With regards to the origin, while figure G-10 owe the existence of powerful western European states to a rich agricultural hinterland, figure 1-3 owe this to accumulated minerals. With regards the boundary, while the absolute location of Europe is defined by high and upper-middle economies that stretch to Eastern Russia, the relative location of Europe (fig. 1-3) is limited to few states. According to figure 1-3 the Arabic realm stretches deep within states located towards Iberia. To this end, it is evident that with varied views a map projection meant for the same location can differ in many aspects. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The boundary of Europe’s core area cuts across several states that include Southern Norway, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Ireland and United Kingdom. The boundary encompasses states that fall within regions defined by high income economies. This is depicted by map G-10 that defines states and economies. Also, as portrayed by figure G-9 these are regions that are well endowed with industrial minerals and hence support large populations of persons. With regards to climatic condition (figure G-8) this core area is characterized by short dry season with average rainfall between 100-200 mm per annum as portrayed by figure G-7(Schaefer 279). Europe as a geographical realm is a composite of many languages that fall within several groups. However, the discrete components of the groups are not mutually understandable. In turn, this has been an impediment to efforts geared towards unifying Europeans. However, on focus to United Kingdom English as a language spoken by the three states of Scotland, Ireland and England is the reason behind the existing peace. Similarly, Switzerland enjoys a peaceful co-existence with its neighbor the Germans for the reason that they both speak Germanic language. This also applies to the Belgians of whom majority speak Germanic akin to its neighbors. The Polish who fall under Slavic group have pockets of Indo-Iranian groups that initially differed with both the Russians and the Germans to form an independent state- Poland. Finland enjoys a peaceful co-existence with its neighbors thanks to a common language apparently spoken by most of its neighbors. Finally, Romania, an Island, is characterized by a single language- Komi vital in enhancing unity (MacLeod and Jones 507). Map construction Map 1: showing Europe’s physical geography Map 2: political-cultural geographic information. We will write a custom Assessment on World Regional Geography Report: London and Paris Comparison specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Map 3: Economic-urban information Works Cited Kimble, Hebert. “The Inadequacy of the Regional Concept” London Essays in Geography 2.17 (1951): 492-512. Print. MacLeod, George, and Jones Mother. “Renewing The Geography of Regions.” Environment and Planning 16.9 (2001): 669-695. Print. Schaefer, Frankline. “Exceptionalism in Geography: A Methodological Examination.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 43.3 (1953): 226-245. Print.

RES 500 SEU Communication and Risk Mitigation in Project Management Questionnaire

RES 500 SEU Communication and Risk Mitigation in Project Management Questionnaire.

Regulations:This assignment is an individual assignment.Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook along with few scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.Use academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate.Submit your findings in a 3-4 page document, excluding the title page, abstract and required reference page, which are never a part of the minimum content requirements, in the Assignment Dropbox.It is strongly encouraged that you submit all assignments to the Turnitin Originality CheckAssignment-IV: Provisional Questions for data collection (Questionnaire) By this time, you will have a good knowledge of data collection techniques and the measurement questions and instruments. Develop a good questionnaire based on the chapters from the textbook (module 5-9). The questionnaire must have all types of questions you studied in the chapters, e.g. Dichotomous (Yes/ No), Multichotomous (MCQ), Check List, Ranking & Rating Scale as well as Open-ended questions. Minimum 20 questions should be included in the questionnaire (mentioning the type of question). The logical sequence must be maintained and the ideal format and basic guidelines must be adhered.
RES 500 SEU Communication and Risk Mitigation in Project Management Questionnaire

Cold War Causes and Effects

online assignment help The timing of the Cold War was crucial and one of the most diverse in the recent world history. Not only was it a war of diversity, but a war of great length that lasted about fifty years. What made this time so significant was that the whole world was involved in this war in some way. The world was split into two opposite teams and one minor mistake could have easily resulted in another world war. The Cold War is different from most wars for the simple reason of it was a war that was never actually fought. The Cold War started because Europe lost power at the end of World War II. This left the Soviet Union and the United States competing for economic and military rule. Both countries believed their policies were the best and ultimately wanted all others to follow. “George Kennan coined the term containment to describe the appropriate American response to dealing with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Ojserkis, 2003: 53).” Containment was a way for the United States to stall the spread of communism and they used this as their main strategy. The United States used both economic and military tactics to ensure their security and influence policies against communism. The Cold War had relatively calm periods but also had periods of high tension. Despite many conflicts, there was never any military force directly between the Socialist and Capitalist. U.S. President Harry S. Truman developed the Truman Doctrine on March 12, 1947. The policy stated that the U.S. would support Turkey and Greece to prevent their fall to communism. “Several circumstances produced this unexpected presidential success in foreign affairs: the appointment of a new Secretary of State; Truman’s own leadership-often erratic, but tough in responding to the large issues of foreign policy and national security; and an economic crisis in Europe (Hammond, 1969: 19).” The Marshall Plan was a program developed by the United States to help aid European Countries after World War II. George C. Marshall was the man with the plan and his efforts for world peace would later be honored by the Nobel Peace Prize. The Marshall plan was also offered to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but they did not accept it. The United Nations had the role of stopping wars between different countries. The Marshall Plan helped better the lives of many people. “As soon as Congress had authorized the Marshall Plan expenditures for the first year, the Administration, with the cooperation of the Republic leadership in the House and Senate foreign relations committees, began to lay the legislative groundwork for the North Atlantic Treaty (Hammond, 1969: 26).” The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, was created as a result of the Cold War and was designed as a defense mechanism against communism. “Doubtless the Warsaw Pact, multilateral military alliance with a combined command structure, was largely what it appeared to be-a mirror image of NATO (Hammond, 1969: 57).” Russia formed the Warsaw Pact as a comeback to the establishment of NATO. Our membership in NATO today is still necessary for peace among the nations. After World War II, the Soviet Union strengthened its military power enough that it felt able to challenge the United States in Europe. One major crisis of the Cold War involved the Soviet Union blocking grounds to Berlin in attempt to allow Communist to start supplying fuel and food. The Soviet Union wanted control over the city of Berlin and they thought by cutting off all ground supplies they could do so. Little did they know, the United Kingdom and United States would respond with the Berlin Airlift to reach the people of West Berlin with the supplies they needed. Flights were continued daily for about a year and then the block finally ended. How the United States and their allies overcame the block and helped the people of Berlin would determine their destinies for many years to come. “Although the Berlin blockade undoubtedly increased Cold War tensions and helped foster the environment in which the American arms build-up would later develop, it did not, in itself, lead to any large and long-term strengthening of the U.S. military (Ojserkis, 2003: 23).” The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. As a result of the collapse of the Communist, the Cold War ended. This is what finally gave the United States major military powers. A war without a fight is difficult to explain. That is what makes the Cold War so unique. This was an expensive war; both sides took hard hits financially and it lasted over four decades. The Cold War probably could not have been avoided since there were too many differences between the United States and Russia. With so many controversies between the leaders it is hard to believe that anything could have been done to have made them see eye to eye.

University of California Santa Barbara Nothing to Hide Film Questions

University of California Santa Barbara Nothing to Hide Film Questions.

Please write a response in multi-paragraph form (400-500 words total) to the following prompt, making sure to elaborate on the arguments from the readings in your own words (lengthy quotes do not count toward the word count – instead, use your own words). Make sure to answer all the parts of the prompt fully, and to proofread your work before submitting it.1. Describe Bridle’s position toward the tripartite relationship between political regime of secrecy, technological opacity, and global mass surveillance in the forming of “the new dark age”.2. How does Zuboff’s explication of surveillance capitalism illuminate Tufekci’s dismantling of algorithmic affordance of social media platforms?3. Choose one example from either VICE: “State of Surveillance” or Nothing to Hide (dir. Marc Meillassoux, 2017) to analyze any relevant ideas you’ve discussed in the response.and also please write the peer review for me.Here is the material guide: Read chapter 7 of the book New Dark AgeRead chapter 1 of the book Age of Surveillance CapitalismRead chapter 6 of the book Twitter-and-tear-gasHere is the link of Nothing to Hide:
University of California Santa Barbara Nothing to Hide Film Questions

Answering the following questions

Answering the following questions.

Question 1 (60 marks) Ryan, the president of the Open Corporation, is considering leasing or purchasing equipment. Microtech Corporation has offered to sell the Open Corporation the equipment at a price of $6010,000. Following its usual practice, the equipment is depreciated over fouryears, at the rates of 40% for the firstyear, and 20%for each of the remaining three years. The salvagevalue of this equipment is expected to be 0. Alternatively, the OpenCorporation can lease theequipment from ScottCorporation. Four annual lease payments of $1.9 millionare settled at the beginning of each year. Open Corporation can raise capital by issuing bonds with a yield of 12 percent, and the tax rate for OpenCorporation is set to be 30 percent. After comparing the above two options, the Chief Financial Officer of Open Corporation, commented, “Scott’s offer is financially unreasonable due to a negativeNAL (i.e. net advantage to leasing) to our company. Therefore, the annual leasepayments should be curtailed. Meanwhile, 1 we can pay a security depositto Scott as an incentive. This deposit wouldbe returned on the expiration date of the leasecontract.” In response to CFO’s comments, Ryan added,“If the leasing term is acceptable to us, this will suggestthat a negativeNAL should be brought to Scott. As far as I know, leasingis a zero-sum game between the lessee and lessor. I believe Scottreject our counter offer.” After several roundsof discussion, Ryaneventually determines to propose a counter offer to Scott, witha reduced leasepayment of $1.8million on annualbasis and a security deposit of $1,000,000. Required: (a) In light of the NAL calculation, commenton the following remarks “Scott’s offer is financially unreasonable due to a negative NAL ( advantage to leasing) to our company.” (12 marks) (b) According to the counteroffer by the Open Corporation, evaluate the NAL to Scott. What is the reaction of Scott to this counter offer?The tax rate for Scott is presumed to be 40%. (14 marks) (12 marks) (12 marks) (10 marks) (c) Critically discuss Ryan’s remark “leasing is a zero sum gamebetween the lessee and lessor”. (d) Explain the rationale for lesseesto accept a lease offereven if NALs are negative. (e) If the purchase of equipment is funded by bond issuance instead of own capital, do you consider this factor in NAL analysis? Explain. 2 Question 2 (40 Marks) Great Car Company Limited, throughits subsidiaries, manufactures and sells pick-up trucksin Asia market underbranded names. The Companyalso researches, develops, and manufactures principal automotive components for use in the assembly of pick-up trucks. The company is considering a new investment project which has the same riskas existing businesses. The initialoutlay for the project is $55 million. The company expectsthat the project will generate additional earnings of $10 millionper year. The company currently has no debt.The current annual earnings available to common stockholders are $80 million. The company currently has 6 million sharesoutstanding. Currently, the required rate of return on equity is 12%. Traditionally, the company has paidout all earnings to the stockholders as dividends and financed capitalexpenditures with new issuesof common stock.All earning streams are assumed to be perpetuities. There are no taxes and no bankruptcy costs. Required: (a) Analyze the valueof the firm if common stockis issued to finance the project. (6 marks) (b) One of the bankssuggests that thecompany can issue $55 million, 9% perpetual bonds to finance the project. Advisethe value of the company and the rate of return required by stockholders. (10 marks) (c) TSL, another competitor firm, has a 8% couponrate convertible bond due 20 years from now.The convertible bond has a parvalue of $1,000and is selling at $970. The conversion price of thebond is $50 per share. A non-convertible coupon bond of similar qualityis currently yielding10%. The commonstock of TSL is selling at $40 pershare. Assume thatbond interest payments are made annually. i Determine the conversion ratio of the convertible bond. 3 (4 marks) ii Calculate the conversion premium of the convertible bond. iii Access the minimum price at which the convertible bond should sell. iv Explain why a convertible bond sells at a premium above its value as a bond or common stock. (4 marks) (10 marks) (6 marks) 4
Answering the following questions

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