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ENG 101 Central Texas College Sexual Assault in the Military Presentation

ENG 101 Central Texas College Sexual Assault in the Military Presentation.

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For this assignment, you are to use your argument and research from your research paper assignment and present that information visually to an audience. You may choose to create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, or you may choose to create a photo essay.Your presentation or photo essay should include the following elements, although you are not limited to these:An introduction slide.6-8 content slides.A conclusion slide.A slide for references (be sure to cite images as well).For presentations, you should include at least 6 images or graphics. For a photo essay, each slide should include images or graphics.NOTE. The Photo Presentation be the content of the research essay (sexual assault in the military) and put that into a presentation.
ENG 101 Central Texas College Sexual Assault in the Military Presentation

Washington College Harold Employer Benefits Discussion

Washington College Harold Employer Benefits Discussion.

For each written assignment, you will be expected to summarize the case, answer the questions posed in the textbook, and give us any additional insights, alternatives or recommendations you may have to share. Grades will be given based upon the completeness and appropriateness of your summary. Each assignment should be at least three pages long, double-spaced, although there is no maximum page length. Proper citations, style (APA), creativity, and completeness all count. Please use the assignments area to leave your papers. As an alternative you may send the papers via email.
Title Page with Name / Class / Assignment / My Name / DateSUBMISSION IS YOUR BEST EFFORTProof Read / Grammar Checked / Sentence Structure / Space & 1/2 / Sections Clearly Listed and Separated / Use Tabs & Bullets when Necessary / Clear Flow Easily Read with Room for CommentsList assignment and questionsPaper should have an:IntroductionTopic DiscussionConclusionYOUR THOUGHTS…critical partcase1Understanding Your Employee Benefits: Foregoing a Benefits Package.
Washington College Harold Employer Benefits Discussion

Azusa What Are the Foreseeable Problems With Aircraft Insurance Video Analysis

assignment writer Azusa What Are the Foreseeable Problems With Aircraft Insurance Video Analysis.

Have read Aircraft Insurance Fundamentals by Bonnell – Answer thefollowing questions:How is aircraft insurance different from auto insurance?What are the foreseeable problems w/ aircraft insurance?What is single pilot aircraft operations? What are the challenges associated with insuring these operations? (This is not in your book so you will need to do a bit of research here).Video: (Links to an external site.)Video: (Links to an external site.)Is single pilot or crew flown safer? Why?Why are flight hours important with regard to insurance?Avionics are more sophisticated now – Will airlines become single pilot? Why or why not?RubricessayessayCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning Outcomegrading criteria for essays50 ptsFull Marks50 to >0.0 ptsexcellent, adequate, inadequateExcellent Very effective sequencing of ideas. Smooth, effective transitions between all elements (ideas, paragraphs, sentences, bullet points). Reasonable sequencing of ideas. Writing quality exceeds expectations. ADEQUATE Reasonable sequencing of ideas. Smooth, effective transitions between most elements (ideas, paragraphs, sentences, bullet points). Writing quality meets expectations. INADEQUATE A lack of effective sequencing and/or transitions. A lack of organization that ultimately obscures or distorts the main point. Writing quality doe NOT meet expectations.0 ptsNo Marks50 ptsTotal Points: 50
Azusa What Are the Foreseeable Problems With Aircraft Insurance Video Analysis

Daktronics Inc. Case Study

Daktronics Inc. Case Study. Strategic Direction Vision Statement Daktronics Incorporation intends to attain global market leadership with reference to entertaining and informing audiences through the development of modern audio-visual communication systems. Mission Statement In its pursuit for global market leadership, Daktronics Incorporation has based its operations on a number of guidelines. First, the company focuses on delivering optimal industry values to its clients. One of the approaches that Daktronics has adopted in its pursuit for competitiveness entails developing a high level of engagement amongst its employees. Subsequently, the firm provides its employees with rewarding and challenging opportunities. The company intends to foster long-term relationship with its suppliers. Additionally, Daktronics Incorporation is committed to leveraging on its capabilities with reference to innovation, manufacturing, and service delivery. In addition to the above aspects, Daktronics Incorporation is also committed to maximising the shareholder value while at the same time establishing a strong and positive relationship with the society. Objectives The firm’s operations are guided by the following objectives: To achieve a high level of financial stability To provide clients with high quality electronic display products To attain market leadership within the global electronic display industry Strategic Philosophy Since its inception, Daktronics has been committed to providing clients with high quality electronic display systems and digital billboards. Daktronics’ success can be attributed to the management team’s focus on the company’s corporate philosophy, which involves providing more local services by developing an extensive understanding of the customer needs. Furthermore, the company’s strategic philosophy also underscores the importance of new and continuous product improvement to attain and sustain industry leadership. External Environment Daktronics’ operation is subject to macro-environmental changes, which underscore the importance of developing a broad understanding of the prevailing business environment. Different frameworks have been formulated in an effort to assist organisations to understand the factors that might affect their operations. Some of the most common industry analysis frameworks include the PESTLE and the SWOT analysis. The chart below illustrates a summary of the factors that might affect Daktronics’ operations. External Environment Factors Opportunity Threat Economic -The electronic display industry in the US is experiencing significant growth. -Occurrence of the 2007 global economic recession adversely affected the global electronic display industry. The total industry revenues declined from $14.1 billion in 2007 to $ 10.8 billion in 2009. -The industry is expected to benefit from the high economic growth being experienced in some Asian economies such as China. -Daktronics can improve its profitability by tapping on the high demand for electronic display industry, especially in developing economies. -Daktronics can consider expanding its operations into the developing economies. -Despite the projected future growth, occurrence of another economic downturn such as the 2007/2008 recession might diminish the industry’s economic profits and hence the growth in Daktronics’ level of profitability. -Economic changes might adversely affect purchasing power of potential customers such as restaurants, gasoline retailers, and hotels because of the high cost of electronic displays. Technological -The display industry in the US is experiencing radical technological changes due to increased investment in research and development. – Different industry players are investing substantial amount of resources in developing high quality scoreboard technologies. A study conducted in 2008 showed that firms in the digital signage display segment spent approximately $ 2.4 4billion in research and development. -The new technologies have significantly improved the quality of the product. Some of the common display technologies that have emerged include digital signage, holographic displays, and organic light – emitting diodes and touch screens. – The industry players are motivated to invest in research and development in order to attain a high competitive advantage by improving their display technology. Furthermore, investment in RDaktronics Inc. Case Study

How Is the “Greatest Happiness Principle” Supposed to Be Useful in Determining What I Ought to Do? Essay

All people live according to various principles. Some people follow one specific principle, others refer to various life principles depending on situation. It is possible to judge each of the existing principles from the point of view of correctness and morality. Considering the greatest happiness principle as the main idea I ought to live in accordance with, it is essential for me to consider all pros and cons of this principle, to refer to the usefulness for of this issue and to consider the harm which may be caused. The main idea of the greatest happiness principle is that “one should always act in each way as to bring about the greatest amount of happiness possible for those who are affected by one’s actions” (Hamilton 67). Therefore, the main idea of the greatest happiness principle is to make sure that more people are satisfied, however, the volume of the satisfaction is not discussed as well as the level of harm caused by other people who are not involved in the majority of those who are happy. The reference to the greatest happiness principle is supposed to be useful in determination of personal actions as it brings pleasure to the greater number of people, this principle supports general ethical and moral living rules and it is aimed at improving social situation in the whole world. Bringing pleasure to those who are involved into action is one of the main reasons why people are to act in accordance with such statement. When people perform some tasks and their main purpose is to please all those who are involved into the action, people work for their personal benefit, therefore, the final outcome is completed with the highest quality. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Moreover, having been satisfied with the outcome, people are satisfied with the process of their work, as a result, the general well-being of people is improved. Making a greater number of people happier, moral and ethical rules are followed as it is hardly possible to make others happy while violating personal values. Finally, it is essential to consider social improvement in the whole world as a result of following the greatest happiness principle. When the final purpose of an action is satisfaction of personal needs and making a person happy, a well-being of a concrete personality is increased. Therefore, the general social improvement may be seen. Thus, acting in accordance with the greatest happiness principle, we act for the benefit of the world society. The greatest happiness principle is an effective life principle. Living for the personal benefit and trying to satisfy the needs of others while making those happy we contribute to the social well-being. There are a lot of examples when making better for ourselves, we contribute to the greatest happiness of others (Burns 53). Let’s consider a care for children in schools and kindergartens as an example. Working in such establishments, we perform our work in a quality way to get the higher salary. Moreover, we work for the benefit of children, therefore, we are interested in making them happy. Thus, being happy, children come home and make happy their parents as when children are satisfied with everything, there is nothing greater in the world. We will write a custom Essay on How Is the “Greatest Happiness Principle” Supposed to Be Useful in Determining What I Ought to Do? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, there are some objections to the greatest happiness principle. First, the pragmatic objection states that following this principle we are aware of the final outcome of the happiness and, therefore, we know what happiness is. This is impossible as making some actions which are good for others, we may harm another person. The outcome of the action cannot be the same for all people and even when the intentions are the best ones, one person may be harmed. Second, the moral objection states that happiness is a mere pleasure and cannot be valued. Speaking about the pleasure committed in favor of one particular aspect, pleasure may spoil a person, making him/her desire more and more pleasure which does not bring any real value (Veenhoven 2). To understand the negative effect of the greatest happiness principle, the following example may be considered. Let’s imagine the situation when a crime was committed, a very cruel and severe. After some time has passed, the criminal is found. The society is satisfied and these people have a desire to revenge. However, additional investigation shows that this person is not guilty. A police officer is to make a decision whether to satisfy the desire for happiness of all people and to release a person, or to keep him/her is a jail until the society calms down. In this case, a police officer acts controversially to the desire of the majority of people to be happy. This is exactly the reason why the greatest principle of happiness cannot be applied to all the cases. The happiness of the vast majority of people should be measured with the effect which may be caused to others. Works Cited Burns, J. H. “Happiness and Utility: Jeremy Bentham’s Equation.” Utilitas 17.1 (2005): 46-61. Print. Not sure if you can write a paper on How Is the “Greatest Happiness Principle” Supposed to Be Useful in Determining What I Ought to Do? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hamilton, Christopher. Understanding Philosophy for AS Level AQA. Nelson Thornes, 2003. Print. Veenhoven, Ruut. “Happiness as an aim in public policy.” In Alex Linley and Stephen Joseph. Positive Psychology in Practice. 1-11. John Wiley and Sons, Inc, 2004. Print.

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