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Emotions and Moods of employees

The article of choice should be at least five pages in lengthand must have been published within the last 5 years.After reading the article, briefly summarize the purpose for the study, and answer the following questions.What is the authors’ main point?Do the authors’ arguments support their main point?What is your opinion of the article? Do you agree with the authors’ findings?What evidence, either from the textbook or additional sources, supports your opinion?Compare the article information with what we are studying in this unit. What responsibilities do leaders have as far asrecognizing attitudes and emotions in employees?In exercising leadership functions, how can we promote positivity and productivity in the workplace?

Writing Question

You are working as an advanced practice nurse at a community health clinic. You
unintentionally make an error when prescribing a drug to a patient. You do not think the
patient knows that you made the error.
To prepare:
1. Consider the ethical implications of disclosure and nondisclosure.
2. Research federal and state laws for advanced practice nurses. Reflect on the legal
implications of disclosure and nondisclosure for you and the health clinic.
3. Consider what you would do as the advanced practice nurse in this scenario
including whether you would disclose your error.
4. Review the Institute for Safe Medication Practices website (Links to an external
site.). Consider the process of writing prescriptions, and think about strategies to
avoid medication errors.
To complete:
Write a minimum 4-page paper in APA format (excluding cover page and
references) that addresses the following:
1. Explain the ethical and legal implications of disclosure and nondisclosure. Be sure to
reference laws specific to your state.
2. Describe what you would do as the advanced practice nurse in this scenario
including whether you would disclose your error. Provide evidence for your rationale.
3. Explain the process of writing prescriptions and include strategies to minimize
medication errors.
4. Include four or more appropriate scholarly sources from the last five years
throughout the paper.

National Experience and Idenity

Emotions and Moods of employees National Experience and Idenity.

Critique of Theory Paper Assignment –National Experience and Idenity Write a brief paper (3-4 pages) in which you offer a critique of at least one of the theories you presented. From the assigned chapter(s) pertaining to your topic, critique one (or more) of the theories examined. Find and summarize at least three scholarly critiques (e.g., journal articles or books) related to the theory you select. Use the resources cited in the assigned chapter of your SDC textbook as your main source, and seek out external resources when necessary. These will most likely be located in academic journals. Include the following in your critique paper: Summaries of at least three scholarly journal articles/critiques related to the topic/theories you are discussing Your ideas/feedback pertaining to the ideas raised in the three scholarly journal articles/critiques (e.g., do you agree with these? Disagree? Why? Provide rationale/justification supported with citations from your readings). Consider the questions, challenges, weaknesses, and gaps raised during our virtual discussion on the Discussion Board The length of your paper should be 3-4 solid pages not including the cover page (no cover page necessary) APA format Attached: 1) Chapter 12 to get familiar with the topic 2) I have attached different theories journals/articles 3) Compare White, undocumented, documented theories

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In patients at risk for venous thromboembolism, what is the effect of betrixaban on clinical outcomes

In patients at risk for venous thromboembolism, what is the effect of betrixaban on clinical outcomes.

Purpose: Being able to write summarize literature in a logical, concise format – Topic and purpose of paper is clearly introduced with complete and appropriate supporting background – Purpose of study and all pertinent study design elements are described Appropriate safety and efficacy endpoints are presented. When applicable, actual numbers (i.e. percentage of mortality), p-values and confidence intervals are provided. Interpretation of statistical significance is appropriate Introduction –max of 1-2 paragraphs describing pertinent background information about the medication and or disease state. Establish why the question is being asked? -is there a high disease burden or risk of disease severity? Is there a limit to other medications used or lack of currently available treatments? What is the rationale for this drug in this disease state? use those two links for the articles: 2 of 3-Summary of at least 2 articles. Articles should be original research studies that are both prospective, randomized controlled trial in humans. Article summary should be brief, concise and discuss pertinent information from the article. Article summary should be a minimum of one paragraph per study and include a description of the methods, pertinent results and at least 1-2 statements of discussion and conclusions drawn from the study. These should be your own and in your own words. MUST include some comments on the safety of the study medication. -Conclusion –A paragraph at the end should be included to summarize your findings.the conclusion should include your recommendation for where this medication should be used should the intervention be used/done at all? If applicable, should it be first line, second line? Are there special populations that we should reserve the drug? Timing of the drug?-Citations –your article must be cited using AMA format. A numbered reference list must be provided at the end of your paper. You should cite ALL articles used, not just the articles that you summarized with the appropriate use of superscripts.

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What are the antecedents of school structure? How do they influence the way schools are organized and operationalized?

What are the antecedents of school structure? How do they influence the way schools are organized and operationalized?.

Organization of Schools REFLECTION What are the antecedents of school structure? How do they influence the way schools are organized and operationalized? 1 Standards and Assessment Teacher Movie Response Due REFLECTION What is the motive behind the standards movement? In what ways are standards and assessment related? ……: View a teacher movie and examine its portrayal of the teacher, school and society. What assumptions are being made about teaching and learning, philosophies of education, and societal expectations of schools? Identify the influence and implications of race, class, and gender at play in this portrayal. How is the educational system presented? How would you characterize the teaching and learning styles of the characters? Does the teacher have any discernable educational philosophy, and if so, how is it enacted? Critically analyze how the film portrays schools and society. Five to six pages. Due 10/10. [15 pts] …… Explicit/implicit assumptions about teaching and learning clearly stated. Educational structures and hierarchies clearly identified. Cultural locus clearly identified. Educational philosophy of protagonist clearly identified.

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Standards, AKA virtues, AKA values, upheld by the code

Standards, AKA virtues, AKA values, upheld by the code.

 Times-Roman with 1.15 spacing, to present the following line of thought: 1. Choose five standards, AKA virtues, AKA values, upheld by the code. 2. Indicate the challenges to those standards one will likely face as a professional. 3. Tell what recommendations on how to meet those challenges are required by the code. 4. Conclude with your own thoughts on the value of the code. Step 4: Revisit your paper to see that all the above parts are present and adequately addressed. Check for spelling or grammar errors. Make sure the word count is met. Step 5: Visit APA Citation and Referencing under Course Content to properly cite your source. Step 6: Submit your paper only as a Word document (never as PDF) no later than Monday, April 8, 2019 at the Turnitin link under COURSE CONTENT titled: Paper 4. Late submissions will lose points per diem at the rate of five points per day. Step 7: Print a copy of your paper to be turned in as well. To avoid questions regarding completion, papers are to be turned in both at the Turnitin link and in paper form at the end of a class.

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