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Improving Flood Emergency Preparedness in League City Abstract This paper explores a vital need to the residents of League City in regards to flood emergency response. Based on online research from the City of League City Mitigation Plan, Galveston County Mitigation Plan, and The Council for Excellence in Government, a local flood preparedness campaign focusing on a coordinated community emergency preparedness educational class is recommended.

While here are many resources in place for League City residents in regards to emergency management, a problem lies in the lack of knowledge residents have about this information. This paper examines how a local flood preparedness campaign focusing on a coordinated community emergency preparedness class will improve preparedness in League City. A local flood preparedness campaign with focus on a coordinated community emergency preparedness conference is recommended to assist the residents of League City in the event of a flood.

Floods have been and continue to be the most frequent, destructive, and costly natural hazard facing not only League City, but the state of Texas as well. Flooding accounts for 91 percent of all recorded damages in the State of Texas (Galveston County Office of Emergency Management, 2009). The League City Mitigation Planning Committee (LPMPC, 2010), reports storm surges have the potential to affect up to 90 percent of League Citys footprint. In the event of such situations, many of the communities’ resources will be unavailable to its residents.

Writing Question

he supporting materials document is where you summarise what you have researched so far. In the document, you are required to complete and demonstrate the following in the listed order:
Before writing the document
Begin your research. You are required to find:
Two academic, peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters or books that introduce you to your weekly topic from weeks 2-12 (The power of street level bureaucrats). It is not expected that you master your topic at this stage – we are just getting you started.You are encouraged to research issues and topics that we have not have covered yet – this will be taken into account when grading.

Two sources on your policy delivery and implementation issue. These can be academic, peer-reviewed sources OR non-peer-reviewed sources (e.g government or NGO reports, reputable blogs, media, websites, think tanks etc).

In the document itself
Include a title page. You are required to list three things on the title page:Your policy delivery and implementation issue.
Your weekly topic from weeks 2-12.
One brief question about your project that you would like to ask your teachers. Your grader will answer it in your feedback. The question will not inform your grade in any way, except for the simple requirement to include it.The question is your opportunity to engage in a dialogue with your grader in a low-stakes way. There are no ‘stupid’ or ‘off-limits’ questions, but generally speaking, the more specific they are the better. You might ask for clarification regarding a concept; or perhaps float one or two rough ideas regarding your thesis; etc. It won’t be possible to address your question in extensive detail or do the assignment for you, but your grader will point you in the right direction.
N.B the title page will not count towards your word count.

On a new page, put together a 400-500 word summary of your initial research. N.B. This is not an annotated bibliography or a mini essay that answers a research question. You should tell a brief three-element story:First section: What your research has covered and how your research meets the requirements about source material types above;
Second section: How your research will help you write the summative essay OR policy brief.
Third section: Outline your focus.For a case study essay analysis: A research question that will be answered in the summative assessment must be provided. Importantly, your research question must take the form of a question. General topic areas statements are not permitted or sufficient for a case study essay analysis.
For a policy brief analysis: A carefully bounded and delimited area of study for the summative assessment must be clearly and briefly identified. You must be able to evaluate this area in 2200-2500 words and be able to provide recommendations in the summative assessment. In other words, it would be inappropriate to evaluate ‘new public management’ – too big and too unbounded for an effective policy brief. You should instead delve down into a particular aspect of delivery, like the efficacy of public-private partnerships in infrastructure delivery, or look at a particular service delivery program in a particular jurisdiction, like water management in NSW, or any other areas similar as appropriate.

You should think about how to group your analysis of the materials together to achieve this format successfully, rather than attempting to list and describe each individual source i.e the overall picture is more important than the individual researched sources.

Write this up with conventional academic citation of materials and provide a reference list, employing a citation style guide of your choiceLinks to an external site..

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