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Engaging the Trans Debate on Gender Variance

Include the main points and supporting arguments.  This should take about 3/4 of a page

After seeing the way of life for many different cultures and many different people, and seeing how they react to different things, what would the best and worst quality of life be for women in terms of how they are perceived by the community and by their

After seeing the way of life for many different cultures and many different people, and seeing how they react to different things, what would the best and worst quality of life be for women in terms of how they are perceived by the community and by their.

Primary resource Ibn Battuta. Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354, translated by H. A. R. Gibb, 106-122. London: Routledge, 2013. This assignment gives you the opportunity to develop the skills that you were practising in the earlier assignments – the Tentative Research Question and Thesis Statement, and the Annotated Bibliography. Your task now is to write a research essay of about 2000 words that makes an interesting argument based on your primary source with support from secondary sources. The essay should make an argument, and the argument should be articulated in a thesis statement that is analytical rather than descriptive, and focused rather than general. This argument may look similar to what you proposed in the first assignment (the Tentative Research Question and Thesis Statement), but it will likely require some reshaping now that you have also been reading secondary sources. Support the argument with plenty of evidence from the primary source itself, as well as information from secondary sources that provides context for your argument and support for your interpretation of the primary source. You may use more than three secondary sources if you like. Ensure that all of them are relevant, scholarly, and current. Assignments will be evaluated on the clarity of the thesis; the selection and presentation of evidence (including correct citation); organization; and the effective use of scholarly language.

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Revenue Recognition Policy Decisions

Engaging the Trans Debate on Gender Variance Consider the following independent situations:
1. An international health club sells lifetime memberships costing $1,500 which allow the purchaser unlimited use of any of the club’s 300 facilities around the world. The initiation fee may be paid in 36 monthly installments, with a two percent interest charge on any unpaid balance.
2. Franklin Motors, Inc., has always offered a limited, 36-month warranty on its cars and trucks, but to counter the significant competition in the industry, the company has come to the conclusion that it must do something more. With that in mind, the company developed a new warranty program: For a $1,500 payment at the time of purchase, a customer can buy a seven-year warranty that will cover replacement of almost all parts and labor. The purchased warranty expires at the end of seven years or when the customer sells the vehicle, whichever occurs first.
3. Chandler Promotions Inc. sells coupon books that give the holder a ten percent discount at any of 50 participating merchants. The buyer of the coupon book pays $25 for the book but can realize up to $500 in savings. Chandler convinces merchants to participate in the program at no cost, arguing that participation will build customer traffic and will create the opportunity for repeat business from the coupon book-holders.
4. Comfort Furniture sells household furniture. Customers can pay for the furniture at the time of delivery or they can wait one year to make payment. In the latter case, the customer must pay for the retail price of the furniture plus an additional 16 percent. If the customer decides to pay after one year, should Comfort Furniture report the additional 16 percent as part of the revenue from selling the furniture or should it be reported separately? Assume that the ability to collect the receivable is not an issue.
5. Local News, Inc., prints and distributes a weekly newspaper throughout the city. Local stores order a certain number of the papers each week and pay for them on delivery. Local News always takes back any unsold papers and gives the merchant a credit toward future purchases.
For each of these situations, describe the revenue recognition policy that you believe that the follow, explaining the basis for your recommendation

For Assignment 3, you are to develop a collaboration plan to work with stakeholders who might be for, against, and Essay

For Assignment 3, you are to develop a collaboration plan to work with stakeholders who might be for, against, and are indifferent to this transition, so you can achieve support among key stakeholders as the area moves into this new type of management. Consider yourself to be the agency planner responsible for developing a collaboration process for the first year after this area transfers to your agency. You are NOT developing a management plan. This paper should focus on public participation strategies and techniques to undergo a smooth transition by focusing on the stakeholders who are affected (or believe to be affected by) this transition. Feel free to discuss land management issues as they relate to the agency’s mission and stakeholders’ goals, but you should avoid going into the details of natural resources management planning. There are four major sections to this paper. Introduction: (Estimated length: One-half to one page) Summarize the transition (assignment 1), and what you believe are the biggest challenges will be for your agency (the new agency) as they relate to stakeholders. Stakeholders: (Estimated length: One to two pages) Describe the stakeholder groups who you believe should play a part in this collaboration process. Feel free in being creative with how you describe these stakeholders. For example, you can write them in traditional paragraph form (e.g., a paragraph for each stakeholder group), create a table (e.g., detailing the responses below for each stakeholder group by row), or list them in bullet form (e.g., briefly describe the group and then bullet your descriptions under each description). Or you can use a combination of these methods. Also, use citations where appropriate. If you researched any of these groups, cite the source in the text where you used that information and then provide references at the conclusion of the paper. Describe your stakeholder groups in terms of these characteristics: Provide brief demographics on the type of people who make up these stakeholder groups. What are their names (if they have official names)? Where are they from? What type of people make up each group? What are their positions in terms of how think the area should be managed? What are their interests as they relate to the area? What drives the reasons why they hold those positions? After describing the stakeholders, summarize where you think the biggest conflicts will be between two or more stakeholders based on their goals for the area (remember the definition of conflict). Collaboration Process: (Estimated length: Two to three pages) Describe the process for working with stakeholders for the first year of the area under new management. Choose at least four public participation techniques you will use to work with stakeholders during this first year. A citizens advisory committee must be one of your four. Describe what stakeholder groups will be represented on the committee. Describe how this group will operate – when will they meet, how will their opinions be translated to decision-makers, and other details you believe are necessary. What are the outcomes of this committee? How will this committee benefit the planning process? Choose three other techniques to be used throughout the process. Describe each one in terms of how it will help develop a new management plan for the area. Your description of each technique should show that you understand the technique and how it applies to your area and stakeholders. You must clearly articulate the outcomes or goals of each technique. Provide a clear timeline for when public participation techniques will be used over the year. Describe at least one partnership that will continue to assist in the management of that area beyond the first year. Who are the members of the partnership and what are their individual and shared goals? Conclusion: (Estimated length: No more than one page) Describe how you believe your process will ensure the area is sustainably managed after this first year. What will be better because you underwent this process? Finally, describe what public participation methods should continue or begin past the first year. Paper guidelines: Include a title sheet with the name of the paper, your name, and the agency you are writing the plan for (the agency you work for). Format the paper double spaced, 12-point font. Use headings (at least for the four major sections of the paper) and sub-headings for organization. Ensure you are clear and cohesive in your writing and that there are no spelling or grammatical errors anywhere in the paper. Provide references as needed after the conclusion of the paper.