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Elder Abuse

We say we want to protect our children; however, we continue to fail them at times. Reflect on the readings and the effects of child abuse. Recall news stories that have reported abuse within your own community. Write a reflection paper that addresses the following questions.What are your thoughts on whether you could ever cure a pedophile?Does this mean that we should lock the child molesters and pedophiles up forever?Should convicted child molesters and pedophiles be required to inform all social partners of their crimes?What kind of lasting effects do you think this victimization would have on the child?In your opinion, how can victim impact statements affect the offender’s sentencing?Your paper must be at least three pages in length. There are no references required for this assignment. However, if outside sources are used, please adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

CONTEMPORARY EVIDENCE BASED MENTAL HEALTH NURSING PRACTICE.Please note that this assignment is for a mental health or psychiatric nursing writer .Please see attachment for guide and sample . am available if you needs any further questions,

CONTEMPORARY EVIDENCE BASED MENTAL HEALTH NURSING PRACTICE.Please note that this assignment is for a mental health or psychiatric nursing writer .Please see attachment for guide and sample . am available if you needs any further questions,.

) Each learner will present a retrospective case study. You will be expected to first present a Gibbs reflection on a process of care you were involved with that has not necessarily facilitated a recovery approach to care.

Thereafter, you will outline a potential process of engagement based on contemporary evidence based practice as explored in class that may have created better outcomes for the client/family and you the practitioner. The potential process of engagement will include: referenced justification and rationale for approach; initial interaction with client/family; negotiated process of care; and based on the relevant literature the potential outcomes for the client and practitioner. The case study will include critical reflection on your potential process in relation to the retrospective case it is based on.

This assignment equals 85% of overall mark


Marks will be awarded for the following:

          clear and coherent structure

          use of Gibbs reflective cycle

          a reflective analysis of the process of engagement through to evaluation of outcomes

          an analysis of any assessments, tools and other interventions potentially planned for with the client/family/group

          clear account of how care would be negotiated and facilitated, including measurable milestones, e.g. goals/interventions

          Critical reflective analysis

          presentation – indicated by proof reading, editing, spell checks and accurate referencing using the Harvard method.


In addition to both assignments, class interaction of 80% or above will be allocated 5% of overall mark




Indicative Reading List

This reading list is advisory and other specifically relevant reading will be provided as part of module delivery


Videbeck, S.L. 2009, Mental Health Nursing,, Woltrers Kluwer London


Gamble, C and Brennan, G. 2006, Working With Serious Mental Illness.,, Elsevier London


Barker, P. (ed) 2003, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.The Craft of Caring.,, Arnold



Healy, D . 2009, Psychiatric Drugs Explained, 5th Edtn Ed.,, Churchill Livingstone London


Higgins, A. and McDaid, 2014, Mental Health in Ireland. Policy, Practice and Law, Gill and

Macmillan London


Mental Health Commission 2008, A Recovery Approach within the Irish Mental Health Services,MHC Dublin


Nelson-Jones, R. 2010, Theory and Practice of Counselling and Therapy, 5th Ed., Sage London

Stout, C.E. and Hayes, R.A. (eds) 2005, The evidence-based practice: Methods, models and tools for mental health professionals., John Wiley & Sons Hoboken, New Jersey


Repper J & Perkins R. 2003, Social Inclusion and Recovery: A model for mental health practice, Bailliere Tindall Edinburgh


Hatcher, S., Butler, R and Oakley-Brown, M. 2005, Evidence-based mental health care., Elsevier,Edinburgh


Rolfe, G., Freshwater, D. and Jasper, M. 2001, Critical reflection for nursing and the helping

professions., Palgrave Hampshire UK


Health Research Board. 2006, Family Support Study. A study of experiences, needs, and support requirements of families with enduring mental illness in Ireland., Health Research Board. Dublin


Mental Health Commission. 2005, A Vision for a Recovery Model in Irish Mental Health Services., Mental Health Commission. Dublin


Mental Health Commission. 2007, Happy Living Here…A Survey and Evaluation of Community, Residential Mental Health Services in Ireland., Mental Health Commission. Dublin

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The signs of new physics before Einstien;Hydrogen Spectra -> Balmer Radioactivity (alpha, beta, and gamma particle discoveries) Cathode Rays and how they were actually electrons) X-ray discovery

Elder Abuse The signs of new physics before Einstien;Hydrogen Spectra -> Balmer Radioactivity (alpha, beta, and gamma particle discoveries) Cathode Rays and how they were actually electrons) X-ray discovery.


Hydrogen Spectra -> Balmer
Radioactivity (alpha, beta, and gamma particle discoveries)
Cathode Rays and how they were actually electrons)
X-ray discovery
Electron discovery by J. J. Thompson and his plum pudding model
Photoelectric effect -> intensity did not matter while wavelength does matter
Black body radiation

With how these different discoveries lead the way to the discovery of quantum physics.

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Report from Newspaper

Report from Newspaper.

Choose an article from and select an article based on Organisational Behaviour. look for articles that outlines the story of successful individuals (eg. successful entrepreneurs/businessman). 

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Golf Tournament Business Plan.

Golf Tournament Business Plan..

Description Your last essay discussed your career aspirations. Now, your boss in that career has tasked you with planning a Charity Golf Outing. She wants to see your Business Plan before determining whether the company will do the tournament. Create a Business Plan that includes the following: – Define purpose and goals of tournament. Will you be raising money for a charity or organization? Is this a business outing? If you are raising money for a charity, why did you choose this charity? Does it align with your company? Is it near and dear to your heart? Why this charity over others? – Set up a Committee/Volunteers. How will you recruit them? What will you need them to do? – Choose a Tournament Format (i.e. Scramble, Four Ball, Alternate Shot. etc). Why did you choose this format? – Pick a Date. What time of the year will you have your event? Why? – Find a Course. Is this a local course or in another location? Remember, the better quality the course, the higher the cost per participant. Why did you choose this course? (PUT TALIS PARK, YES IT IS LOCAL, VERY HIGH QUALITY COURSE) – Will there be an entry fee? If so, how much? – Set a Budget. Research and make your budget realistic. Be sure that your tournament ideas can stay in budget. – Sponsorship – Will you need to acquire a sponsor to help fund the event, as well as help with charitable contribution? How will you recruit the sponsor? Will the sponsor have some sort of connection with the tournament/charity? – Decide on Contests/Events within the Tournament. Figure out ways to raise money during the tournament through the sale of mulligans, raffle tickets, etc. Make your event fun and unique. – Food and Beverage – Will you feed your participants before, during, or after or all of the above? – Prizes – What will the prizes be? Trophies? Gift Certificates? How will you acquire these prizes? – Who will you invite to participate? Will you need to provide lodging for them? – Who are you marketing the event to? How will you market the event? – Is there competition to consider? Are there other events your participants could play in instead? How will you attract them to your event? – How will you make your event unique, fun, and memorable? What will you do to bring them back next time? – Will this be an annual event? Your essay should be 5-10 pages in length (double spaced, 12pt type) and should follow the format of: – Executive Summary – Golf Tournament Profile – Budget – Organization and Management of Tournament – Marketing/Advertising – Sponsorship – Final Projections/Summary This Business Plan should be as detailed and realistic as possible. Your boss has given you the freedom to choose each aspect of the tournament, so make sure it is in alignment with her business strategy and the company. Explain why you are choosing each aspect. Your boss wants to know why you made these decisions.

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business question

400-600 wds
For this assignment, you will plan for an audit of the financial statements with a focus on revenue. First, identify the relevant business cycles that are related in accounting. Include a brief description of each business cycle. For the revenue cycle, include following the audit objectives that you feel are the most relevant and that you will use in accordance with management assertions:
Accuracy or valuation
Rights and obligations
Presentation and disclosure

Regulation of Social media

Regulation of Social media.

Take a stand on an issue regarding social media. Should social media, like Facebook or Twitter, be regulated? Why or why not? Consider some of the cultural, social, and political issues on these regulations. -3 scholarly sources, cited in MLA, 8th edition. -You can choose a topic that goes with the essay.

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Supply Chain Structures and Relationships

Supply Chain Structures and Relationships.

Write an Annotated bibliography. All key components of the Annotated bibliography are present. The bibliography contains the fifteen scholarly sources that are three years old or less. The sources are current and relevant to the topic. An annotation exists for each source listed. Each annotation correctly summarizes/describes the corresponding source and demonstrates critical thinking skills regarding interpretation and application of material.

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Topic 8 DQ 1 (Obj. 8.4),,,

What types of resources would you use in helping a client deal with their own mortality? Research and post a minimum of three websites or other resources that might be beneficial in helping a client deal with death, dying, loss, and/or questions regarding immortality. Include an annotation as to what the resource contains and why you think it might be helpful.
This discussion question is informed by the following CACREP Standard: 2.F.3.i. Ethical and culturally relevant strategies for promoting resilience and optimum development and wellness across the lifespan.

How blood is used as a motif in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

How blood is used as a motif in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Write a 5 paragraph paper explaining how blood is used as a motif in Shakespeare’s Macbeth using a quote in all 3 body paragraphs and a secondary source quote in all three body paragraphs

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Income Statements

Income Statements.

After reading case 4-5 “Celtics” in the textbook, write an essay that includes the following elements: A formal introduction. Answers to questions (a) through (e) of the case, focusing on the company’s changes in gross profit for year to-year and their significance. A conclusion. Your submitted paper should be at least 2-3 pages long following APA style, and properly referenced. “Required a. Comment on Amortization of NBA Franchise and Other Intangible Assets. b. Would the discontinued operations be included in projecting the future? Comment. c. The costs and expenses include team costs and expenses. Speculate on the major reason for the increase in this expense between 1996 and 1997. d. What were the major reasons for the increase in income from continuing operations between 1997 and 1998? e. Speculate on why distributions declared were higher in 1998 than 1996. (Notice that net income was substantially higher in 1996.)”

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