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ENG 2206 Troy University Importance of Literature Essay

ENG 2206 Troy University Importance of Literature Essay.

Only readings listed on the syllabus by these authors are eligible for the exam: Yeats, Neruda, García Márquez, El Saadawi, Al-Shaykh, Hua, Szymborska, Pamuk, and Adichie. While you have your choice of texts from the last three weeks of the course to use in this exam, at least ONE text you discuss has to come from the Week #9 readings (Szymborska, Pamuk, or Adichie). As many of you are not English majors, there is always an argument to be had as to whether courses like this are worthwhile if you are not necessary reading literary texts in your day to day work. In this last exam, using texts from the last three weeks of the course, I want you to construct your answer to the question: Is reading world literature worthwhile? You won’t hurt my feelings or jeopardize your grade with a “no” answer as long as you take the time to properly explain and support your position (which is what this exam is truly testing you on anyway—your use of argument and evidence). In your response, you need to use at least three specific examples from assigned texts in the final three weeks in the course (and you cannot use two poems by Yeats or two stories by Hua, for example, and count them as two of your three examples—you must use works by at least three different writers). Is reading world literature worthwhile? Why or why not? Or are some texts worth reading and others not so much? You can split your answer as well and say that there is some benefit and some lack of benefit. Your essay response must be a minimum of 750 words (there is no maximum, but try to avoid writing a book). This exam should be entirely your own argument, and you are not allowed to use any secondary material in this exam (there should be no citing of course notes, an author’s biography, etc.—if I see any material like that, particularly without citations, you will lose points for not following the exam instructions). Your only source for the exam should be the assigned reading themselves. As long as you stick to using the assigned versions of the texts (as linked or attached in Canvas), there is no need for citations. If I see any other versions of the texts (although I have no idea why you would use something other than what was provided), you will need to have citations to identify those versions, as there can be differences in translation, etc., that I will need to know about.
ENG 2206 Troy University Importance of Literature Essay

Education homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the development of HIT strategic plan of a company. The paper also provides additional questions and instructions for writing this assignment.,The development of HIT strategic plan of a company,Write a paper (excluding title and reference pages): This assignment must be completed and submitted on a Microsoft word document. The assignment should be typed out on a word document in APA format. Each paragraph should consist 5-6 complete sentences.,Develop a HIT Strategic Plan for your own company. Address the following components:,Firstly, provide a statement of corporate/ institutional goals and objectives;, Secondly, provide a statement of HIT goals and objectives;, Thirdly, discuss priorities for the applications portfolio;, Fourthly, include the specifications of overall, HIT architecture and infrastructure,;, Include a software development plan;, Also, include a HIT management and staffing plan; and, Include a statement of resource requirements.,Reference your readings and include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar articles., Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Each paragraph should consist of 5- 6 complete sentences. 12 font size, font names that should be Times New Roman or Cambria (not both), normal margins (no more, than 1 inch), double spaced, indentation, etc. Please include a title page that consists of your name (First and Last), Panther ID number and title of the assignment (APA format). Also, make sure you include a reference page with a min, of five (5) peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar articles.,The development of HIT strategic plan of a company,The company name to use is OneBeat Center. For this assignment, the writer should just create the outline for this assignment with the thoughts of a morally and correctly ran facility for any form of medicine in mind.,NOTE, ensure  that the paper is at least three pages exclusive of the cover and the reference pages. Also, ensure that you include all the references you use in finding research for this assignment paper. References should be at least three for the paper. All references, citation, and writing should follow the APA formatting and styling guidelines. Finally, ensure you focus on the assignment topic in detail.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Education homework help
RANK of matrix The column rank of a matrix A is The maximal number of linearly independent columns of A. Likew is e, The row rank is The maximal number of linearly independent rows of A. Since The column rank and The row rank are always equal, The y are simply called The rank of A. More abstractly, it is The dimension of The image of A. The rank of an matrix is at mostmin(m,n). A matrix that has a rank as large as possible is said to havefull rank; o The rw is e, The matrix is rank deficient. More generally, if a linear operator on a vector space (possibly infinite-dimensional) has finite-dimensional range (e.g., afinite rank operator) The n The rank of The operator is defined to The dimension of The range. More definations of rank of matrix if one considers The matrix A f:Fm→Fn with The rule f(x) =Ax The n The rank of Acan also be defined as The dimension of The image off. Th is definition has The advantage that it can be applied to any linear map without need for a spec if ic matrix . The rank can also be defined asmminus The dimension of The kernel off; The rank-nullity The oremstates that th is is The same as The dimension of The image off. Column rank – dimension of column space The maximal number of linearly independent columns of The m-n matrix Awith entries in The fieldF is equal to The dimension of The columns pace of A( The column space being The subspace offmgenerated by The columns of A, which is in fact just The image of A). Row rank – dimension of row space Since The column rank and The row rank are The same, we can also define The rank of Aas The dimension of The row space of A, or The number of rows in a bas is of The row space. Decomposition rank The rank can also be characterized as The decomposition rank: The minimumksuch thatAcan be factored asA=CR, whereC is anm-k matrix andR is ak-n matrix . Like The “dimension of image” characterization th is can be generalized to a definition of The rank of a linear map: The rank of a linear mapffromV→W is The minimal dimensionk of an intermediate spaceXsuch thatfcan be written as The composition of a mapV→Xand a mapX→W. While th is definition does not suggest an efficient manner to compute The rank (for which it is better to use one of The alternative definitions), it does allow to easily understand many of The properties of The rank, for instance that The rank of The transpose of A is The same as that of A. Determinantal rank – size of largest non-van is hing minor Ano The r equivalent definition of The rank of a matrix is The greatest order of any non-zerominorin The matrix ( The order of a minor being The size of The square sub- matrix of which it is The determinant). Like The decomposition rank characterization, th is does not give an efficient way of computing The rank, but it is useful The oretically: a single non-zero minor witnesses a lower bound (namely its order) for The rank of The matrix , which can be useful to prove that certain operations do not lower The rank of a matrix . Tensor rank – minimum number of simple tensors The rank of a square matrix can also be characterized as The tensor rank: The minimum number of simple tensors(rank 1 tensors) needed to expressAas a linear combination,. Here a rank 1 tensor ( matrix product of a column vector and a row vector) is The same thing as a rank 1 matrix of The given size. Th is interpretation can be generalized in The separable modelsinterpretation of The singular value decomposition Properties of rank of matrix . * only a zero matrix has rank zero. * f is injective if and only if Ahas rankn(in th is case, we say thatAhasfull column rank). * f is surjective if and only if Ahas rankm(in th is case, we say thatAhasfull row rank). * In The case of a square matrix A(i.e.,m=n), The nA is invertible if and only if Ahas rankn(that is ,Ahas full rank). * if B is anyn-by-k matrix , The n * As an example of The “<” case, consider The product * Both factors have rank 1, but The product has rank 0. * if B is ann-by-k matrix with rankn, The n * if C is anl-by-m matrix with rankm, The n * The rank of A is equal tor if and only if The re ex is ts an invertiblem-by-m matrix Xand an invertiblen-by-n matrix Ysuch that * where Irdenotes The r-by-ridentity matrix * Sylvester’s rank inequality: if A is am-by-n matrix andBn-by-k, The n * Th is is a special case of The next inequality. * The inequality due to Frobenius: if AB,ABCandBCare defined, The n * Subadditivity:when A and B are of The same dimension. As a consequence, a rank-k matrix can be written as The sum of k rank-1 matrices, but not fewer. * The rank of a matrix plus The nulity of The matrix equals The number of columns of The matrix (th is is The “rank The orem” or The “rank nullity thoerm”) * The rank of a matrix and The rank of its correspondingGram matrix are equal * Th is can be shown by proving equality of The irnul spaces. Null space of The Gram matrix is given by vectorsxfor whichATAx= 0. if th is condition is fulfilled, also holds0 =xTATAx= |Ax|2. Th is pro of was adapted from. * if A*denotes The conjugate transpose of A(i.e., The adjoint of A), The n Linear dependence * The square matrix is linear dependence on The row vectors implies that of The colummn vectors. * The vectors x1,x2,x3……..xn are said to be linear dependent , if The re ex is t r numbers * s1,s2,s3…….sn ,not all zero,such that * S1x1 s2x2 s3x3 …….. SrXr * if such no numbers, o The r than zero, ex is t, The se are said to be linearly dependent. * if a given matrix has r independent vectors ( rows and columns ) and The remaining vectors are linear combinations of The se r vectors, The n rank of matrix is r. * if a matrix is of rank r, it contains r linearly independent vectors and remaning vectors can be expressed as linear combinations of The se vectors. For a non square matrix ei The r The row vectors or The column vectors must always be linearly dependent. Pro of Let a1, a2, _ _ _ , am be a set of column vectors of dimension n _ 1, and let _1, _2,_ _ _m be a set of scalar weights. The n The vector c de.ned by a c =Xm i=1_iai is called a linear combination of The vectors a1, a2, _ _ _ , am. Under what conditions on The weights _i will th is linear combination be equalto The n_1 zero column vector 0n? Clearly th is will be The case if all The weightsare zero, _i = 0, 8i. if th is is The only condition under which c = 0 The n The vectors a1, a2, _ _ _ , am are called linearly independent . However, if The re are values for _i such that i=1 _iai = 0 where at least one _i 6= 0, The n The vectors ai are said to be linearly dependent. if a set of vectors are linearly dependent, The n it is possible to write one of The vectors as a linear combination of The o The rs. For example if i=1 _iai = 0 with_j 6= 0 The naj = 1_jXmi=1i6=j_iai : Note that if m > n, The n The set of m column vectors a1, a2, _ _ _ , am must be linearly dependent. Similarly, if any vector is equal to 0n, The n The set of vectors must be linearly dependent. * Given a set of vectors vi look for combinations : * c1v1 c2v2 c3v3 … cnvn = 0 * if The re ex is ts any solution o The r than ci = 0 for all coefficients ci The vectors are linearly dependent – it is possible to express some of The vectors as linear combinations of o The rs. * When an n x m matrix is reduced to echelon form The non zero rows are independent and The columns with pivots are independent . * A set of vectors in Rm must be linearly dependent if n > m. * if a vector space V cons is ts of all linear combinations of particular vectors w1, w2, w3, …, wn The n those vectors span The space. Every vector in V can be expressed as a combination of The wi. * To decide whe The r b is a combination of The columns of a matrix A composed of The column vectors wi, solve A.x = b. * To decide whe The r The columns of A are independent (i.e. wi are linearly independent ) The n solve A.x = 0. if a nontrivial solution can be found The y are dependent. * Spanning involves The column space; independence involves The null space. * A bas is for a vector space is a set of vectors : it is linearly independent and it spans The space. * Every vector in The space is a combination of The bas is vectors because The y span The space. Every combination is unique because The bas is vectors are linearly independent . * Any two bases for The same space contain The same number of vectors. Th is is The dimension of The space. – if x¢ is a market equilibrium choice of activity levels for some prices p¢ The n ¢ solves Δ. We now show The converse: suppose that x¢ solves Δ and that The vectors ai with i ƒŽ C(x¢) are linearly independent . The n x¢ is a market equilibrium for some p¢. We will use two equivalent definitions of linear independence: The vectors a1, …, at are linearly independent if and only if π1a1 … πtat = 0 implies π1 = … = πt = 0, or The vectors a1, …, at are linearly independent if and only if a1-x = b1, …, at-x = bt has a solution for any values for b1, …, bt. A set of vectors is linearly dependent when The vectors are not linearly independent . With linearly dependent vectors a1, …, at The above system of equations almost never has a solution. That is , for almost every value of The right hand side variables b1, …, bt The system has no solution. The linear independence assumption is The refore mild; The re are almost no levels for The resource endowments such that if t constraints bind The n The t vectors a1, …, at are linearly dependent. Although we will not show th is , th is The orem actually remains true even without The linear independence assumption. Suppose x¢ solves The linear programming problem Δ. Pr of it maximization is equivalent to The vector equality 1liiic€½¢€½ƒ¥iipa¢. It is The refore sufficient to show that The re is a p¢ ³ 0 such that ()liCxc¢ƒŽ€½ƒ¥ asince we can set pi¢ = 0 for ()iCx¢ƒ. Let us relabel The names of The resources so that C(x¢) = {1, …, m}. It is easy to see that The re can be no vector z such that c-z = 1 and ai-z = -1 for all i ƒŽ C(x¢). For if The re were, The n for small enough ε > 0, x¢ εz would be feasible and would lead to a higher value of The objective function than would c-x¢. (For small enough ε The slack constraints remain slack at x¢ εz.) It follows that The vectors c, a1, …, am are linearly dependent. ( if The y were linearly independent The n for any (m 1)-vector d The re would ex is t a z such that c-z = d0, a1-z = d1, …, am-z = dm.) Hence it is not The case that, for all (π0, π1, …, πm), π0c π1a1 … πmam = 0 implies (π0, π1, …, πm) = 0. In o The r words, The re does ex is t some π = (π0, π1, …, πm) ¹ 0, such that π0c = π1a1 … 1. πmam. Since by assumption a1, …, am are linearly independent (LID), π0 ¹ 0. ( if π0 = 2. 0 The n π1a1 … πm am = 0. But The n LID requires that (π1, …, πm) = 0 and hence π = 3. 0.) So we may set each pi¢ equal to πi/π0. Hence we have as desired. ()liiiCxc¢ƒŽ¢€½ƒ¥ To fin is h we need only show, for any resource k, that pk¢ ³ 0. By The LID assumption, for each k we may find a z such that ak-z = -1 and aj-z = 0 for all j ƒŽ C(x¢), j ¹ k. Now multiply each side of c = pi¢ai by th is z: “iƒŽC(x¢) c-z = (pi¢ai)-z = pk¢(-1). “iƒŽC(x¢) So if pk¢ 0. But The n for ε > 0 sufficiently small, x¢ εz would be feasible and deliver a larger value for The objective function than x¢, which contradicts The fact that x¢ solves Δ. Th is solves above all statements that are given to prove…….. REFERRENCE: – 1. The 2. Engineering ma The matics written by B.S Grewal. 3. Encarta Encyclopedia 4. 5. 6. R.D Sharma reference book of class 12th
HIS 12 University of California Santa Barbara Racism in British Soccer Paper.

This is a longer paper (1000 words), and I expect to see more detailed primary source analysis. Specifically, I would like you to use at least two primary sources to back up and explain each point you make. Aim to make a clear, distinct point in each paragraph, and to have at least two of these point-making paragraphs in the paper. What I am looking for:A clearly articulated argument that is backed up with evidence from your selected primary sources. A robust citation system (Chicago or MLA, but be consistent) any time you take an idea from somewhere else. Engagement with the secondary sources. Choose ONE question to answer from the choices below. N.B. Make sure you tell me what question you are answering; if you want, you can simply make question the title of your paper.1) How did the inter-war European dictators use soccer for their own political ends? Pick ONE (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco).2) To what extent did soccer perform as a site of resistance during WWII?3) What factor(s) best explain(s) the rise and fall of women’s soccer in Britain up to 1921?4) What is exceptional about women’s soccer in the US? 5) In what ways has racism historically manifested itself in British soccer? 6) Does it still make sense to talk about soccer as “the people’s game”?Grading rubric:Quality of Writing:10%Argument: -Clarity and Quality: 20%-Secondary Source Engagement: 20%Primary source analysis: 30%Choice of Primary Sources: 10%Citations: 10%You have to follow the Plan below in order to get a great job.
HIS 12 University of California Santa Barbara Racism in British Soccer Paper

Prepare appropriate charts/visuals using either of data sets according to the requirement

Prepare appropriate charts/visuals using either of data sets according to the requirement. I’m trying to learn for my Statistics class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

This written assignment should be completed in approximately 300 words. Follow APA standard.
There are two different data sets in the week 4 content folder. You may choose either data source with which to work. Instructions are as follows:
– For the Titanic passenger data set, prepare appropriate charts/visuals to support an argument/conclusion about passengers who survived and passengers who did not.
– For the tipping data set, prepare appropriate charts/visuals to support an argument/conclusion about tipping habits of restaurant diners.
For either data set, the charts/visuals you select must effectively support and substantiate your argument/conclusion. Strive for statistical support of your argument/conclusion.
Prepare appropriate charts/visuals using either of data sets according to the requirement

Presence of Women on Social Media

online assignment help Women Empowerment and presence of women in Social media Women empowerment has emerged out as one of the most popular topic discussed worldwide. After the start of women’s movement, the question of emancipation of woman came to the fore. Though in India there was no such separate movement concerning distinguished rights of a woman, instead the Indian women fought for themselves under the various forms of movements for independence. We have lots of stereotypes about who is techsavvy and who is not. In India while the digital divide among rich and poor may took long run to bridge, we cannot perceive this long run answer with digital gender divide shortly disappeared. Empowerment has multiple, interrelated and interdependent dimensions- economic, social, cultural and political. It can be understood in relation to resources, perceptions, relationship and power. But what does women empowerment mean? Women empowerment generally has these components : firstly, women’s sense of self worth; secondly, their right to have the power of control their own lives, both within and outside home; and lastly, their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a just social and economic order nationally, internationally and universally. Educational attainment and economic participation are the key constituents in ensuring the empowerment of women. Other than educational and economic empowerment, changes in women’s mobility and social interaction and changes in intra-household decision-making are necessary. After enjoying the glory of 68 years of our independence, our country is still not independent. Corruption, terrorism, scams etc. are the reason which hinders it but abreast the discrimination against the women and all the issues related with women like rapes, inequality are some of the points which makes many people to detest their nation. Jawaharlal Nehru once said “To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, village moves, and the nation moves.” In India, today, women appear to rule the roost. India as a nation is revered in a feminine form i.e. ‘the Bharat Mata’, the first citizen of our country presently is a woman, many important government posts are occupied by women and educated women are pouring into the professional workforce with profound implications for national and multinational corporations. However, ironically, these are accompanied by news about dowry killings, female infanticide, domestic violence against women, sexual harassment, rape, illegal trafficking and prostitution and myriad others of the same ilk. Gender discrimination prevails in almost all areas, be it social, cultural, economic or educational. An effective remedy for these evils needs to be sought in order to ensure the Right to Equality guaranteed by the Constitution of India, to the fairer sex. Gender equality facilitates the empowerment of women. Since education begins at home, the upliftment of women would be accompanied by the development of the family. Notwithstanding the mortification, there are some brave women or we can say that time have changed a bit that today many women are aware about their rights and the powers they enjoy. Many women even retaliate after getting once attacked. Today women have all the rights as enshrined in our Constitution and they are even enjoying it leaving the particular strata of the society. It seems that ‘Social media’ is one such tool which is widely used by the women. Writing blogs, facebook, twitter, Mails etc. are some of the sites which act as the platform for the women to communicate their any new idea, or their morose life. As it is said “Drastic times call for drastic measures”, women has taken actions for their sake. Women writing on blogs, make pages on facebook, twitters, all these are the means of communicating to the larger audience. For instance, the ‘Nirbhaya’ rape case of 2012 which left the country in tears specially the women. We all know what people did for that brave girl, did candle-march, strikes etc. In the similar manner, pages got created on social networking sites where many wrote their opinion. Social media is a good thing for the women as it gives the women the chance or platform to share what they feel and to fight against what is injustice according to them via making pages on facebook, twittering, writing blogs etc. A new infographic from Finances Online says that ladies are using social media more than their male counterparts. Even women creates page on social networking sites and promotes it for the betterment of their work and other women. Many activists also do the same thing. Women do campaigning also. Campaigns like ‘Clean clothes’ campaign, ‘Support breasts not dictators’, ‘whisper sanitary pads’, ‘ we are also the part of this country’ are some of the pages made by the women to spread the awareness level among the cowardice women. In September 2002, when many of today’s social media hardly existed, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health launchedThe Heart Truth- the first federally-sponsored national campaign aimed at increasing awareness among women about their risk of heart disease. From the beginning, the campaign used a multi-faceted approach based on social marketing principles, including an extensive formative research phase which informed the campaign planning and development. With the creation of The Red Dress® as the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness, the campaign integrated a branding strategy into its traditional social marketing approach. The aim was to develop a women’s heart disease brand that would have a strong emotional appeal to women, and promote it through a wide variety of means, including the Internet marketing techniques that were current at that time. There is a lot of easy money in this line. Savvy global corporations knows where their women are online, may be women have tremendous amount of purchasing power, usually holding responsibility for the majority of household purchases. It is estimated that 85% of household purchases rate 4 out of 5 is done by women itself. This is probably women get online and lot of partnership deals is established and processes are speeded up. Indian women are majority liar of 35 – 44 years old women on the race of purchase power capacity to get online shopping. Online ads pop ups and different setting look on the purchasing sets of equal segmentation on demographical profile based equaled on 8NS’s – Social Networking Services – Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. mobile trend – one of the major vast tool for social media enhancement. According to nielson, 43% of websites that women visit on their Smartphones are social websites. For Indian men, it’s about 1/3 (32%) twice as much time per day using apps on their Smartphones as compared to men. Today scenario – whatsapp is vastly proving to be the killer app for huge sets of Indian community. Also Indian women are driving that growth. There are currently 20 million Indian users of the service and women use the whatsapp messenger three times more often than man. Why is this propellant? Social media offers the unprecedented possibility of amplifying voices that were simply not heard in past. Women, who have not had opportunity to shape turn own image in media , now emerging new set of innovative creation that now she plays a huge role in dismantling and reinvogarating a media culture that will more accurately reflects people’s deserves interest and fear. Indian are really social in social connectivity network on social networking services. Facebook, google , twitter and linkedln are flourishing in India , where 25 % of all time online is spent on social networks. Last year, linkedin celebrated living 20 million Indian to their services, making Indians the second largest member base. There is no question that social media will play a huge role in reshaping the global village landscape as audience member (women) continue to flex their social media muscles, and influence over the media they consume, share, remix and create a new image make platform for itself. In India the percentage of women online has been depressingly low in 2010, they only accounted for 22 % of Indian websurfers. But as of December 2013 it has been increased to 77 % than is 39 % increment. Women today carry so many duties, multitask, pursue all kind of careers, participate in adventure sports, climb mountains, and single-handedly raise kids! She is truly gifted and a blessing to mankind. But there is one field where women generally lag behind and that is in the field of technology. Even educated, career girls shy away from technology, saying that they do not understand these gadgets, leave it to my husband to fix things up. Sometimes girls do not understand how to set security options” Or, worse still, “I don’t know how to monitor kids online. I’m technically challenged, never went online and trust my kids to behave themselves online.” This behaviour has to stop immediately. Woman, are the perfect housewife, the perfect colleague, the perfect Mother and the perfect companion; so you just need to extend that role to become savvy about social media. You need to be aware of the benefits as well as the risks. It is for your own safety and by extension, the safety of your family. If you have to fight online violence, you need to know the dangers, how to avoid them and what to do if you are ever faced with one. Through one-on-one and group coaching programs and workshops, women entrepreneurs should be helped to maximize their activities and presence on social media platforms which yields visibility, credibility, and profitability for their business. Globally, women out numbers men on social media platforms, and they spend a lot more time there, connecting with likeminded, consumer citizens fans and activists. Therefore no doubt, Social media has become the common denominator of promoting opinions, ideas, strategies, campaigns and so on most especially for the hapless women. It has become a colossal force, eliminating any barrier that hinders contact between humans. It has become the bread and butter of any social movement; be it a campaign against bullying, a revolt against corruption or an attempt to spread awareness. Social media has lent a helping hand whose worth, literally, is inexpressible and the day is not so far when women will touch the pinnacle in which social media would play a very important role.

Concepts of Leadership

LEADERSHIP CONCEPTS Leadership is universally reviewed and defined by numerous authors and originators. Leaders have the ability to inspire and influence others in a team and encourage them to perform effectively towards organizational goals. Mullins explained, Leadership “is the relationship through which one person influences the behavior or action of other people” (Mullins 2010:373). Leaders in the modern age conceive an ambiance that motivates the skills and develop receptivity of learning among the team members and initialize steps to participate in human resources and financial performances. Gary yukl believed that Leaders should have a crystal clear vision before motivating the team members towards cultural change in the organization (Gary yukl 2010:308). An inspired vision is cardinal to accumulate hold from the team members and outsiders. Leadership is about generating a specific vision which stands out and in this modern world.¹ In addition Leadership is not about leaders, it is about the functions of leaders. Leaders could be effective, if the three areas of needs are satisfied within the work². The achievement of the leader can be extemporizing by fulfilling the following three needs (Mullins 2010:378): Task needs; Team maintenance needs; Individual needs. Source: Adair ,Action centered Leadership. John Adair model of Action-centered leadership induces to understand the relationship between the leader and team. It benefits the organization to complete the tasks before the targeted time and attain company’s goals. The traditional role of Action-centered leader is to monitor and control the activities of group and leaders should serve as an advisor and consultant³. It gives attention not only for the functional aspects but also the behavioral aspects of leadership. CONCLUSION: I personally feel this model to be more effective considered to other types of model. It is because; this model balances both Individual needs and Team satisfaction. This model serves as an example to demonstrate the relationship between the management and Leader. Therefore, “Action centered model” of leadership is preferred for any kind of organization to produce effective results. Reference: Laurie J.Mullins (2010) Nineth Edition edn. Management

Organizational Complexity: Causes and Solutions

Organizational Complexity Complex behavior stems from the interconnectivity, interaction, and interrelation of fundamentals with a system and among its environment and system. It involves concepts which a number of factors internet with each other in an assortment of ways. Since complexity includes interacting with a variety of agent in the system, if relations among agents working on similar task is to tight coupled, information is likely to be taken the same way by everyone and make no impact upon the system (Desouza