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Enduring Lives is the focus for Synthesis 3. SYNTHESIS 3 ASSIGNMENT GUIDE The 3rd synthesis is based on the reading of Enduring Lives. This synthesis differs from the previous syntheses a tad so foll

Enduring Lives is the focus for Synthesis 3. SYNTHESIS 3 ASSIGNMENT GUIDE The 3rd synthesis is based on the reading of Enduring Lives. This synthesis differs from the previous syntheses a tad so foll. SYNTHESIS 3ASSIGNMENT GUIDEThe 3rd synthesis is based on the reading of Enduring Lives. This synthesis differs from the previous syntheses a tad so follow the directions carefully. The synthesis should: be a minimum of FOUR FULL Pages (no white spaces at top or bottom should be evident) Only 1” margins all around the page. And a maximum of no more than SIX pages. You may use headers to help organize the synthesis. Contain an Introduction to the book, answer all of the given questions (see below) on each woman profiled, and give a thoughtful critical response to the book. The focused questions below should make it easier than trying to figure out on your own what you should focus on. Avoid interjecting opinion in the synthesis section – this should only be an answer to the question for each woman. Offer a thoughtful and informed response to the book. It is fine to talk about your own opinion in this section as long as it is in direct response to points in the text and is supported. [e.g. this is not what I was taught is not a strong support]. Avoid the use of outside resources, besides a good dictionary [Oxford, Webster’s] can be used, but will lose you points. Please note that all papers will be reviewed in SafeAssign when submitted to Blackboard to check for originality. Response TIPS: The response should be a third of the whole (which means a minimum of 3 substan- tial paragraphs). ·  Suggested approaches: Respond to the overall thesis of the book – why is the book entitled Enduring Lives? ·  Given your study of various religions, what did these women help you to understand? ·  Feel free to praise or criticize the book, but remember to go beyond mere agreement or dis- agreement – this is NOT a book review. ·  Remember that a response calls for supported insights. FOCUSED QUESTIONS TO ANSWER: Etty Hillesum: “Thinking Heart of the Barracks.” Why is Hillesum referred to as the “thinking heart of the barracks” and what is her contribution to the role of women in religious thinking? Pay atten- tion to the sources that inform her thinking and the alternative wisdom that she offers. Do not get hung up on her relationship with S. • TRS 2243: Women and Religion Jane Gooddall: “I Blurred the Lines.” What lines did Jane Goodall blur and what is the significance of her contribution as a woman and to women? Pay attention to the results of what she learned early about “circling thoughts” and the sources that inform her work. Tenzin Palmo: “Like a Wild Swan”: What is the role of compassion and attention in Palmo’s under- standing and how does her understanding and practice of meditation influence the role of women in Buddhism? Pay attention to the process Palmo describes and the practice required to become aware. Helen Prejean: “It Opened Like a Rose?”: What sources and yearnings inform Prejean’s work on ending the Death Penalty and how does her work impact/interrupt our understanding of the “Other”? Pay attention to the way inclusiveness leads to a fuller understanding of the meaning of Christianity than is currently associated with some mainstream or fundamentalist practices? Formatting Formatting (points are lost for not following these directions): Essay must be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, number pages, and always cite correctly. Failure to cite correctly (using MLA) will result in a significant loss of points. No Works Cited needed. • Grading Criteria for Synthesis 3: Keep these in mind as you write the Synthesis. Quality of answer to questions about each woman profiled; uses text to support answers and discussion.Accurately paraphrases and captures the argument, discussion in your own words.2/3 synthesis and 1/3 critical response and analysis. Quality of analysis and response – demonstrates thinking about ideas; supports any and all opinions.Style: writing is engaging, interesting, and academic. Random or vague opinion is avoided. Correct citation and formatting in-text. No Works Cited is needed. Minimal spelling and grammatical errors. If you need any help, please plan ahead and make an appointment with me so that I can help. Do not wait until just a couple of days before it is due to complete this assignment – it requires reading, good note taking, thinking, drafting an outline and revising your draft. Enduring Lives is the focus for Synthesis 3. SYNTHESIS 3 ASSIGNMENT GUIDE The 3rd synthesis is based on the reading of Enduring Lives. This synthesis differs from the previous syntheses a tad so foll

Debunking Ghosts in the World Literature Essay

General framework The topic under discussion is debunking ghosts. There are many stories about individuals who claim to have experienced ghosts. Some individuals present photographs to show some of the ghosts they saw. The main reason for researching on the topic is the increase in conspiracy theories, and many individuals claim to have experienced ghosts. Despite such claims being many, it is hard to obtain concrete proof of the existence of ghosts. As a result, many people live in bewilderment of the truth about ghosts. As a Christian, it is important to establish the truth about the existence of ghosts. This is because many Christians are being misled by ghost stories. Ghost stories are made popular by ghost hunting television shows. Although ghost hunters in such shows use complicated scientific equipment in their ghost hunting missions, they are unable to explain how these equipment capture ghosts. For instance, ghost hunters cannot explain the connection between ghosts and Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) detectors or infrared lighting. With the alleged increase in sightings of ghosts, the debate on the actual existence of ghosts has significantly increased. Skeptics of the existence of ghosts argue that people who claim to have seen or felt the presence of ghosts actually have funny sensations due to exposure to electromagnetic fields. Believers of ghosts normally rely on unexplained photographs or videos to show the presence of ghosts. Some of the presented photographs are so realistic that they baffle even the most skeptical non-believers of ghost stories. The research is prepared from literature in various articles on the presence of ghosts, provide an explanation of ghosts and refute ghost stories as false. By doing the research, I will learn about the truth of ghost stories. As a Christian, I believe that souls of individuals who die are waiting for the judgment day. Information about ghosts is abundant in the media, and conspiracy theories increase the sensation of possible ghosts in our midst. Specific purpose The research will be limited to literature obtained in the last five years, and geographically limited to the United States. Although ghost stories are present everywhere in the world and in every culture, it is important to limit the study to the United States since most of the conspiracy theories are concentrated there. Furthermore, most of the ghosts hunting television shows are more in the United States than in other nations. These television shows are lying and misleading viewers. This is because ghost hunters cannot explain many issues, such as how the equipment they use to hunt the ghosts work. The study will focus on the truth about the existence of ghosts and facts about ghost hunting television shows. The main research question for the study is, “are ghost stories true, or are they made up in ghost hunting television shows to confuse people?” The research question is important because it will address the concerns of ghost story skeptics. Currently, there is a lot of literature over the internet on unexplained phenomena such as time travelers, extraterrestrial creatures, and ghosts. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove the presence of ghosts and aliens, among others. This is despite the presence of television shows purporting to find and sometimes communicate with ghosts. The working thesis of the study is that ghosts do not exist, and stories from ghost hunting television shows are false and misleading. Some of the subsections to be included in the paper are some ghost stories in the United States, explanations offered by believers of ghost stories, explanations offered by skeptics of ghost stories, and biblical perspective of ghosts. The expected conclusion of the paper is that ghosts do not exist, and ghost stories are only meant to mislead people. List of potential sources The books to use in the research are Blanco, M. P.,

UNT Agrihood Well Organized & Settled Communities Healthy Environment Discussion

assignment writer UNT Agrihood Well Organized & Settled Communities Healthy Environment Discussion.

I’m working on a environmental science question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

1) Pick a side. You can only be for or against! Are Agrihoods a great way to promote healthy living and environmental stewardship? Are they the wave of the future and all neighborhoods should be Agrihoods? Or are they the just for the wealthy and have no place in the future of our environment. Why or why not? Be sure to give us at least three reasons for your stance. Be sure to answer in paragraph form. Your original post should be at least 100 words and your replies are expected to be at least 3 to 5 sentences. Be sure to cite the source of your information. You should use additional sources other than the ones I gave you.2) Reply to two of your classmates’ posts in a substantive manner.
UNT Agrihood Well Organized & Settled Communities Healthy Environment Discussion

What Diversity Looks Like

What Diversity Looks Like. I’m studying and need help with a Science question to help me learn.

Assignment Content After a local incident, the leaders in the criminal justice system are conducting a town hall meeting to inform the community on several issues, including diversity issues, programs, and challenges in the criminal justice system.You have been selected by the criminal justice agency you work for, or would like to work for, to represent them and prepare a presentation titled, What Diversity Looks Like.

Choose the agency you would like to represent.

Create an 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with extensive speaker notes in which you include the following:

Provide a definition for cultural diversity and cultural competence.
Explain the value of cultural competence, and provide an example relevant to your community.
Define intercultural communication, and provide an example (it is recommended that you use a graphic to highlight your discussion).
Discuss challenges facing the criminal justice system, and provide at least one example of how the challenge(s) is being addressed. For example, this might include implementation of a program or changes in procedures and training.

Format all citations and references in accordance with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

What Diversity Looks Like

NCC Revisiting The Frog in The Well and Better Things in Life Discussion

NCC Revisiting The Frog in The Well and Better Things in Life Discussion.

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need support to help me study.

We’re at the end of the course, which is hopefully just another chapter in your continuing journey on the quest to make sense of this thing we call “life.” To write the Revisiting the Frog in the Well essay:1. Take a few minutes to review your initial answer to “The Frog in the Well” essay from the beginning of the course. (You can click on your original assignment to view it.)2. Then, share the progress you have made in your journey, by identifying at least one specific thing you learned in this class that expanded your knowledge or perspective for each of the 3 ways in which you identified being a frog in your initial answer. (1/2 of the total score)3. Finally, for each of the 3 ideas, explain how you hope to use this information as a caretaker for a child, person with a disability, or elderly person, in your personal life or your career. (1/2 of the total score)The “Revisiting the Frog in the Well” essay should be a minimum of 500 words. You must have completed the “Frog in the Well” essay at the start of the course in order to receive credit for the “Revisiting the Frog in the Well” essay. Your essay should be submitted in a .docx format in order to receive credit.
NCC Revisiting The Frog in The Well and Better Things in Life Discussion