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Help improve own and team practice in schools | Describe why team work is important in schools It is important to work as part of team as this can only gain better results, you can listen to other people and their ideas and also share your own ideas and experiences. Working as a team can also reduce your own work load through sharing good practice, sharing worksheets, saving time preparing your own worksheets for your class.Everyone within your team will know what the target goal is and work together to achieve it. Relationships between staff within your team will get stronger and you will feel valued and this will help build your confidence and self esteem. When you work together there is consistency therefore if a member of staff is absent then other staff members can cover their role.Good communication is essential working as part of a team and team members can discuss particular children who they feel may be showing signs of problems or lack of understanding and all work together to find a way to help that child.

Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team There are many duties and responsibilities a teacher has and the following is a general overview. Prepare lessons and resources, prepare & mark homework, assignments and assessments.Researching information to ensure the knowledge they impart is current. Identify the needs of individual students in their classes and work to help each child develop their own potential, assist children to learn, identify emotional, intellectual, physical etc issues which may be hindering the student from learning to their best potential, liaise with other teachers and parents, attend professional development sessions, to treat all students with respect and teach them to teach others with respect.The role of Teaching Assistants is a very open and varied role, which could include: Assist individual students in performing activities run by the teacher or take booster groups, supervise children in the hall, at lunch and playground, reinforce learning in small groups or with individuals while the teacher works with other students, assist the teacher in observing, recording and charting behaviour, assist the teacher with crisis problems and behaviour management, assist in preparation and production of instructional materials, maintain records elative to specific programming and student performance as requested by the teacher, participate in parent-teacher conferences and assist with parent communication on request, work directly with students in different settings where a teacher is not available at the site, reinforce social and personal skills to ensure the successful inclusion of a student. Describe the importance of respecting the skills and expertise of other practitioners You should show respect and value the knowledge of other members of staff, as you never know when you will need their assistance.This can build a good working relationship as you show your respect and interest in them.

The same will be returned to you. A lot of the teachers at my school have been there a long while so I value their advice and sharing experience, it is good practice. Some staff at my school are not only class teachers but also specialise in other areas, speech and language, special needs etc.It is not only their professional experience but some teachers have outside interests, ie art, this is useful as you could ask for some creative activities or ideas to try with your own groups to assist the children with learning. I also respect the different methods and opinions of other staff. Discussing issues with them helps me to draw from their knowledge and experience and better myself, likewise they talk to me about my experiences that I have come across since working at my school, they think its good to hear views from “fresh eyes”.

“How effective is using technology in the EFL/ESL classroom”

“How effective is using technology in the EFL/ESL classroom”.

Assessed essay: The Proposed Intervention (weighting 70%) The aim of this task is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of classroom action research as a tool for teacher development and demonstrate your understanding of key concepts in methodology. You will consider an issue related to a specific teaching context with which you are familiar, preferably one from your own teaching experience, and ideally one related to a recent or current teaching post or language learning experience. Based on an analysis of this context, you will propose an intervention which is linked to methodology in some way (e.g. a possible solution to a teaching problem, the introduction of a method or technique, or an innovative way of presenting new language). You will also show why you feel this intervention is necessary through critical analysis of the area focussed on. The assignment requires you to explain how the intervention could be introduced into the context which you identified and then evaluated to determine its success. Note: this exercise is hypothetical; you do not need to carry out the intervention itself.

You must include:

• The context and rationale for the intervention

• The proposed intervention – critically outline the principles of the chosen technique or method What would you do? How would you do it? What may limit or affect the process? How would you evaluate the findings?

• You need to refer explicitly to the action-research cycle to support the above

• You must show evidence of background reading and support your points with clear reference to literature.


This assignment enables you to demonstrate your understanding of both Action Research and current concepts in language teaching methodology. We discuss how you might go about this assignment in the session on Researching Practice in TESOL (week 7), but it would be helpful for you to start keeping a list of potential intervention projects as you work through the module and reflect on your professional life as a teacher. The assignment should be written up in essay format, using appropriate organisation, academic style and language, and Harvard referencing. You may use headings/ sub-headings in this essay. The first-person voice can be used where relevant

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