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Which indicates that and shows why he is hardly ever absent from work and would be very unlikely for him to leave the organizationBryan works great with others and is a great leader to have around groups, especially the newer employee’s because he has such a positive outlook on life in general.

Because of Bryan’s leadership and nice personality it may be tough to get an honest constructive feedback because he would feel bad to talk bad about someone or the organization. Am I Engaged? Score was 23 in a range of 9 to 45, this shows that he is motivated, positive and has a personal commitment to the company. Bryan is engaged in his work and responsibility and has the ability to stay focused on tasks even if they get a bit challenging. Bryan should show more interest in excepting new challenges outside of his comfort zone. How Are You Feeling Right Now?

Scored a 37 out of a range of 10 to 50, this shows that he is in of a more positive state of mind and this will transfer to the others that he is around at work. Has a positive outlook on life and is good to be around, making a work environment very comfortable and will benefit the company. Wondering if the answers are being chosen to what he thinks is desirable to the organization in order to keep his job instead of showing true emotions. What’s My Affect Intensity? Scored a 30 in a range from 10 to 50, showing that he is capable of showing emotion but tends to hide them or at least has the ability to do so.

Bryan is great at showing the right amount of emotion for the situation at hand. It is good being in the manager position to be able to contain these feelings. Can show not enough emotion for some employees or customers has a hard time letting others see his emotions. What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? Scored a 33 in a range of 10 to 50 so close to the upper end, this shows that Bryan would do okay in a management position but may struggle with some of the duties that come with it. Bryan is a great leader within the work place and is great at motivating his team.

Bryan has a hard time with the general public and is more comfortable being behind the scene doing the grunt work, but when asked he will step forward. Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? Scored a 21out of a range of 7 to 35 making him on the good side in my opinion he is good at getting to a decision but still air’s on the side of caution. He is very good at getting an answer for questions or making a choice if a problem arises. Sometimes jumps into a project without enough thought making some pretty tough circumstances for those involved.

Management recommendations: I think that Bryan needs to be challenged and also make sure that the job given to him gives a variety of things to do. If given new responsibilities I think that Bryan would excel in his job and help the people around him excel at the same time. Results SummaryStrengthsWeaknesses How Satisfied Am I with My Job? Candace scored a 63 which is under average, this is telling me that Candace is not happy with her position and needs to be challenged within her position.

She works very well with others and appreciates their company while at work. She is definitely dissatisfied with her position and her ability to gain trust and responsibility to further her career. Am I Engaged? Scored a 17, The ones that score low are more likely to be disconnected from their work, get stuck easily with problems and want to run out the door as soon as the time is up. Candace has a way of making herself get through the rough times. Has a tough time staying dedicated when not into the work, and is easily distracted by outside influences. How Are You Feeling Right Now?

Scored a 36 in a range from 10 to 50, The top end of this range indicates a positive emotion which if channeled correctly could be beneficial to the organizationShe is able to manager her emotions very well in the work environment, and handles the stresses of work good. Candace likes to think about the negative sides rather than thinking towards the positive side of things. What’s My Affect Intensity? Scored a 39, Showing that Candace shows her emotions and is easily connected to others emotions as well. Candace does a great job at connecting with others especially emotionally.

The problem is that most of the time emotions get in the way of the decision making process. What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? Scored a 36 in a range of 10 to 50 Since the score is towards the top end it would be best for a group and maybe leader as wellCandace is very good at controlling her emotions within certain environments, but with the high score would probably be very successful in a group with a leader and other’s below her as wellAlthough it shows she could be a leader Candace has a problem with telling people what to do or assigning duties.

Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? Scored a 22 in a range of 7 to 35, showing that she is pretty reserved when it comes to making decisions, Candace makes sure that all options are explored before making a commitment or decision. She has a hard time being the decision maker even though she makes sure that her ducks are in a row she still second guesses her decision. Management recommendations:

I think that Candace would be a great addition to a team or group within the organization, if with the right people her decision making process and the ability to emotionally connect with people would be able to gain their trust as well as build her own. With a little work and the right placement she could be a very useful tool in the organization.

Scored 65 definitely under the average, but most of the issues are just because of boredom and some of the policy issues. Works best by himself, and knows his job well. Has a hard time working as a group or in a training situation Am I Engaged? Scored 19 in a range of 9 to 45 not really motivated but has the personal ability to get his job done. Works great by himself and is a very hard worker, it is easy for Joey to stay on task and focused until it is completed. Has a hard time engaging in work with others, How Are You Feeling Right Now? Scored 32,

Shows that the outlook on life is positive and can get out of a tough time on the positive side of lifeIs very good at staying positive even if things aren’t the way he thinks they should be or are not going right. Has a rough time about second guessing others work especially if they come to his department to help out. What’s My Affect Intensity? Scored 24, This is at the low end of the range and is showing that the emotions do not effect muchJoey is good with conversing with others and keeping emotions out of the work place This could hold him back from connecting with a work group or a team.

And only lets the bad emotions escape usually. What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? Scored 27, By being in the lower end of this bracket there would definitely be a problem with connecting to employees. Joey is good at controlling the good type of emotions in the work place. When frustrated he has a difficult time controlling emotion. Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? Scored 19, The bottom end of the range showing that he is definitely a follower and would do great in a situation where a team or group need a worker.

Joey is very good at working by himself, and can make some decisions in a normal dayIf problems arise it is tough for Joey to make the decision on what to do to fix the problem. Management recommendations: Joey needs to be in a position where he can work by himself, he is a tough worker and is a very dedicated employee as long as he is treated fairly. Joey needs to be used for his abilities and is willing to do anything asked of him, by training him in more area’s then one we will be able to use his abilities throughout

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1.Suppose you have a market for sushi which is currently in equilibrium. Thinking of the supply and demand graph for this market, what would have to happen to cause both the equilibrium quantity of sushi in this market to rise and the equilibrium price of sushi in this market to fall? Is this even something that could happen?
In your answer, please pay attention to and describe what would have to happen to the supply and demand. (You may of course elaborate with any hypothetical “real life” reasons for any changes in the graph too.)
2. Please answer the following:
1. What is a trade-off?
2. What is an opportunity cost? Is an opportunity cost the same thing as a trade-off, or are there any differences (be sure to explain your answer).
3. Why is the concept of trade-offs/ opportunity costs important in economics? In other words, what is it about economics which requires us to discuss these topics?
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