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Examines provisions in requirements for citizen suits, statute & case law, efficacy of suits, enforcement, deterrence.

One of the animals that may soon come off the ESA’s list in a certain, prescribed area, is the Grizzly Bear. The Department of Interior (DOI) (which runs FWS) has decided to remove the 600 or so Grizzlies in and near Yellowstone National Park from the federal endangered list. Why? It would put protection of the bears in the hands of state wildlife officials in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, according to a USA Today article.
The other reason for taking the Grizzly off the federal protected list is that the bears’ population in the Yellowstone area has increased from around 200 in 1975, to about 600 today. The Grizzly once number around 50,000 throughout the western United States and now there are about 1,200 remaining. They live primarily in four regions: Yellowstone, Glacier National Park (Montana), the Selkirk Mountains (Idaho), and in the Cabinet Mountains in Montana. The Grizzlies in those other three areas will remain on the ESA list of protected animals.

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