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Emerging Issues Presentation

Emerging Issues Presentation. I don’t understand this Powerpoint question and need help to study.

Assignment Content

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, in which you address the following:

Analyze specific, emerging challenges and how they impact criminal justice agencies individually and collectively, including:
Global crimes that impact the management of worldwide justice systems and processes
The impact of terrorism on the management of criminal justice systems around the world
The impact of social media on the management of criminal justice

*Note: Presentations should include the following at a minimum: Professional Slide Design (not just black and white), Title, Bullet Points, Media (image, video, table, clip art, etc), Speaker Notes to describe the slides, transitions between slides, references at bottom of slide notes and references slide at the end. Hint: Construct your PowerPoint presentation in a professional manner as if you are going to be presenting it publicly or in front of criminal justice leadership.

Emerging Issues Presentation

POL 374 Molloy College African Democratic Challenges Essay.

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QUESTION:Democracy works well, if imperfectly, for many societies. For this reason (and many others) the post-Cold War era has been about spreading democracy. What makes liberal democracy a challenge in multiple parts of Africa? In light of existing challenges, do you think other regimes such should be attempted to make life better for so many Africans or is a full democracy the continued way forward? If so, let your imagination run wild and think of and alternative model of governance. Or explain how the current state of democracy is not working. Please justify your choiceInclude a works cited pages and use external resources as the textbook.Answer must be in 3 page essay format with an additional works cited page.Font should be Times New Roman, 12 pt font and double spaces. An additional work cited page should be attached.
POL 374 Molloy College African Democratic Challenges Essay

Origins of the “Final Solution” Essay. One of the most interesting yet most neglected aspects of the Holocaust that few people seem to take note of is the fact that the Christian German populace acquiesced to the mass murder of the Jewish population in Germany. People seem to think that the Nazi “Final Solution” originated from Hitler and the Nazi party yet what must be understood is that evolution of the “Final Solution” started not directly from Hitler and the Nazi regime but rather from the teachings of the German church. In the article “The Holocaust, The Church Struggle and some Christian Reflections” Alice Eckardt presents the idea of the Holocaust is the result of several distinct factors, namely: that it was the culmination of the church’s teaching of contempt and that it was the culmination of the church’s absolute theology (Eckardt, 1987). Eckardt posits this compelling question in order to indicate church culpability in the Holocaust: “how was it the Holocaust able to come about when it was carried out by a nation that was considered to be highly civilized, with 95% of its population having been baptized and with the German population continuing to maintain its church affiliation within the heart of a predominantly Christian Europe?” (Eckardt, 1987). She answers this question by suggesting that it was religious zealotry taught by the church to the German population that planted the initial seeds of the Holocaust. Eckardt indicates how before the start of the Nazi regime the German church had embarked on a campaign to vilify the Jewish religion which conforms to her notion of the church’s “teachings of contempt” (Eckardt, 1987). During the 1920s to the early 1930s, the German Protestant church had released numerous church “weeklies” (newsletters) which portrayed the Jewish population as being a “wicked and corrupting force” within the German Christian nation. Religious sermons given by pastors, priests, bishops or archbishops all contained a similar message indicating that the Jews were the murders of Jesus Christ and that they had cursed themselves upon his crucifixion. In fact, in 1936 a Protestant bishop was quoted as saying that the Jewish people were a “divinely ordained scourge for all nations which lead to hatred and persecution” (Eckardt, 1987). Based on the facts presented it can be seen that the initial stages of the “Final Solution” did not begin with Hitler and the Nazi regime but rather with German church itself. Hitler and the Nazi part merely built upon an already present growing resentment in the German population directed against the Jews. Evolution of the Final Solution What must be understood is that Hitler had risen to power under the platform of creating a strong Aryan nation and giving back Germany its pride (Kennedy, 2010). To further cement his platform, he focused on the already existing resentment of the German Christian population against the Jews to further build upon his popularity. As a result of these successive actions, Hitler was able to rise to become the head of state of Germany. When the Nazi party was able to achieve power in Germany by 1933, they continued to build upon the platform of the development of a strong Aryan nation whose tenets included racial purity and the elimination of “undesirable” elements in the population (Kennedy, 2010). This resulted in the creation of systematic state-sponsored racism against the Jewish population resulting in the creation of several anti-Jewish legislation, economic boycotts and the subsequent isolation of the Jews from mainstream society. By the start of World War 2 Germany’s policy for the treatment of the Jewish population had escalated towards further isolation and control through the establishment of various ghettos within Generalgouvernement and Warthegau where Jews were subject to unsanitary conditions and overcrowding (USHMM, 2011). It must be noted though that while the basis of the original command given by Hitler for the subsequent extermination of the Jewish population has been lost to history it can be assumed the connotation of the Jews as being a “problem” could be due to the fact that the resources needed to guard and maintain their various ghettos could be better used elsewhere for the war effort. Furthermore, the Jews also presented themselves as a potential problem for the war effort itself, when the order was given in 1941 for the subsequent genocide of the Jewish population the war effort was already turning against Germany (McFee, 1999). Due to the onset of early Russian winter and the entry of America in the war Germany in effect lost its ability to successfully pull off its blitzkrieg strategy and instead, the war became a war of attrition with the Allies steadily gaining ground. As a result, it can be assumed that the complete genocide of the Jewish population was a way to prevent the allies from possibly gaining more troops from the detained Jews in the ghettos who would be all too eager to fight the Germans. Carrying out the Final Solution The “Final Solution” itself was carried out by SS (equivalent to the CIA and KGB) chief Heinrich Himmler, Himmler and his contemporaries such as German General Odilo Globocnik conceived of and implemented a plan to systematically eliminate the Jewish population through the creation of 3 killing centers namely Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka (USHMM, 2011). The most infamous of the killing centers after the creation of the original 3 was the Auschwitz 2 II center created in 1942 which killed approximately 1 million Jews during the time of its operation. In total, nearly 2,700,000 Jews were killed as a direct result of the actions of the Nazi regime which forever changed the face of European Judaism due to 2/3rds of the Jewish population being effectively wiped out (USHMM, 2011). Insights into the Holocaust There have been many interpretations over the cause of the Holocaust, Eckardt’s view is but one of many however it is unique in that it uses religious teachings as the basis for its explanations. For Eckardt, the German church and its teachings were an important aspect towards establishing the mindset needed to cause a population to accept the atrocities that were done to the Jewish community in the name of creating a master race free from the stain of Judaism. In assessing Eckardt’s view, it seems that her description of Christian culpability in the Holocaust goes far enough in that it creates enough compelling evidence to argue that Christian teachings by the German church were in part the reason behind the atrocities committed. It is based on the facts she presented and various historical precedents as seen in the recorded history of the church where it has been religious zealotry that was taught to various populations that have been the cause of numerous bloody conflicts and acts of inhumane cruelty. From the Crusades to the Salem witch hunts and various other historical incidences it has been religious zealotry, the Christian feeling of spiritual superiority and the claims of the church to possess the only sure means of forgiveness, grace, and salvation that such incidents happened in the first place. For me, the popular view that it was mainly Hitler that was responsible for the Holocaust has been forever changed. I know now that the German population itself was culpable in the Holocaust since it was through the church’s teachings of contempt at the time that allowed it to happen. While the German Christian church will probably never admit it, I now know exactly how they contributed to beginning one of the worst massacres in human history. Reference List Eckardt, A. (1987). “The Holocaust, the Church struggle, and some Christian reflections”. Faith and Freedom.Great Britain, Perigamon Press. Pp. 31 – 44. Kennedy, P. (2010). History from the Middle: The Case of the Second World War. Journal of Military History, 74(1), 35-51. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. McFee, Gord. (1999). When did hitler decide on the final solution? . Retrieved from USHMM. (2011). “final solution”: overview. Retrieved from Origins of the “Final Solution” Essay
St Thomas University Purnell Model for Cultural Competence Discussion.

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At all times, explain why you do or do not adhere to the dominant cultural practices and beliefs of the ethnic group(s) with which you primarily identify.If you do not wish to self-disclose a specific area from the Organizing Framework, indicate so instead of just not addressing it; of course, this should not happen very often.Your paper should be formatted per APA and references should be current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions)
St Thomas University Purnell Model for Cultural Competence Discussion

Prairie View A & M Marketing Strategies of Southwest Airline Discussion Paper

Prairie View A & M Marketing Strategies of Southwest Airline Discussion Paper.

The paper should deal with an operations or supply chain problem/issue. Specifically, the relevance and importance of the issue should be discussed and possible solutions to address the issue/problem suggested. It is highly recommended that you draw from concepts and issues discussed during the course. The paper should ideally be based on a real life case, or on a case study (e.g. from Harvard Business School, IMD, etc.) You are free to select any topic of interest, the only condition being that the case be related to operations/supply chain management. Broadly, the paper should be structured as following:• Description of Company/Industry • Analysis of the operations/supply chain process or strategy of the company• Description of strategic issue/problem/challenge• Possible solutions to tackle the issue using information/knowledge from operations/supply chain strategy literature.• Summary The length of the paper is restricted to 8 pages excluding annexures, exhibits, and references. Use New Roman 11-12 pt. size with 1.5 line spacing. References must be provided wherever required.
Prairie View A & M Marketing Strategies of Southwest Airline Discussion Paper

Power Point Documentary on Latinos in Your Community

essay helper free Power Point Documentary on Latinos in Your Community.

Video Documentary on Latinos in Your Community – IntroductionWILL ATTACH RESOURCES This an introduction to the Video Documentary on Latinos in Your Communityassignment, so that you can plan for the work accordingly. See the syllabus for due dates and theassignment item for further submission information.Prompt:You will develop a 10-15 minute documentary of the community you studied in yourCommunity Treasure Hunt that focuses on Latinos. Create this as if you were bringing awarenessof this community to others, presenting an arrangement that is both creative and informative.You are allowed to use website information, self-video presenting information, and interviewswith community members and agency staff and leaders to address the required components.THIS ASSIGNMENT MUST ADDRESS THE LATINO POPULATION. STUDENTSWHO DO NOT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESS THE LATINO COMMUNITY WILLRECEIVE A FAILING GRADE ON THIS ASSIGNMENT.Your Tasks:Your documentary should include the following:A Welcome and Introductory StatementCommunity Overview:o Location and Demographicso Community Strengths (resources)o Community Challenges (needs)o The experiences of Latino clients in the community (this documentary looks at thecommunity from the lens of Latinos who may seek services as communitymembers)Client Services:o Identify programs and services, including eligibility requirementso Discuss strengths and barriers of available services for Latinoso Identify gaps in servicesRoles of Social Workers in the Community (this discussion should incorporate somecontent specifically on the roles of social workers in serving Latinos; if there are nospecific services social workers are providing now, what would you recommend andwhy?)Self-Reflection A discussion of your personal experience and what you learned in theCommunity Treasure hunt.The documentary can be:A narrated video created with software you own on your computer then uploaded asmedia from your computer to VoiceThreadPowerPoint slides uploaded to VoiceThread with embedded photographs, video clips,graphs, charts, maps, and other visuals as appropriate. If you use this method, you mustadd narration to your documentaryUpload pieces of media (videos, photographs, graphs, charts, maps, etc.) each as a slidein your VoiceThread. Again, if you use this method, you must add narration to yourdocumentary
Power Point Documentary on Latinos in Your Community

Hi, Please read the case study and the assignment brief to follow the instructions. In the assignment brief, point

Hi, Please read the case study and the assignment brief to follow the instructions. In the assignment brief, point 1a. explains how to properly structure the essay. Reading material that would be required to used would be chapters 7 and 11 of the textbook attached. Utilize the supplementary reading atricles attached or other online scholarly articles to reference in the essay as well. The lecture slides and marking rubric is also attached for info. Please use Harvard style referencing Thanks!

literature review

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I want you to write for me a literature review about censorship in translation . 3 pages is enough
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you can use this article if you want
literature review

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