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Elites in Representative Democracy

Living Political Ideas – ‘Representative democracies will always need elites,’ Discuss. A Representative democracy is a form of government which is based on the principles of representatives who have been selected by the people; it can be argued that representative democracies will always need elites. This essay will firstly examine the notion of Representative Democracies in order to gain an understanding of its key components using the political ideas of both Edmund Burke and James Madison who were both in favour of Representative democracy. Elitism is a theory which emphasises the importance of a small elite group amongst society, links between Elitism theory and democracy will be analysed using the ideas of various Elite theorists. It can be argued that even though representative democracies aim to take into account the opinions and views of the majority this isn’t necessary the case since only a minority of society choose to participate in the political process. To conclude this essay, theories of populism will be discussed and also the argument that globalisation has aided in creating a greater number of elites in representative democracies. Representative Democracies are ones in which citizens within a country elect representatives to make decisions for them. Elections must be free and fair and the political party which receives the majority of votes forms the government[1]. The political theorist Edmund Burke supported the notion of representative democracy but saw the title ‘representative’ as depending on how much members of the public were able to rely on their representatives[2]. According to Burke, “your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion”[3]. As with Burke, James Madison gave support towards the rationales of representative democracy. According to Madison public views and opinions can be refined and enlarged when passed through a body of elected citizens. Madison also argued that Representative government forces elections themselves to provide a clarification of public issues, and those able to withstand the election process are likely to be able to represent the true interests of all citizens[4]. Elite theorists argue that individuals who are considered objectively superior to others should hold more superior positions within society[5]. Elitists believe that society comprises of three different types of people; firstly there is a supreme all-seeing leader who possesses unrivalled authority and secondly, there is‘warrior’ elite who is distinguished by its capacity for self-sacrifice. Finally, there are the masses that are weak and ignorant, their destiny is simply obedience[6]. According to Elitist theorist Mosca, modern elites have superior organisational skills which were necessary in gaining political power; he also asserted that all forms of social organization would be impossible without a ruling class[7]. Mosca states that: “Those who hold and exercise State Power are always a minority, and that below them lies a numerous class of people who never participate in real terms in government are subject to the will of the former; we may call them the ruled”[8]. Elite theorist Michel’s goes even through by suggesting the inevitability of elite rule as the “iron law of oligarchy”. According to this democracy is paradoxical and therefore impossible since democracy cannot exist without organisation and organisation requires elites. The ‘Iron Law of Oligarchy’, asserts that real democracy is unable to exist without becoming an oligarchy, an oligarchy is a form of government in which all power is vested in a few dominant individuals[9]. The two key classical elite theorists Mosca and Pareto differ in their view of which resources elites utilise, but both agree that the state and the civil society are characterised by an inevitable division of power between elites and the masses. Mosca sees elites to possess various organisational skills; elite theorist Pareto is more militant concerning the physical and mental strength which determine their suitability for government[10]. It can be argued that in any Representative Democracy, elites will still be present. The United Kingdom is a Representative Democracy this is because all citizens over the age of 18 are able to vote and the political party which receives the most amounts of votes is elected[11]. Regardless of this though the United Kingdom has extremely low levels of turnout and research has shown that it’s often those with higher levels of education and income are more likely to turnout than there less affluent counterparts. This therefore demonstrates the ideas put forward by Elite theorist since in a Representative Democracy only a small number of the electorate are having their opinions accounted for and those that are participating are likely to be considered members of an affluent elite within society. According to Manin, Elites do still play a role in Representative Democracy. This is because people are selected based upon uncommon characteristics which are valued by voters. Voters select these distinctive qualities that they would like to see in their representatives. These qualities vary from a variety of things for example their uncommon ability to articulate and promote a particular political opinion[12]. Therefore the notion of elites is still evident since these people possess a particular talent or characteristic that most people sharing that opinion do not also possess. Manin also states that even though individuals may recognise the importance of elites they do not necessarily support the theory of Elitism[13] Opposed to Elitism is the theory of Populism; populism emphasis’s the belief that the instincts and wishes of the majority provide the principal legitimate guide to political action. Movements or parties described as populist have been characterized by their claim to support the common people in the face of corrupt economic or political elites[14]. Populism is a democratic system whereby politicians make a direct appeal to the people and will claim to give expression to their deepest hopes and fears and all intermediate institutions are often distrusted[15]. This therefore demonstrating alternative approaches which believe the opinions of the people should be considered before taking any form of political action. It can be argued that within the era of globalisation new elites have become one of the consequences of representative democracy. Globalization has seen the increasing ability of corporations to expand across borders. Globalization is a process which has been engineered by corporate elites; governments have helped this process by taking incremental policy action which was implemented in secret without national debate and discussion. For example, In Europe, polls have shown a persistent majority opposed to the introduction of the Euro, but since powerful elite supports it the plans move forward[16]. According to Herman, “Globalization has also steadily weakened democracy, partly as a result of unplanned effects, but also because the containment of labour costs and scaling down of the welfare state has required the business minority to establish firm control of the state and remove its capacity to respond to the demands of the majority.” [17]. To conclude, even though the principle aim of Representative Democracy is to ensure the views of the majority are been accounted for it can be argued that Elites are still prevalent. A Representative Democracy is one which is based upon the views and principles of representatives elected by citizens. Elite theorists argue that there is a group of individuals in society whose ideas and preferences are more superior to others, they see democracy as a temporary phenomenon which will morph into an oligarchy since it requires individuals with superior skills. In can be argued that even though Representative Democracies aim to include the opinions of every citizen only a small group of society chooses to participate in the political process and it’s often those from a more elite section of society. Theorists suggest that Elites are a positive aspect of Representative Democracy since citizens elect candidates who possess various characteristics which are appealing to those voting for example the ability to articulate various political principles, and are therefore necessary to a Representative Democracy. Globalisation is a process whereby corporations are able to operate across borders, it can be argued that such a process has harmed democracy since governments often take action without any national debate and discussion and in the process has created a group of Elites whose opinions are considered superior to those of the majority. Bibliography Eagles, M Johnston, L Holoman, C
Issue of Gender Pay Gap in Sports. Sports are Sports Life isn’t perfect, but could it ever be? Most people think it can get better but it can never be perfect, while some think life can eventually be perfect. Life with gender is tough for everyone, you have to live up to expectations and do things in the field of that gender. It’s horrible, in sports its the worst between men and females. Men get the upper hand, men get paid more but written by a sports writer from the New Yorker, Jackie MacMullan states that ¨with the money gaining from female athletes being what it is, women are discouraged from pursuing professional athletics.¨ For a long time women have been scandaled with their pay in sports and even jobs. Girls and women are constantly told they can’t do what boys can do when it comes to sports. Even though some sports men get major streaming from the world but that doesn’t prove the fact That they aren’t strong enough, tough enough, or good enough. Women’s rights in the sports industry have progressed but there are still many obstacles because of inequality of treatment and pay. Women are strong and talented, they put in the same amount of work in and they sacrifice the same things as any other professional athlete would, and they should be getting paid way more for all the stuff they put into sports just like men. Women’s sports history started back in the 19th century. By the end of the 19th century, golf , archery, tennis, skiing were the first sports introduced to women. These were appreciated to women in the upper class. The first time a women athlete participated in the modern Olympic Games was the second Olympic Games in 1900, that was a big impact to the women’s revolution of sports and that helped set the bar for women in sports industry. The bar wasn’t set as high as it was for men at the time because men have been playing sports since the early days. The first recorded ancient Olympic Games was in 760 BC, a one event footrace. Later games included other events such as wrestling, javelin, boxing and jumping. During the same time, the only sport mentioned in the Bible was said to be wrestling. All of those sports listed above weren’t offered to women or played by women because they were considered “aggressive.” Then, being aggressive was man-like and not something for women to be apart of. Women and men sports have not been equal, not even in 2019. Men are able to play the aggressive role in sports, while women are criticized for not being “ladylike.” For example, Serena Williams a professional tennis player was criticized for arguing with referee Carlos Ramos for a violation call against her. The call was made because the referee believed Williams was illegally being coached from the stands. Williams was infuriated by the call because it is considered cheating when being coached from the stands and she insisted that she did not cheat. She told the director of the U.S. Open that men never receive punishment for their actions, and Williams felt as she deserved an apology because she does not cheat. Women get criticism for behavior in sports more than men and it is part of worlds views on how women are supposed to act. It is unfair that women in sports get treated differently than men because it is a step back from equality. Women do not get the same opportunities and same pay as men and that’s so crazy to me why there is such a big wage gap. Look at the NBA vs WNBA. Why does Damian Lillard make 41 million dollars for his NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Sparks very own Candace Parker, from the WNBA that most would know if you brought it up in common conversations on women’s basketball, gets paid 113,000 dollars. NBA referees make more than average WNBA players… The referees make 150,000 dollars while the average WNBA player makes 79,000. We need a difference. Women put in lots of work on the hardwood floor just like men, even more to be realistic. Women have to work harder because they are trying to prove a point to everyone. Female athletes boost up other female athletes to break stereotypes and go harder than ever. They are giving it their all, all of the time to prove a point that they deserve equality and to get the credit that any man would. Women’s Soccer also has a big wage gap to men. The women’s USA soccer team have sued the United States Soccer Federation. Women on the team are being paid less than the men’s team, their getting less money then the men per game. Even throughout the years the women’s team has gained more revenue for the U.S. Soccer Federation, larger audiences, and played more games than the men’s team. The women’s national soccer team have also won three World Cup titles and four Olympic gold medals. Meanwhile the men’s team has only won 2 gold medals, and the last time they won the world cup was in 1930. I believe it is so unfair especially since the women bring in larger audiences and are a lot more successful. Female soccer athletes put their everything on the field every single time they play, even in practice or everytime they touch the field, just like every other female athlete they give their all, they have something to work and to stick up for. Another good example of gender in equality is Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey was an UFC champion in 2016 then later on signed to the WWE (wrestling) , and performs on the Raw brand. Rousey was the headliner at UFC 207 and She also reportedly collected $3 million just to turn up for her final UFC bout, with 1.1 million pay-per-view buys. She’s a successful women in the women’s sports industry but still doesn’t get paid as much as men. Conor Mcgregor was also a UFC champion but made $4 million for his last fight, Why? They’re both champions, holding belts and both doing the same thing, fighting to keep their titles. It’s unfair that she gets paid less under the same circumstances as him when people say their equally involved in the UFC world today. This shows that women are paid less in majority of the sports, not just one or two. A national thing that needs to change. Women today have accomplished what people think would’ve never happened. Serena Williams total earnings is 18.1 million dollars, she earns 62,000 dollar prize money from tennis and 18 million off of endorsements. Serena has more than a dozen sponsors, including Nike, Lincoln, JPMorgan Chase, Beats, Gatorade and Intel. Only a number of athletes you can count on your hands made more than Williams over the past 12 months from endorsements, and she made twice as much off the court as any other female athlete. Serena also produced her fashion collection in late May. After collections for Nike and HSN , this is her first solo compilation and includes denim, dresses and jackets. It’s great to hear about all her accomplishments and what she’s doing to improve it even more but Serena has set a bar for women athletes and proving to everyone that you can do it no matter what by just working hard, by knowing lots of things are unfair in this world today and trying your hardest to break that unfairness with everything you got. It’s something special to watch and be able to see first hand in history. Women deserve to get paid more, not just saying they should just get paid more than men because people do understand there’s many factors to money gaining such as larger schedules, endorsements, audience viewing and etc, but they should get paid more for everything they do for their sport. They put in hard work and time into their sport just like men, they’re breaking the common stereotypes such as “women shouldn’t be playing aggressive sports” or “women playing a tough sport isn’t lady-like.” Women do so much in this world and they deserve to be treated equally and fairly regardless from any stereotype or any opinion. They have dreams and desires on athletics so why can’t we treat pay the same for women and men, Women deserve a lot more than what they get but I know one day everything will be better, we just have to keep fighting and wanting it more than ever. Work Cited: Badenhausen, Kurt. “The Highest-Paid Female Athletes 2018.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 27 Aug. 2018, Hill, Selena. “TOP WNBA SALARIES VS. NBA SALARIES [2019 UPDATE].” Black Enterprise, Black Enterprise, 15 Apr. 2019, Zaccardi, Nick. “Serena Williams Loses to Naomi Osaka in U.S. Open Final after Umpire Spat.” OlympicTalk, NBC Sports, 10 Sept. 2018, “The Evolution of Women’s Sports.” Ohio University, 20 Sept. 2018, “The Official Site of the WWE and UFC Champ.” Ronda Rousey, Issue of Gender Pay Gap in Sports
Arkansas Tech University Folder Local Host Report.

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10-1 ( Screenshot for steps 2-12) ( Windows)1. Start your Windows computer and sign in.2. Click Start, and then click File Explorer. Click This PC in the left pane and then click Local Disk (C:).3. Create a folder named MyShare. Right-click MyShare, point to Give access to, and click Specific people. You see that the currently logged-on user has the permission level Owner. You can add users who may access the share in this dialog box, but because only you will access it, click Share. You’re notified that the folder is now shared, and you see the path listed as ComputerNameMyShare, where ComputerName is the name of your computer4. Click in the Search text box on the taskbar, type localhost, and press Enter. The localhost refers to your own computer, so a window opens and displays available shares, including MyShare. Normally, you wouldn’t map a drive to a folder on your own computer, and you would replace localhost with the name of a server hosting the share. You’re using localhost just for practice. Click the search result.5. In File Explorer, right-click MyShare and click Map network drive. You can choose a drive letter to map to this share. Click the Drive list arrow and click X:. Click to clear the Reconnect at sign-in check box. If you leave this option selected, the drive is mapped to the share each time you sign in. Notice that you can also choose to connect to the share with different credentials. This option is useful if you have a different username or password on the computer that hosts the share. Click Finish.6. A File Explorer window opens and displays the share’s contents (it’s currently empty). Close all windows. Click Start and then click File Explorer. You see the drive letter and share name listed under This PC. Right-click MyShare (localhost) (X:) and click Disconnect to delete the drive mapping. (You might need to press F5 to refresh the FileExplorer window and see that the drive mapping has been deleted.)7. Open a command prompt or PowerShell window. To map a drive letter from the command line, type net use x: localhostMyShare and press Enter. You should see the message “The command completed successfully.” To display current connections to shared resources, type net use and press Enter.8. Click in the File Explorer window. The X drive letter is listed under This PC again.9. At the command prompt, type net use /? and press Enter to see a list of options for the net use command. You can use the /persistent option to make a drive mapping reconnect each time you sign in. You can also connect with a different set of credentials. Type net use x: /delete and press Enter to delete the drive mapping, and then close the command prompt window. In File Explorer, verify that the drive mapping has been deleted.10. To create a batch file for mapping a drive, open Notepad and type the following two lines:net use x: /deletenet use x: localhostMyShare11. The first command deletes any existing drive mappings for the X drive. Click File and then Save As from the menu. In the left pane of the Save As dialog box, click Desktop. Click the Save as type list arrow and then click All Files. In the File name text box, type mapX.bat and click Save. Close Notepad. Batch files can come in handy if you need to connect to another computer periodically but don’t want a permanent drive mapping. Batch files are especially useful if you need to enter long commands because you don’t have to remember and re-enter them each time you need them.12. On your desktop, double-click mapX. In File Explorer, verify that the X drive mapping has been created. Right-click MyShare (localhost) (X:) and click Disconnect.10-2( Screenshot for steps 2-9) ( Windows)1. Sign in to your Windows computer, if necessary. There are two tools for creating user accounts in a Windows client OS. One is User Accounts in Control Panel, which is used mostly for home users. The other tool is Local Users and Groups in the Computer Management console. Local Users and Groups gives administrators more control over user properties and has more in common with Active Directory Users and Computers, so it’s used in this project.2. Right-click Start and click Computer Management. In the left pane, click to expand Local Users and Groups, which has two folders under it: Users and Groups. Click Users to display a list of users in the right pane. Notice that the Administrator, DefaultAccount, and Guest users in the figure are shown with a black arrow in a white circle to indicate that the accounts are disabled.3. Right-click in empty space in the right pane and click New User. In the New User dialog box, type NewGuest1 as the User name. In the Full name text box, type New Guest User 1, and in the Description text box, type A new guest user account.4. Type guestpass in the Password text box and again in the Confirm password text box.5. Leave the User must change password at next logon check box selected and click Create. The New User dialog box clears so you can create another user. Click Close.6. In Local Users and Groups, double-click NewGuest1 to view its properties. Click the Member Of tab. By default, all new users are put in a group called Users; this is also the case when a user is created in Active Directory. Click Cancel.7. Click the Groups folder in the left pane to see a list of default groups that Windows creates. Double-click the Users group. You’ll see a list of users who are members of the Users group, including NewGuest1. You’ll probably also see some special groups named Authenticated Users and INTERACTIVE, which are internal groups used by Windows. Click Cancel.8. Sign out of Windows. When the sign-in window opens, New Guest User 1 is shown as a user you can sign in with. Click New Guest User 1. Type guestpass in the Password text box and press Enter, or click the arrow to log on. When prompted to change your password, click OK and then type Password01 in the New password and Confirm password text boxes. Press Enter or click the arrow.9. In the message box stating that the password has been changed, click OK. Sign out of Windows, but leave Windows running for the next project.10-3 ( Screenshot for steps 2-7) ( Windows)1. Sign in to your Windows computer, if necessary.2. Right-click Start and click Computer Management. Click to expand Local Users and Groups and then click Groups.3. Right-click in empty space in the right pane and then click New Group. In the New Group dialog box, type GuestUsers as the Group name. In the Description text box, type A group for guest users of this computer.4. Click Add. Examine the Select Users dialog box. It’s similar to what you see when adding a user to a group in Active Directory.5. You can use the Object Types button to limit the types of objects Windows displays if you click the Advanced button to search for objects to add to a group. Click Locations. You have only one option unless your computer is a member of a domain. If so, you can select objects from the domain; otherwise, you can only choose objects created on your computer. Click Cancel.6. You can type the group members’ names in the text box, but to select them from a list, click Advanced. Click Find Now to list available users and groups you can add as group members. Click NewGuest1 and then click OK. Notice in the Select Users dialog box that the user is specified as ComputerNameNewGuest1. ComputerName is the name of the computer or domain where the user was created; in this case, it’s the computer. Click OK.7. NewGuest1 is listed as a member of the group. Click Create to finish creating the group and then click Close.10-4 ( Screenshot for steps 2-9) ( Windows)1. Sign in to your Windows computer, if necessary.2. Open File Explorer. Click Local Disk (C:) in the left pane. Create a folder named TestShare1 at the root of the C drive.3. Open the TestShare1 folder’s Properties dialog box and click the Security tab. Click the Users entry in the top section and make a note on the line below of the permissions assigned to the Users group. Click Cancel to close the Properties dialog box.4. Right-click TestShare1, point to Give access to, and click Specific people to start the File Sharing Wizard.5. Type newguest1 in the text box and then click Add. New Guest User 1 is added. Click the list arrow in the Permission Level column next to New Guest User 1 and make sure Read is selected.6. Click Share. The UNC path for the share is displayed. Click Done.7. In File Explorer, right-click TestShare1 and click Properties. Click the Sharing tab and then click Advanced Sharing.8. Click Permissions. The Administrators and Everyone groups have Full Control permission to the share. As you will see in the next step, the file and folder permissions restrict New Guest User 1’s permissions to Read & execute, List folder contents, and Read, which effectively allows the user to open and view the file. Click Cancel twice.9. In the TestShare1 folder’s Properties dialog box, click the Security tab. Click New Guest User 1 and notice that the account’s file and folder permissions are Read & execute, List folder contents, and Read. These permissions are set automatically when you configure permissions using the File Sharing Wizard. If you had set the share permissions to Read/Write, the file and folder permissions for New Guest User 1 would have been Full Control along with all the other permissions.10-5 ( Screenshot for steps 2-10) ( Linux)1. Log on to your Linux computer and open a terminal window.2. At the shell prompt, type man useradd and press Enter to get an overview of the man pages for the useradd command. Press the Page Up and Page Down keys to scroll through the man pages. Type q when you’re finished.3. To view current users on the Linux system, type cat /etc/passwd and press Enter. Another way to view a text file is with the less option. Type less /etc/passwd and press Enter. Use the arrow keys or Page Up and Page Down keys to scroll through the file. Many of the user accounts you see in this file are system accounts that are not used to log on to the OS. Type q to quit.4. Display the list of groups by typing less /etc/group and pressing Enter. When you’re finished, type q.5. To create a user, type useradd testuser1 and press Enter. If you aren’t logged on as root, you see a message stating that permission is denied. Type su and press Enter to switch to the root user, if necessary; type your password when prompted. The last character in the prompt changes from a $ to a # to indicate that you’re now operating asthe root user.6. Type useradd testuser1 and press Enter. To create a password for the user, type passwd testuser1 and press Enter. Type Password01 and press Enter. (Notice that your keystrokes aren’t displayed.) You see a message that the password is bad and fails a dictionary check. However, the password is still accepted, and you’re prompted to retype it. Type Password01 and press Enter again. You should see a message stating “passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.”7. Create another user with the logon name testuser2.8. Type less /etc/passwd, press Enter, and page to the bottom of the file, where you see the users you created. Type q and then display the group file to see that groups named testuser1 and testuser2 were also created. (Hint: Remember that you can use the arrow keys to scroll through recently used commands.)9. Type groupadd testgroup1 and press Enter. To add testuser1 to testgroup1, type usermod -a -G testgroup1 testuser1 and press Enter. Repeat the command for testuser2. Type cat /etc/group and press Enter to list all groups. You should see the new group at the end of the file along with a list of its members.10. You can view a user’s group memberships with the groups command. Type groups testuser1 and press Enter. Testuser1 is listed as a member of the testuser1 and testgroup1 groups.
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MIS 7650 ASU Transformation of Businesses by Information Systems Discussion.

The point of this activity is to think and reflect in your own words. It’s not about defining terms or regurgitating factual information about a particular concept or technology we covered.  Instead, a good AHA could indicate how a concept or technology might make a difference in your personal or professional life or be meaningful in some way in the future.  Also, feel free to use first-person language (“I feel that…”  “The use of [x] will help me in my work in the following way…”)  This is a personal reflection, not a scholarly article.

MIS 7650 ASU Transformation of Businesses by Information Systems Discussion

Steps for business purchase Report

Introduction The growth of MahmoudCo has not been matched by growth in its software hence creating a disparity, which negatively affects the business operations. Before embarking into any purchase, different considerations have to be made in order to determine whether the company is operating optimally in the provision of goods and services. Identification of the business need Before management undertakes the purchase of a product, there is a need to conduct a review of all company needs in order to identify where weaknesses lie. The needs can either be presented by employees or identified by management while reviewing company goals and employee performances. Sami, an accountant encounters problems and alerts the head accountant (Simsim T). Consequently, Mr Khalil who owns the company becomes aware of the problems. Determining a budget A budget is a critical tool that is constantly referred to as it is the blueprint to all company spending plans. In the case study above, Mr Khalil dislikes spending money and also underpays his staff as is evident with Sami. This portrays a business environment that has a rigid plan Selecting the purchasing team In this case, the marketing department has been given the responsibility by the company owner to come up with a viable option that will address all the problem areas as pointed out by Sami. In doing so, they may as well consider other aspects arising from the software problems that may have not been pointed out by the complainant and have a possibility of occurring in the future. Product specifications The accounting software needed by MahmoudCo must first be able to read both Hirji and Gregorian calendars as this will make it easier to do accounts for the different branches in different countries. Secondly, the software should allow for different security levels to make sure that junior accountants do no have access work from their senior counterparts. Lastly, the software should be able to automatically convert currencies in its calculations making the accountants’ work easier. Searching for options In the specifications given, there are three choices that meet the criteria given. Different channels e.g. internet are used to come up with different options (Kotler, 2003, p. 47). The first option is OpenERP which is multi-business, multi-currency, has calendar options and can be customized by the user giving different security levels. It is also web based and can therefore be accessed in many places. The second is ApacheOFBiz which has many qualities similar to those of OpenERP, including currencies and security levels. The difference is that this option does not have the option of different calendars but is however highly rated due to its track record and reliable use around the world. The third is PostBooks created by xTuple and which supports multi-currency and multi-language capabilities but without the option of a calendar too and is for small businesses. It is also can be customized by the client making it secure at different levels. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Evaluation of options In this case, OpenERP is the best option because apart from having the basic qualities as outlined by the company, it has flexible workflows, can be used together with OpenOffice, has a dynamic Graphic User Interface and can be started with the basic components and others integrated as the company grows (Pinckaers

ENG 101 Palo Verde College Trevor Noahs Born A Crime English Discussion

online assignment help ENG 101 Palo Verde College Trevor Noahs Born A Crime English Discussion.

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What You’re Writing AboutAfter reading Born A Crime, you should see a connection between issues and themes in Trevor Noah’s life and the issues and themes in the essays that you’ve read in They Say, I Say. Discuss what those connections, issues, and themes are that both Noah and the essays in They Say, I Say share. Cite from both books to support your analysis.Note: Consider this Talking Point as your starting point for your Final Term Essay. This is your exploration of ideas, your intellectual playground about what you might write about for the FTE.How You’re Writing ItYour Talking Point is no longer a summary-and-response assignment. Now, it is your academic literary response to a writing prompt, which is based upon specific themes and passages from the reading. In other words, you’re writing short essays as preparation–a build-up–to a larger essay that you will write later–an essay about a theme you understand and interpret from the novel and discussions. Again, no summary paragraph is required as the first paragraph–just start off your Talking Point as an insightful essay of your own thoughts.Your Talking Point must be five paragraphs in length, and it must have an introduction with your thesis, a body of support paragraphs that explain your main ideas with descriptive details, and a conclusion that sums up your main ideas and insights about the prompt.You must cite a total of four (4) sources to support your ideas. You must cite at least two (2) passages from Born A Crime, and you must cite passages from two (2) essays from They Say, I Say or multimedia, such as online articles or videos, that you’ve studied this semester. Your source citations must be in proper MLA-style format.You must have a Works Cited section at the end of your Talking Point. Your Works Cited section must be in proper MLA-style format.Note: There is no requirement for a summary paragraph of what you’ve read.If you do not follow the writing requirements, you will receive a zero for only that part of the assignment.
ENG 101 Palo Verde College Trevor Noahs Born A Crime English Discussion

OH Benefits of Analytics Program and Enterprise Analytics Discussion

OH Benefits of Analytics Program and Enterprise Analytics Discussion.

According to your boss (the CIO), building an analytics capability in the organization and Enterprise analytics program have been reoccurring topics at recent meetings of the senior leadership team at XYZ Health System. The CIO recently provided the senior leadership team an overview of the topics. However, the team is interested in learning more and has requested the CIO prepare a brief report explaining the benefits associated with data analytics capability building and Enterprise analytics program. Of course, the CIO is very busy and has decided to delegate this responsibility to you. The CIO needs the report by the end of the week. Using the template provided, the CIO wants the report to include the following:Explain why XYZ should invest into building data analytics capabilities. The CIO believes three paragraphs should be adequate as a response.Briefly describe three benefits of data analytics in health care.Briefly describe five main functions of enterprise analytics program in health care.Identify and list three additional credible sources (beyond the textbook and Davenport article) in the event the leadership team would like to explore the Enterprise analytics program further. The sources must be within the past five years and from professional/academic publications.
OH Benefits of Analytics Program and Enterprise Analytics Discussion

MSU Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability IPAT Discussion

MSU Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability IPAT Discussion.

Please answer the questions below in nor more than 3 or less pages.Here is the list of questions to answer:1. Does the IPAT factors have a direct or indirect relationship to each other? and give an example2. Does a person living in a developing country have the same impact as someone living in rural U.S.?3. Are populations growing at the same rate across the world and what are the pros and cons to this model and impact on the environment?4. How does climate change relate to this model?5. What is the impact technology can have both good and bad on the model?6. Does this model capture the impact Politics can have and critique the model from this perspective.
MSU Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability IPAT Discussion