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The Gizmo shows all of the first two energy levels but only part of the third energy level. A. How many electrons can fit in the first energy level? ___________ B. How many electrons can fit in the second energy level? ___________ C. How many electrons fit in the part of the third energy level shown? ___________ 3. Observe: Click Reset ([pic]). The electrons in the outermost orbit, called valence electrons, help to create chemical bonds. Create a lithium atom (3 protons, 4 neutrons, 3 electrons). How many valence electrons are in a neutral lithium atom? ___________ 4.

Diagram: Turn on Show electron dot diagram. The valence electrons of an atom are shown in an electron dot diagram. Each dot represents a valence electron. Draw the electron dot diagram for neutral lithium: ___________ 5. Practice: Turn off Show electron dot diagram. Use the Gizmo to create a neutral atom of each of the following elements. Draw an electron dot diagram for each. When you are finished, turn on Show electron dot diagram and check your answers. HHeLiBeBCN OFNeNaMgAlSi 6. Extend your thinking: Many chemical properties are determined by the number of valence electrons.

first day intro

write a two long paragraph journal about your first day of zoom class and your experience. Just make stuff up in regards to
1) being excited
2) this class is very outgoing and out of your comfort zone
3) how you wanna engage in the cj system and how you wanna persue a career as a future lawyer.
there should be no citations or outside sources this is just a journal.