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ENC 1101 University of South Florida Anime Discourse Community Expository Question

ENC 1101 University of South Florida Anime Discourse Community Expository Question.

Project 2 builds to the delivery of an Expository Overview that informs readers of the literacy practices of a specific discourse community by addressing the organizing question: How does this discourse community use writing to communicate? The integration of content from at least one scholarly source in addition to three pieces of written communications of the discourse community you explore are required, and all content must be formatted according to MLA guidelines and total 1000-1200 words.The discourse community I chose is a reddit page. can find more information about it here:…The scholarly source to be used is Swales. and you can add any other sources to strengthen your ideas.…The three pieces are direct quotes from the reddit page. chose whatever you see suitable from the reddit page.Remember this is an Expository overview. fully informative paper. Attached you will find a basic outline that you can use to understand what is required. but you are free to use what ever suitable for you.Some examples of lexis that this community uses are: Otaku, Fillers, Manga, Fanart…etc.No need to use advanced english vocab, basic english is fine as long as it is grammatically correct.
ENC 1101 University of South Florida Anime Discourse Community Expository Question

Make a Summary of the attached Reading, homework help.

Make a summary of the attached Reading.
Please follow the below instructions one be one and do not
miss any point:
1) Write definition or terms needs to be clarified before
you start talking about the article. (in the introduction)
2) What is the main idea, (the goal/purpose of this
Reading), what is the whole Reading is about? And why this Reading is
important? What will you be able to do in the future? (in the introduction)
3) Make an introduction “what are you going to talk about by
order”. The introduction should include each point that will be discussed and
explained in the summary and should include all-important points.
4) Start your summary explains each point by order that
given in the introduction. Trey to be clears, specific, direct, using simple
English words, and organized. It does not matter how many words or pages you
write, but of course, your summary cannot be less than three pages
single-spaced or 6 pages double-spaced. The most important thing is to
summarize all important points and information in the Reading. So, when
somebody read your summary should not be need to read the reading and can be
ready for any test. Do not miss any title or important point in the reading.
5)  You need to
critique the Reading and answer the following questions (very important)
1.  What is stated
purpose of the study?
2.  What methodology
was used? Are there methodological flaws that should be considered?
3.  What are the
findings, statistical and practical significance of these results?
4.  Did the authors consider
all relevant studies? If not, how might this have changed the conclusions?
5.  Have the authors
discussed all relevant limitations?
6.  Are the
conclusions justified based on the results presented? Have the authors ruled
out alternative explanations to the study findings? Are you confident in the
study results?
7.  How does the study
fit with other research on the subject?
8.  Are the study
results relevant to a Public Administration setting?
6) Please note that what will you deliver to me is going to
be presented. I am going to present that to the class. That is why you need to
be clear, specific, direct, using simple English words, and organized and give
me a professional product. I also will submit the work. So please follow the
instructions one be one and do not miss any point here.
7) I will release payment only if I receive professional
work and all instruction have been followed. Also, if the work is clean from
plagiarism or any integrity problem and I will check that.  I will also increase the amount paid if you
exceed my expectations.
8) The attached Reading that needs to be summarized. I will
read it and read your work as well. So plz make sure you deliver professional
work. The attached reading is like pictures from the book. Start with # 1 and
the total is 32 pages. ( you need to extract the zip file)
9) Do not forget the reference, cover page is attached with
the reading.
10) The work should be delivering in 1 day only. If you can
submit it before this deadline it would be better.
Make a Summary of the attached Reading, homework help

Charles Hamilton Houston was an African American lawyer and also the Dean of Howard University Law School. His fame primarily rests at bringing to an end of the legalized racial separation in the United States. It is he and his disciples that prepared the ground work through thoughts and actions that led the U.S. Supreme Court in 1945 to take the decision in Brown v. Board of Education that made racial discrimination in public, primary and secondary schools unconstitutional. Houston not only participated in this movement, but was the supreme inspiration and mentor to James Nabrit, Spottswood Robinson, William Hastle and many others who continued the battle and remains as an inspiration for social justice even today. Houston completed his high school at the age of 15 and completed his graduation as one of six valedictorians from Amherst College, Massachusetts in 1915. For the next two years, until the onset of World War I, he taught at Howard University in Washington, D.C. After the onset of World War I, he enlisted himself in the U.S. Army as second lieutenant in field artillery and served Europe in the World War I. His knowledge and experience in the discriminated racist army directed him to become an advocate to impose the legal rights of the oppressed. After his discharge from the army, Houston joined the Harvard Law School with this objective in mind. In 1922 he earned the bachelor’s degree in law from this university and in 1923 he earned the doctorate. Houston was a brilliant student and became the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review. Until 1924 he studied law at the University of Madrid after which he returned to Washington D.C and joined his father’s law practice. During his tenure of six years (1929-1935) as the vice-dean of the Howard University Law School, he trained almost a quarter of the black law students of the nation. He also saw the dramatic change when HSUL was accredited by American Bar Association as meeting the standards of the Association of American Law School. It is during this period that Houston set the course for the law school and wrote:” [The] Negro lawyer must be trained as a social engineer and group interpreter. Due to the Negro’s social and political condition…the Negro lawyer must be prepared to anticipate, guide and interpret his group advancement….” (McNeil 70-71). Houston is regarded as the architect for the ultimate success in the long struggle that ends the long practice of legalized discrimination and the “separate but equal” (Smith 510) doctrine accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1896 in particular in Plessy v. Ferguson. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Houston together with a select group of Howard lawyers that includes Thurgood Marshall were working through the NAACP. Later, the NAACP legal defense and educational fund created a number of precedents that finally led to the disassembling of de jure discrimination after Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, four years after the death of Houston. Houston was posthumously awarded the NAACP’s Spingam Medal in 1950. The main building of the Howard University School of Law was dedicated as Charles Hamilton Houston Hall in 1958. Hamilton’s credo guides the Howard University School of Law’s mission even today: ““A lawyer’s either a social engineer or he’s a parasite on society.” (McNeil 84) A good lawyer, according to Houston, must have a highly skilled perceptive, who understood the Constitution of the United States and knew how to explore its uses. Bibliography 1. Smith, J. Clay. Emancipation: The Making of the Black Lawyer, 1844-1944. University. Of Pennsylvania. Press, 1993. 2. McNeil, Genna Rae. Groundwork: Charles Hamilton Houston and the Struggle for Civil Rights University. Of Pennsylvania. Press, 1983. 3. Kluger, Richard Simple Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America’s Struggle for Equality. Vintage Books, 1977. 4. Tushnet, Mark V. The NAACP’s Legal Strategy against Segregated Education, 1925-1950. UNC Press 1987. 5. Charles Hamilton Houston: The Gallery, law cornell 2008. We will write a custom Research Paper on Lawyer Charles Hamilton Houston’s Biography specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More 6. Charles Hamilton Houston, NAACP 2008.
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Tort Law ReformOne of the reasons behind the initiative for tort law reform is the number of frivolous lawsuits filed each year. For a taste of some of these kinds of cases, read the article Top Ten Frivolous Lawsuits, by Deborah Ng. Then, read the article Talking Liberally – “Frivolous” Law Suits .After reading these two articles, please respond to the following question on the Discussion Board:Why do you think the public gets the impression there is an avalanche of frivolous lawsuits? Do you think this perception is valid?
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The Relationship of Art and Society

The Relationship of Art and Society.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper, discussing the role of art in America since the Gilded Age. Include discussion of the following:Beginning with the Gilded Age, how has art been a reflection of society? Describe and examine at least three examples you have encountered or examined in this course to support your conclusions.How art, in the context of the social justice movements of the 20th century, challenged and shaped American society. The role of diversity in the development of the arts and how it changed throughout the last century in the United States.Your opinion on the role of art today; how does it continue to remain relevant to our lives? How could it change or develop to become more relevant to our lives?Format your paper according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.
The Relationship of Art and Society

The Analysis of an Educational Reform Term Paper

assignment writer Table of Contents Introduction to the Frames The Description of the Mini-Case Application of Concepts to the Case Structural Frame Human Resources Frame Political Frame Symbolic Frame Concluding Remarks References Various aspects and elements of the educational system can be analyzed with the use of organizational management tools. For example, the implementation of reforms is an important process that can be evaluated with the help of such tools as organizational frames. The structural, human resources, political, and symbolic models can be used to understand some factors that contribute to the success or failure of changes (Bolman

Professional Learning Opportunity Presentation

Professional Learning Opportunity Presentation. I’m working on a Powerpoint question and need guidance to help me study.

Assignment Content

Research SMART goals and other goal setting strategies in the University Library and
review the “Making SMART Goals Smarter” article located in the
Week 5 Electronic Reserve Readings.

Refer to the stages of coaching and mentoring found on pg. 18 of
Student-Centered Coaching.

Design a professional learning opportunity for coaches of teachers who need to implement effective instruction in order to meet their students’ needs.

Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation for your professional learning opportunity, in which you address the following:

Identify three possible target areas in which growth may be warranted and provide justification for each area selected.
Write three goals for each target area–two SMART goals and one goal using another goal setting strategy that you discovered.
List strategies for fostering awareness, modeling, and providing motivation during the stages of coaching and mentoring.
Discuss professional learning communities and explain how you might incorporate them as a coach or mentor.

Include speaker notes, APA-formatted in-text citations, and a reference slide.

Professional Learning Opportunity Presentation

Nursing Care Plan for Post Operative Knee Pain

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp EMORY UNIVERSITY NELL HODGSON WOODRUFF SCHOOL OF NURSING NRSG 360 – Clinical Nursing I Clinical Work Sheet for Weekly Clinicals OVERVIEW: (Preparation for clinical week 2) Client’s Initials__L.W________ Age 74YRS___Admit Date_11/17/2014____ and/or Procedure Date _11/17/2014________ Today’s Date_11/20/2014________ Medical Diagnosis/Reason for Admission __Post-operative _pain____ Admitting Diagnosis: RIGHT KNEE REVISION Describe (Brief Pathophysiology in your own words, including HPI)__Patient is a 74 years female with right knee revision due to acute post-operative pain came in for surgical consultation due to continued pain and a valgus deformity after having cast removed. She is on hinged knee brace for stability. Allergies: Ancef, Tolectin 600, Cephalosporins Social Hx Patient is a retired pharmacist, married with children. She is alert and oriented x4; uses tobacco before but quitted 20years ago.__________________________________________________________ HOW ARE THE ABOVE ITEMS RELATED? (Preparation – Add on by Clinical week 3) Treatments (Accuchecks, dressing changes, PT, OT, RT, activity order, diet, Isolation, I/O) Medications (See Medication Summary) Systematic